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PMG Chapter 1681: Great Bestial Emperor

PMG Chapter 1681: Great Bestial Emperor
“What terrifying bestial Qi, that must be a great imperial beast.” thought Lin Feng. The Celestial Evolution Holy Scriptures have attracted a lot of strong cultivators.
“That beast is a gigantic and ancient lion. He’s from one of the three incredible bestial clans of Vast Celestial Ancient City. The other two haven’t arrived yet it seems.” Lang Ye explained.
“The animals with him are terrifying, and that girl…” Lin Feng saw a beautiful woman. She was wearing a cyan dress, she had a beautiful figure, thin straight hair, and her eyebrows looked like crescent moons. She had a nose similar to Xue Ling Long. Not to mention that she had beautiful lips and breasts.
“If I’m not mistaken, that must be Qing Feng. I’ve heard that she possesses phoenix blood.” whispered Lang Ye.
“Indeed, that’s Qing Feng. Nobody really knows what kind of body she has though. In any case, she is extremely talented. Apparently, she can control several types of energies, and is considered the holy woman by most people.” Dugu the Winner explained.
“Everybody, let’s join hands and see if we can deactivate the deployment spell!” asked a strong cultivator.
“Alright.” said the crowd.
The weaker people moved away, not wanting to stand in the middle of those people’s energies.
Lin Feng and Lang Ye also moved away. This time, several great emperors were going to join hands, so the energies that spilt over might kill them.
“Let’s start!” shouted a strong cultivator. A gigantic hand descended from the sky, at the same time, the strong cultivator from the Chu Clan released destructive imprints.
The beast emperor roared furiously, all these destructive energies assaulted the central palace. Nothing could be heard except for the continuous explosions. The lights brought about from the energies were so bright that the crowd couldn’t see either.
When things finally calmed down, the looked at the palace which was already destroyed, reduced to ashes. However, the deployment spell still hadn’t disappeared, it was distorted and fluctuating, but in the end, it stabilized and turned into the ancient chessboard again.
The chessboard was twinkling, rays of lights were intertwining on it.
“How many layers are there in that Celestial Evolution Great Deployment Spell? One layer has been destroyed, and the palace appeared, so why did the Celestial Evolution Great Deployment Spell appear? Could that chessboard be the entrance to the small world of the Celestial Evolution Holy Clan?”
“We’re wasting our time here.” said the beast cultivator unhappily. They couldn’t break the deployment spell, that was now a fact. They rose up in the air and disappeared.
The Celestial Evolution Great Deployment Spell was surrounded by strange energies.
“Without a holy great emperor, we can’t break the deployment spell.” said Dugu the Winner. He didn’t know why either though.
“Qing Feng, why are you not leaving?” asked the ancient beast to Qing Feng. However, Qing Feng landed in front of Dugu the Winner, Lang Ye and the others.
“Dugu the Winner, I’ve heard that a cultivator who can control ten different sorts of abstruse energies appeared in the ancient capital. Who is he?” Qing Feng asked. Lin Feng was standing right next to Dugu the Winner, but he didn’t know what to say. Qing Feng was looking for someone with a body which allowed him to understand ten different types of abstruse energies, but why?
Dugu the Winner pointed at Lin Feng, then Qing Feng turned to Lin Feng. she said, “You have a body which allows you to understand ten different types of abstruse energies?”
“Indeed.” Lin Feng nodded.
“Come with me.” said Qing Feng in a gentle way. Then she turned around and started walking away. Lin Feng was startled and asked, “Where are we going?”
“To the Beast Clan.” said Qing Feng. Lin Feng was under a lot of pressure with the great beast emperor there.
“Master, please know that Lin Feng is a friend of the World Clan.” said Lang Ye to the ancient beast. The ancient beast glanced at him and muttered, “Ancient World King Body.”
“Don’t worry, Qing Feng just wants to invite him as a guest, so we won’t kill him.” said the ancient lion. Lang Ye nodded and said, “I trust you, of course.”
Then, Lang Ye nodded at Lin Feng. Lin Feng had no choice anyways, so he followed Qing Feng even though he didn’t know why they were looking for someone with his abilities.
“Little boy, if you’re in danger, just say that you have a body which allows you to understand ten different types of abstruse energies.” said Yan Di to Lin Feng using telepathy.
The Beast Clan was at the periphery of Vast Celestial Ancient City. Their small world was vast and filled with forests, gigantic mountains, nature…
Lin Feng followed Qing Feng silently.
They arrived on a flight of stairs which led to a beast palace. Many young people were looking at Qing Feng, seemingly with amusement.
“Are you a human?” asked a young man whose fur was made of flames.
Lin Feng nodded. That young man frowned, “Why did you come here?”
“She took me here.” replied Lin Feng, shrugging. The young man looked at Qing Feng and asked, “Qing Feng, why did you bring a human being?”
Qing Feng glanced at the young man and said coldly, “Mind your own business, will you?”
“Of course, but you know he hates it when you hang out with humans.” said the young man.
“Piss off!” shouted Qing Feng aggressively. Then he moved away while still looking at Lin Feng in a cold way.
They arrived in a great hall filled with oppressive energies. A lion king looked at Lin Feng and asked, “Do you have a body which allows you to understand ten different types of abstruse energies? Show me how many types of abstruse energies you control.”
Lin Feng said nothing and released abstruse energies: Demon, Earth, death, flames, wind, and so on.
The lion looked stoical and asked Qing Feng, “What do you intend to do?”
“I’m taking him with me.” said Qing Feng. The great emperor nodded and said, “Follow Qing Feng to her room.”

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