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PMG Chapter 168: Forbidden!

Hey, Forgot to mention to some of you that today is Guy Fawkes night. I went out to watch the fireworks!!  Sorry :p

Also just as the second fight against the queue was almost over, I let my guard down. Robert B strikes again!!! Not only did he re-ignite the war against the queue, he crushed all hope that I had of achieving a second victory. Special thanks to him for sponsoring this and the next 9 sponsored chapters. Show him your appreciation! 🙂
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Note from LikyLiky: Gotta Love Cliffhangers right?
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“Become stronger!” All of these Yun Hai Sect disciples were turning red; with anger boiling in their hearts. Lin Feng was right. If the Yun Hai Sect had been strong, who would have been able to destroy it? If they were strong enough they would have never had the mark of a slave carved into their faces.

Exceptionally strong cultivators could annihilate a whole sect and even a country, this is what only the really strong cultivators could do, they could shake both heaven and earth. However the weak of the world could only get bullied to the extent that they would become slaves and be treated like animals. This was the fate of the weak Yun Hai Sect.

Lin Feng looked at the crowd and felt that his words had the desired effect. They were all clenching their fists to the extent that their tendons could be seen on their arms. Their hearts had been filled with shame. Now they truly knew what the words humiliation and shame meant. They understood that, in this world, the weak would always be at the mercy of the strong. If their determination and willpower became stronger then they would also grow much stronger too.

Suddenly a few agility techniques and martial skills appeared with a wave of Lin Feng’s hand. They were from the temple of the Yun Hai Sect. Now that he had become the patriarch; he needed to help the disciples become stronger so they needed to have access to these skills.

“Nan Gong Ling, before dying, appointed me as the new Patriarch of the Yun Hai Sect. All of these martial skills and agility techniques are at the Xuan level. You can look for a few which would be suitable for you. Once you find one, just go and practice it to perfection.”

Lin Feng laid these skills and agility techniques on the floor. Everybody was stupefied. Martial skills and agility techniques were extremely attractive to any cultivator.

A few of the disciples rushed towards the agility techniques and martial skills to choose, but many people stayed in their initial position while staring at Lin Feng.

“Get Back!” Lin Feng moved forwards and released a burst of Qi and force into the air which surprised the people who had already rushed forward to greedily choose their own skills. They all raised their head and looked at Lin Feng.

“Damn it, I said GET BACK!”

Lin Feng’s pupils shrank. He looked extremely cold. This group of disciples didn’t understand why Lin Feng was losing his temper but they all moved back towards the other disciples who were patiently waiting.

“Patriarch.” Amongst those who hadn’t moved a moment before, there were some who suddenly decided to bow and give face to Lin Feng. The ones who rushed forward understood and bowed to Lin Feng as well and said: “Patriarch.”

Lin Feng coldly looked at the crowd and said indifferently: “You have all disappointed me.”

When they heard him, the crowd was stupefied.

“I don’t want to hear you all call me Patriarch. I just want to see how many of you can control your hearts when faced with greed. Someone who is just interested in satisfying their own interest and their own greed will never be able to gain a strong heart. They will never take into consideration the others around them and will only work to satisfy their own desires. I’m telling you, you’re a bunch of idiots.”

Lin Feng said very impolitely: “I don’t know if it’s because you’ve been slaves for too long but some of you no longer have honour and integrity. Do you think that I released you so you could greedily help yourselves to skills without showing the slightest bit of respect or consideration…? Do you think that I wanted to hear you shout “Patriarch” to satisfy my own ego? Do you think I want people who will only call me Patriarch because I am the one with the power? What happens if the person with power changes?”

“You all disappoint me.”

Lin Feng repeated himself again. The cheeks of the Yun Hai Sect disciples who were bowing to Lin Feng felt like they were burning.

“Do you think I owe you something? I spent thousands of purity stones to buy your freedom. Could it be that you think I did this so you could continue to think of your own interests? Do you think I bought you so you could continue without a sense of integrity and honour? Do you think I need people who forget to show gratitude to those who show them kindness? If I teach you to only care about yourself and how to grow stronger then in the future, you might just end up selling out your comrades or even me. If I taught you that then you would be no better than the people who made you slaves. ”

Lin Feng stared at the crowd and continued: “Of course, because you have been living like animals, you may have forgotten what it is to act like a decent person. What I said just now is only to remind you of what it means to be a good person. You need to remember that in the future you will need to think about others and be selfless, or you may end up dead in the future.”

“Remember that I don’t want to hear any bullshit and I have heard enough from moronic people already.”

The people in the crowd looked at Lin Feng and slightly shook their heads, they had realised that their hearts had truly started to become selfish.

“Remember that you will be judged on your own choices.” said Lin Feng. Immediately after, he turned around and started walking away while saying: “You can choose from any of the martial skills and agility techniques on the ground. You are not allowed to leave the pavilion, use that time to meditate and train. In three months time, I will come back.”

Lin Feng started leaving while Yi Xue and Ba Dao were calmly following behind him.

“Ba Dao, you stay here too.” said Lin Feng to Ba Dao. A martial skill appeared in Lin Feng’s hand and he handed it over to Ba Dao. He then said with a soft tone: “Ba Dao, that martial skill is perfect for you. Take it, learn it and practice it. If any of them try to run away after receiving their skills, kill them!”

When Lin Feng said the word “kill” a strong killing intent could be felt from him. Ba Dao and Yi Xue were stupefied when looking at Lin Feng.

Lin Feng looked expressionless and continued to walk, leaving the mansion.

Lin Feng only thought about the future of the Yun Hai Sect from the beginning. This world was definitely a selfish and cruel world. These people were the former disciples of the Yun Hai Sect. He had spent a fortune of purity stones to change their fate and had given them agility techniques and martial skills for only one reason: the Yun Hai Sect.

Lin Feng had saved them, but if they had chose to run away with the skills or continue to live selfishly then Lin Feng would kill them. If they showed no gratitude and had no honour then he would remove them.

If they had chosen to run away and steal from the Yun Hai Sect then they should have thought about it. They would have known they were betraying the mercy of Lin Feng and the Yun Hai Sect itself. Even if they were former disciples of the Yun Hai Sect, why would Lin Feng need people who only thought selfishly and did not care about the Yun Hai Sect or the kindness that Lin Feng had shown them?

The former disciples in the mansion were the new generation of the Yun Hai Sect, Lin Feng wasn’t going to abandon them, but he was not going to let his sect be corrupted.

Ba Dao who had stayed behind was watching Lin Feng’s back as he left. He then started looking at the martial skill that Lin Feng had given to him, it made him shiver.

“Tyrannical Blade. A blade attack of pure energy, Di level martial skill of lower quality. Pure energy is released from the user in the form of blade which annihilates anything in its path.”

“Tyrannical blade! Di level martial skill of lower quality!”

Ba Dao whispered these words to himself as if he did not believe it. That martial skill seemed to be perfect for him. Besides, it was a terrifying technique of the Di level.

Ba Dao raised his head again and looked at Lin Feng’s back. Lin Feng’s heart was mysterious and unfathomable but one thing was sure, he was an extremely intelligent person and he definitely had a very good nature.

He had confidently given that martial skill to Ba Dao. He had faith in Ba Dao and trusted him, even though they had spent such a small amount of time together. Ba Dao was very moved by the trust that Lin Feng had shown him.

He could never repay the kindness which Lin Feng continued to show him.


Lin Feng returned to the Celestial Academy. He first brought Yi Xue to a suitable living quarters and then immediately went to the peach orchard where he could hear a pleasant zither melody playing.

Lin Feng had said three months to the slaves, this was not just for their cultivation but his as well. He wasn’t going to forget his own cultivation for his battle against Hei Mo.

At that moment, Lin Feng had broken through to the fifth Ling Qi layer and with his current power, he could defeat cultivators of the sixth Ling Qi layer.

But Hei Mo was at the peak of the sixth Ling Qi layer. At the academy, those of a similar level couldn’t even compete with him. Even many cultivators at the seventh Qi layer didn’t dare to fight against him. Hei Mo was extremely powerful and could cross the gap in power between the layers.

Hei Mo was one of the ten strongest students of the Celestial Academy and considering his talent, that was a well deserved title. Besides, who could say that Hei Mo hadn’t also become much stronger in these three months? Was he supposed to stay the same level for Lin Feng to catch up?

Lin Feng’s strength wasn’t sufficient. He lacked in many areas compared to Hei Mo.

Hei Mo could defeat a cultivator of the seventh Ling Qi layer with confidence, but Lin Feng would come close to death when fighting against one. He had defeated two cultivators of the seventh Qi Layer, however one had greatly injured him and the other had fought with someone.

Like in the restaurant, if Ba Dao hadn’t helped him, the man in the gray robes would have been very difficult to defeat alone.

This is why Lin Feng went to the peach orchard to find serenity. Once he found serenity within his heart, he immediately headed towards the cultivation tower. What Lin Feng needed the most was to increase his cultivation.

At that moment, Lin Feng didn’t go to the higher floors at all. He immediately went to the fourth floor. Only by stepping on the floor, he could feel the deep and intense pure Qi of heaven and earth fluctuating around him. It was extremely pure.

Some people who passed the fourth floor saw Lin Feng who had stopped. It looked like he was looking for a training room within the cultivation tower. However, he was currently acting strangely.

They didn’t understand if Lin Feng was a new military student, since he didn’t seem to understand how things worked. On the fourth floor, one thing that was important to know, each room was reserved by someone and the room was only used by them.

In other words, each room on the fourth floor belonged exclusively to someone. Even if they weren’t there and the room was empty, nobody would enter them.

Therefore, when Lin Feng was checking the fourth floor, he surprisingly found that there were two cultivation rooms which were empty. Nobody was practicing inside them. Even more surprising was that the people who were passing by didn’t stop and continued walking.

In the middle of these two rooms was a stone tablet which had the word “forbidden”. Next to that was a name!

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