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PMG Chapter 1675: Fighting Against Yang Yan

PMG Chapter 1675: Fighting Against Yang Yan
“The World Clan has been discreet for so many years, but finally, they’re starting to make an appearance again.” thought some people. The World Clan was mysterious, having disappeared from the world for such a long time. They had been gone for even longer than the Moon Imperial Palace, and now one of their disciples with a king body had appeared in Vast Celestial Ancient City.
“Surprisingly, a guy from the World Clan with a king body is here, there are two people with king bodies now! Apart from them, Chu Chun Qiu was strong too, nobody could kick him out.”
Lin Feng looked calm even though he knew that everyone was looking at him. In terms of wealth, he couldn’t compare to those young people, but he was interested in the relationship which existed between the Moon Imperial Palace and the Celestial Evolution Holy Clan, he wanted to know more about that. Since he was in Vast Celestial Ancient City, he was bound to face some challenges at some point, and he didn’t intend to get off the boat, so he knew what came next.
At that moment, Cang Xiao looked at Lin Feng and smiled indifferently, “Lin Feng, you can come next time.”
Cang Xiao smiled politely and nicely because Lin Feng had come to the Heaven Clan with Lang Ye. He was a guest of honor in the Heaven Clan, but Lin Feng wasn’t Lang Ye, he wasn’t from an ancient clan.
When the others heard him, they remained silent and looked at Lin Feng calmly as well. Since Cang Xiao had asked him to get off the boat, it meant that Lin Feng wasn’t important enough to stay on it, which meant that he was probably going to get off the boat. In their opinion, Cang Xiao, Lang Ye and Lin Feng had come together, so Lin Feng had to listened to them.
But Lin Feng slowly turned around and smiled at Cang Xiao. He looked very friendly but not very polite. He felt uncomfortable though, he had come with them, so why didn’t Cang Xiao try to make the others leave? What did he have against Lin Feng?
Even if he had talked politely, it was still humiliating for Lin Feng. Cang Xiao had no reason to make Lin Feng leave and even Lang Ye frowned. Lin Feng had come with him, and they were good friends. Cang Xiao was being rude and impolite, but Lang Ye didn’t say anything, however, it wasn’t something too dramatic, Lin Feng could solve the issue himself.
Lin Feng smiled at Cang Xiao indifferently and said, “I’m not waiting until next time.”
Cang Xiao’s smile suddenly turned rigid.
“Alright, as you wish.” Because Lang Ye and Lin Feng were friends, Cang Xiao couldn’t argue with him. He was just annoyed.
“Name, and where are you from?” ased Yang Yan to Lin Feng, a gigantic sun was already moving towards Lin Feng.
“Lin Feng, I don’t belong to any group.” said Lin Feng, his eyes were pitch-black.
“Oh?” Yang Yan’s fire was getting more intense. Suddenly, the fireball exploded. Lin Feng found the energies to be a bit painful, forcing him back a little.
“He doesn’t have a group and still dares to get on the boat?” said Yang Yan, the corner of his mouth curled upwards.
The others remained silent and calm as they looked at Lin Feng. That guy had to understand that he had to leave the boat.
Lin Feng looked at Yang Yan and suddenly, he started moving like the wind.
“Huh?” Yang Yan was surprised that Lin Feng was attacking him. Flames of fury emerged from Yang Yan’s eyes and his suns became incomparably bright.
“Die!” said a voice carrying demon intent. Lin Feng was fearless as he faced the gigantic sun.
“Break!” shouted Lin Feng. The sky shook as the sun broke apart. Lang Ye also started moving and world lights appeared, making so that the boat didn’t swing at all.
“Boom boom!” the two people moved away from each other. Yang Yan jumped off the boat, floating in the air. It felt like his hand was broken from their previous exchange.
Lin Feng was still on the boat, inside Lang Ye’s world lights. Lin Feng smiled at him indifferently, “The only decent thing about you is the name of your clan.”
“Kacha!” Yang Yan summoned another sun which surrounded him. Then he shouted, “Come here!”
Lin Feng slowly rose up in the air and faced Yang Yan.
“Interesting.” thought many people who looked amused. Yang Yan had studied the Sun Ancient scriptures, so it wasn’t surprising that his attacks were so explosive.
Yang Yan stretched out his arm, and another gigantic sun streaked across the sky.
“Yang Yan’s sun scriptures are a lot better than the cosmos-burning sun technique I studied, but that’s not surprising because they were only Tian level scriptures.” thought Lin Feng.
The lights from the sun were blinding as they neared Lin Feng, at the same time the sun was moving, Yang Yan also moved, a red sun appearing in his hand as he ran towards Lin Feng.
Lin Feng didn’t know how to react to this onslaught. He couldn’t only rely on his demon strength, otherwise, he’d have no chance of winning. It was rare for him to face such strong people.
He stretched out his hand and destructive energies flushed, making his hand look black and thick.
“Die!” Lin Feng’s lights and the sun collided.
Right after the exchange, Yang Yan moved his other hand and another sun appeared. If it reached Lin Feng’s head, his head would explode.
“Celestial Death Curtain.” said Lin Feng, moving his other hand as well. Terrifying energies moved towards the sun again, then the hot and death energies collided and exploded.
“Your attacks aren’t bad.” said Yang Yan, smiling coldly. He released another sun, even more terrifying than the previous. Around him, several more suns appeared too.
“You’re from a Holy Clan and yet, you’re only an average fighter.” Lin Feng mocked. Suddenly, he released sword energies.
Back on the boat, most of the group were surprised. Lin Feng was quite strong, he could even compete with Yang Yan. Besides, he didn’t look scared at all.
Even Cang Xiao was surprised. Lin Feng really was terrifying. Was he a hermit? Otherwise, he couldn’t have come to the Heaven Clan with Lang Ye.
“Please stop fighting.” said the girl from the Moon Imperial Palace. She slowly rose up in the air and smiled at Lin Feng and Yang Yan, “You can’t get hurt because of such a small thing. We’ll make an exception, you can both come on the boat.”
Yang Yan looked at her and smiled, “Alright, it would be rude for me to offend the Moon Imperial Palace, so I won’t kill him.”
Lin Feng was surprised, kill him?
“It’s good when people know how to behave though.” Lin Feng retorted, making Yang Yan look furious again.
“Alright, please don’t fight anymore.” said the woman, smiling wryly.
“Hmph!” Yang Yan groaned coldly. Then, they all landed back on the boat. The woman smiled and asked Lin Feng, “Prince, you used several types of abstruse energies before, do you have a special body?”
“My body type allows me to learn ten types of abstruse energies!” replied Lin Feng, smiling. Then, he landed on the boat.

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