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PMG Chapter 1678: Godly Imprint King Body

PMG Chapter 1678: Godly Imprint King Body
By the Ice-Moon Lake, there was a waterfall, and even a whirlpool. Imprint lights appeared around Dugu the Winner, 360 of these ancient imprint lights appeared and started rotating around him.
“It’s raining mountains, they oppress everything.”
“That’s an imperial imprint, it can turn into a deadly stroke which could be used to kill even emperors.”
“Indestructible imprints which violate the laws of physics. How terrifying. The Ancient Dugu Clan really are the best at controlling imprints, especially when they possess the king body of the clan.” thought the crowd.
“World King Body, he’s extremely strong.”
World lights appeared all around Lang Ye, the world lights were mysterious while they looked deadly. They surrounded all the imprints and then it started raining energies. They weren’t moving yet, they were just releasing energies, and testing the waters.
Suddenly, terrifying imprints reappeared all around Dugu the Winner, at the same time, a gigantic swastika talisman appeared in the sky.
“Those are Buddhist imprints.” thought the crowd. The gigantic swastika descended from the sky, making Lang Ye look tiny next to it.
“The imprint king body allows a person to control gold energy, and even though it hasn’t turned into cosmic energy yet, but he’ll probably break through to the Huang Qi layer when they do.” thought Lin Feng.
“Gold abstruse energies are good for attacks, but when a cultivator who has a Godly Imprint King Body uses them, they become explosive.” The difference between ordinary people and strong cultivators was even greater once they started using abstruse energies and cosmic energies.
Apart from the Ancient Buddhist Imprints, many other terrifying imprints appeared, assaulting the world lights. Finally, Lang Ye reappeared with the Celestial Ancient Coffin in his hand. As it rose to the sky, two different types of strength appeared.
“World strength is very strange, so I’m sure that the World Clan’s king body is quite powerful.” said Dugu the Winner. His 360 imprint lights slightly faded.
“The Dugu Clan’s Godly Imprint King Body is not bad either.” said Lang Ye calmly. He had protected himself this far, so he was satisfied, he had seen the Godly Imprint King Body.
“Chu Chun Qiu’s strength is his ancient imperial intent, the Holy Sun Clan have terrifying explosive sun attacks, the Ancient Witchcraft Clan have mysterious powers, the young people from the other clans and sects from Vast Celestial Ancient City will also have no problem breaking through to the Huang Qi layer.” thought Lang Ye. He had also meant to include Lin Feng who had a special body which allowed him to use ten types of abstruse energies, and then Meng Qing who was from the Snow Clan and also possessed a special body type. That generation didn’t lack strong young cultivators.
“Only in the end will we be able to see who the true winners are between those of us with special bodies.” Dugu the Winner looked solemn and respectful. With that, he rose up in the air and recalled his energies. Then, he disappeared.
“It’s not only between people who possess a special body, it’s between everyone.” said Lang Ye, gazing into the distance at Cang Xiao and the others.
The battle was over, but the crowd didn’t feel pleased, they wanted to see more. The World King Body and the Godly Imprint King Body were incredibly rare, let alone to be facing each other.
Lin Feng felt very enthusiastic. He glanced at Yang Yan, who was also staring back at him.
“Not everybody has a body which allows them to control ten different types of abstruse energies, but even then, you cannot begin to imagine how powerful Ancient Holy Clans are. Having said that, you relied on yourself, which isn’t bad.” said Yang Yan before he rose up in the air.
Lin Feng didn’t look at him. He glanced at Chu Chun Qiu and the young man from the Ancient Witchcraft Clan, both of whom looked calm, but still, Lin Feng didn’t underestimate them. Even Qin Shang and Bai Qi seemed strong.
The crowd dispersed, leaving only Lang Ye, Lin Feng, and Cang Xiao.
“The Moon Imperial Palace has officially reappeared in Vast Celestial Ancient City. I’m sure they will invite even more young people.” said Cang Xiao, smiling indifferently. He was very interested in the celestial girls of the Moon Imperial Palace. If he could get one of them for himself, he’d incredibly happy. Not just the girl, but the Moon Imperial Palace also had incredible ancient imperial books.
“Let’s go back.” said Lang Ye in a calm way. Then, they both rose up in the air and left.
Back in the Heaven Clan’s territory, Lang Ye, Cang Xiao and some other people were walking together, arriving where Lin Feng and Lang Ye were staying.
“Lang Ye, I’ve been staying in the Heaven Clan for quite a while already, and I feel like I’m disturbing you here, so I’ll be leaving with my wife.” said Lin Feng to Lang Ye. He wasn’t friends with those people, and he had the feeling that they didn’t want him to stay there. Back on the boat, Cang Xiao had asked Lin Feng to get down, which he still wasn’t happy thinking about that.
“Alright, I’ll leave with you then.” said Lang Ye, nodding. He understood how Lin Feng felt. If he had been Lin Feng, he would have done the same.
“Brother Lin, Brother Lang Ye, is there anything making you feel unhappy? The Heaven Clan is gigantic, so if you need more space, we can show you other rooms.” said Cang Xiao, his facial expression suddenly changed when he heard them. Then, he smiled at Lin Feng and said: “Brother Lin, if I did something wrong, please forgive me.”
Lin Feng perfectly understood why Cang Xiao acted that way but Lin Feng just smiled and said: “Thank you, I have things to do though. I’m off.”
Cang Xiao was being nice even though he had a higher social status than Lin Feng but Lin Feng couldn’t stay there the whole time. Lin Feng then started leaving.
“Who does he think he is!” said Cang Yue, his facial expression changed drastically. Lin Feng was humiliating him by declining his invitation.
Lin Feng heard him but ignored him. Lang Ye remained speechless as well. Cang Yue also tried to call on him, but Lang Ye had brought Lin Feng, so he wanted to leave with him.
Qiu Yue Xin came to Lin Feng as Lang Ye asked Cang Xiao, “Please say goodbye to Cang Ling for me. I’m off.”
Then the three of them left.
“Lin Feng will see!” said Cang Yue in a cold way, feeling humiliated as well.
“No need. If he wants to leave, then he can, he’s not our prisoner. It turns out that he’s extraordinary, which explains why Lang Ye and Lin Feng are such good friends. If he doesn’t offend us, don’t attack him.” said Cang Xiao calmly.
“Hmph!” Cang Yue was unhappy and groaned coldly.
Lin Feng and Lang Ye left and found a place to land. They could do whatever they wanted if they weren’t at the Heaven Clan. The only problem was that they couldn’t hear much about the outside world if they secluded themselves. Lin Feng was still a bit worried that Yi Ren Lei was with the Moon Imperial Palace.
Later that night, Lin Feng was walking around on his own, looking at the sky. A silhouette descended from the sky with 360 imprint lights around them. That was the Godly Imprint King Body: Dugu the Winner.
Lin Feng and Dugu the Winner weren’t enemies, so what was that guy doing?

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