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PMG Chapter 1679: Celestial Evolution Holy Scriptures

PMG Chapter 1679: Celestial Evolution Holy Scriptures
In the air, Dugu the Winner remained silent and said nothing. He jumped forwards, his ancient imprints launching at Lin Feng.
Lin Feng condensed demon energy in his hand and punched the air in Dugu the Winner’s direction. In a flash, the ancient imprints broke, and Dugu the Winner landed in front of Lin Feng.
Lin Feng looked at him in a cold way. What was wrong with Dugu the Winner? They weren’t enemies, so why was that guy attacking him?
Lin Feng released sword Qi which tore apart the imprints, causing explosions to resonate in all directions. Lin Feng felt the pressure as Dugu rushed over to him, his Buddhist imprints leading the charge.
Lin Feng rose up in the air, attacking the ancient imprints using his Great Earth Destruction. The imprints broke apart, and Lin Feng shouted furiously, “You’re not Dugu the Winner!”
Lin Feng had seen Dugu the Winner and Lang Ye fight, he knew what his energies felt like. Dugu the Winner was extremely strong, but the person he was fighting against now had something different. Lin Feng felt like he had already seen those eyes.
“It’s you.” Lin Feng recognized the eyes from when he went to the Celestial Evolution Holy Clan. Not only were they pretending to be Dugu the Winner, they were actually using the 360 imprints. That guy could imitate other people’s attacks.
“Could it be the Celestial Evolution Holy Scriptures?” thought Lin Feng.
Lin Feng didn’t have time to think though, he had to react quickly.
“Attack!” Lin Feng used his sword energies again. Gigantic canyons formed all around, however, his opponent was smiling in a cold way, like he wasn’t under any pressure. Suddenly, millions of clones appeared, seemingly millions of imprints filling the night’s sky. Lin Feng started feeling dizzy looking at them all.
“Illusion.” Lin Feng’s eyes became pitch-black as he jumped above. His sword Qi descended, destroying the illusion and leaving a gigantic crater beneath him.
After the illusion fell apart, terrifying suns suddenly appeared.
“Sunlight.” Lin Feng frowned as he saw a sun moving towards him.
Lin Feng used his Desolate Ksana attack this time, causing the sun to explode. Lin Feng then released more demon intent.
As Lin Feng landed on the ground, the Earth beneath him exploded, turning into a cage to trap him. As soon as the cage started to trigger, Emperor Wu Tian Jian’s sword intent flooded out, instantly overwhelming the cage and making it break apart.
Fissures appeared in the air and the ground, however, in the next moment, Lin Feng‘s opponent was already running away at full speed.
Lin Feng looked at his opponent, he was still facing him as he ran backwards. To make things even stranger, he was still smiling.
He hadn’t managed to kill Lin Feng, and given Lin Feng’s speed, he probably wouldn’t be able to hold out much longer.
However, numerous clones flooded the sky, making it impossible to guess which one was the real one.
Lin Feng glanced around and stopped moving, there were too many clones to attack.
“He’s so fast. If I had known that before, I would have used my talismans from the start.” thought Lin Feng.
“That guy isn’t any weaker than those who have king bodies.” thought Lin Feng. It wouldn’t be a lie to say that this guy was one of the most terrifying cultivators Lin Feng had ever fought against.
At that moment, a strong wind blew and a cultivator appeared, it was Lang Ye.
“What’s wrong?” asked Lang Ye.
“I encountered a terrifying cultivator who could use the skills and techniques of the Godly Imprint King Body and the 360 imprint lights, amongst others’ skills we’ve seen recently. I think he has the ability to imitate people’s attacks.” said Lin Feng. Lang Ye frowned, “I find it surprising to hear that you met such a cultivator.”
“I think I’ve seen him before.” Lin Feng continued. “I think it might be the person I saw in the Celestial Evolution Holy Clan. I told you about that already.”
“It’s him.” thought Lang Ye, looking more surprised.
“Should we go to the Celestial Evolution Holy Clan and see?” asked Lang Ye.
“That’s what I want to do.” said Lin Feng nodding. Then, they both started flying in the direction of the Celestial Evolution Holy Clan. Lin Feng didn’t know that at that moment, Qiu Yue Xin was shaking violently as a terrifying Mercilessness energy was rising to the skies.
“No…” Qiu Yue Xin felt very cold and her face started looking distorted.
Finally, her eyes changed, and she started walking.
A silhouette appeared in front of her, she looked beautiful, even perfect. She had a veil covering her face though.
That silhouette stopped not far from her. Qiu Yue Xin walked to that mysterious woman.
The mysterious woman turned around and started leaving. Qiu Yue Xin followed her silently, neither of them saying anything.
Lin Feng didn’t know about that. He was with Lang Ye, and they were heading towards the Celestial Evolution Holy Clan. As they approached the Clan, they realized that many other people were going there too.
“Nothing has been heard from the Celestial Evolution Holy Clan for such a long time, and now some people are trying to make it rise again.” said someone next to Lin Feng and Lang Ye.
“I don’t know who’s doing it, but one thing’s for sure, the clan hasn’t been completely destroyed. Only members of the Celestial Evolution Holy Clan can activate the deployment spell, and they must be at least core disciples.” said someone else. The other one nodded, “I’ve heard that they might have been hiding underground.”
Lin Feng and Lang Ye accelerated. Finally, they arrived on the site of the Celestial Evolution Holy Clan, but they were astonished at what they found. Instead of ruins, there were ancient palaces, and though the Qi was, the buildings looked pristine and beautiful.
“Is that the ancient Celestial Evolution Holy Palace?” whispered Lin Feng.
“It must be one of the main palaces, the others have definitely been destroyed.” said Lang Ye.

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