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PMG Chapter 1676: Enemies

PMG Chapter 1676: Enemies
“Ten types of abstruse energies!” the woman from the Moon Imperial Palace was amazed.
Not only her, but the entire crowd was surprised. Very, very few people had a body which allowed them to understand ten different types of abstruse energies. Many people had to give up most types of energies after they broke through to the Huang Qi layer. Usually, people’s energies became weaker as they became stronger, however, those who had a body which allowed them to understand ten different types of abstruse energies could make their energies level up indefinitely.
Of course, people who could study ten types of abstruse energies and could make them fuse together were even rarer.
Lin Feng had a body which allowed him to understand ten different types of abstruse energies and his energy fusions were perfect. He wasn’t weaker than Yang Yan. After breaking through to the Huang Qi layer, maybe that he would become less good at making abstruse energies fuse together.
“Everybody, if you argue amongst each other, I won’t be happy.” said the woman from the Moon Imperial Palace, shaking her head. Then, she slowly walked towards the pavilion on the lake. The girls there looked nervous, they wanted to find a boyfriend amongst those geniuses.
After a short time, the geniuses on the boat made it to the pavilion, and then the girls stopped dancing.
“Please come.” said the women.
They calmly followed the women and glanced around. They quickly realized that the ground was changing as they moved ahead, even the lake was disappearing. They were actually in a palace, but they didn’t realize it yet.
Progressively, the crowd sensed that they were falling into darkness. There was a slight wind, stars, a moon, it really felt like they weren’t in a palace but outside on a beautiful night.
There were many pavilions in front of them, each of which were connected. In each pavilion, there was a woman leaning against a balustrade, looking at the moon.
“These are the celestial women of our group, you can make friends with them if you’d like.” said the beautiful woman who had taken the crowd there. Then, she walked backwards, and everybody gazed into the distance. They couldn’t see the faces of those beautiful women, but they could guess that they were extremely beautiful.
“Beautiful like in a dream.” whispered Qin Shang sighing.
There were nine women waiting there for them.
Lin Feng suddenly noticed one of them, and she looked familiar!
He slowly walked towards the pavilion and sat down.
“Yi Ren, the celestial girl.” said Lin Feng. The beautiful woman turned around and smiled at him.
“Lin Feng knows her?” thought Lang Ye, surprised. Lin Feng had immediately called that girl by her name, which must have meant that he knew her. Interesting. They had never seen Lin Feng in Vast Celestial Ancient City before and now he knew a girl from the Moon Imperial Palace.
“How beautiful, she looks so sexy. I like that kind of girl, I bet she’s really good in bed.” thought Yang Yan. He then walked to the pavilion in which Lin Feng was already at.
The girl smiled thinly, looking as beautiful as before.
“Long time no see.” said Yi Ren Lei in a gentle way. Lin Feng was confused, what was Yi Ren Lei doing there in the Moon Imperial Palace?
“How should I call you, celestial girl?” asked Yang Yan as he smiled at Yi Ren Lei.
“Call me Yi Ren.” said Yi Ren Lei, smiling back.
“Yi Ren the celestial girl.” Yang Yan couldn’t take his eyes away from Yi Ren Lei.
“The Moon Imperial Palace has thousands of people, but I’ve heard that the celestial women from the Moon Imperial Palace are incredible, I wonder if we could…” said Yang Yan smiling as before. “If you express the wish to.”
“No need to look at her.” Lin Feng poured alcohol in two glasses and gave one to Yi Ren Lei.
Yi Ren Lei took the glass and smiled at Lin Feng, “She’s already mine. Go and find someone else.” said Lin Feng, raising his glass at Yi Ren Lei. He didn’t even glance at Yang Yan, how arrogant!
“I gave you face and now you’re still acting rude.” said Yang Yan, grabbing the jar of alcohol and setting it on fire.
“Piss off!” said Lin Feng, slowly turning around to look at Yang Yan. Yang Yan frowned and suddenly released fire energies.
They glanced at each other, they looked like a demon and a fire god.
Yang Yan’s looked into Lin Feng’s eyes, feeling the nine netherworlds water flowing into his body.
“Die.” said Lin Feng sounding like a demon. Suddenly, Yang Yan closed his eyes and stood up. He opened his eyes again and suddenly, flames came out of them.
Lin Feng then ignored him and took out his own alcohol. He said indifferently, “How long are you going to stay here?”
“Very good.” said Yang Yan, hammering the table with his fist. Then, he turned around and left. Lin Feng had defeated him, so he wasn’t very happy.
After Yang Yan left, the table he had set on fire was bright red.
Yi Ren Lei looked at Lin Feng, thinking inwardly that he was the same as he was in the past.
“When did you arrive here?” asked Lin Feng. She looked angry and released ice energies onto the fire to extinguish it.
“Two years.” said Yi Ren Lei smiling.
“Two years.” Lin Feng was surprised and asked, “Are you leaving with me?”
Yi Ren Lei shook her head and smiled, “Back then we agreed, after the hundred days we’d each have our own path.”
“What kind of cultivators does the Moon Imperial Palace raise?” asked Lin Feng.
“My love, you’re worried.” said Yi Ren Lei smiling. “The Moon Imperial Palace is different from what you think. If you don’t believe me, you can look at the others.”
At that moment, the men were already in several pavilions. Lin Feng glanced around at the girls, noting that they were all incredibly beautiful, but their Qi was different from Yi Ren Lei’s.
“Different Qi, but beautiful.” whispered Lin Feng. Yi Ren Lei smiled and nodded, “You all think of yourself as hunters, but you don’t know how many of you hunters have turned into prey. If even one of you fails, then the Moon Imperial Palace wins.”
Lin Feng frowned. Indeed, those people were from ancient clans, and they were extraordinary, not to mention their powerful ancient scriptures.

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