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PMG Chapter 1682: Geniuses Cooperate

PMG Chapter 1682: Geniuses Cooperate
Qing Feng lived at the top of a mountain. Her house was simple-looking, situated near a lake. There was a wooden bridge over the lake which led to her house.
“Animals must like simplicity. Seeing how Qing Feng is a phoenix, she should like trees. But even though there are trees here, they don’t seem that suitable for phoenixes.” thought Lin Feng. He was wondering what kind of animal Qing Feng really was. She was beautiful, slim, and Lin Feng was standing next to her but had the feeling that she was very far away.
On the lakeside, Qing Feng stopped and looked back at Lin Feng. She said in a gentle way, “Show me the attack you used against Yang Yan.”
Lin Feng looked at her in a strange way and said, “I’m not an actor.”
Qing Feng was surprised after she heard him. “If you don’t like acting, then let’s fight.” said Qing Feng. Then she became like water and turned into an illusion. She raised her hands and moved towards him at full speed. However, Lin Feng didn’t sense wind energies, rather empty space energies had surrounded him. He probably couldn’t escape if he tried.
“Great Earth Destruction!” the ground cracked. Lin Feng didn’t hesitate and used a powerful attack. Their fists collided, and even though Qing Feng’s fist was small and delicate, Lin Feng felt that he had punched waves of water which pushed him back.
“Wind, empty space, shadow, water, Earth, and what else?” Lin Feng was amazed. He could use several types of abstruse energies, so he could recognize when other people used several types.
“Will you show me your energies, or do I have to continue making you use them?” asked Qing Feng. Her cyan clothes and her hair were still fluttering in the wind. Lin Feng had many thoughts. She had taken him there, and she could probably control ten types of abstruse energies too, but it was strange, was she relying on a special body type like him? Why did she need him?
“Do you really want to see?” asked Lin Feng, smiling. His interest was piqued.
“I want to see all the types of energies you can use.” said Qing Feng indifferently.
“Alright.” Lin Feng nodded and condensed sword energies in his hands.
“Wind-Thunder Laceration!” said Lin Feng, sword lights which contained both wind and thunder energies then rolled in waves.
“Desolate Ksana, Nirvana Sunya Destruction, Desolate Explosion, Vayu Death…” Lin Feng used all his sword attacks. In a short time, he carried out twenty different sword attacks using all sorts of energies. A web of sword energies were left in the air, not dispersing for a while.
Lin Feng then used his Deadly Demon Punch, Great Earth Destruction, Earth Punch, and so on.
Qing Feng was watching, looking surprised.
Lin Feng stopped and smiled at Qing Feng, “Is that enough?”
He was convinced that she hadn’t brought him there only for him to show her what he could do.
However, at that moment, Qing Feng jumped onto a gigantic stone and closed her eyes. Then she was motionless, her hair was fluttering in the wind. In her brain, she visualized Lin Feng’s attacks in slow motion.
Lin Feng was surprised, what was Qing Feng doing?
She remained like this for a very long time, completely motionless, surrounded by a pure holy Qi.
“I better not offend this animal clan.” thought Lin Feng. He was annoyed, but he went to a higher point and gazed into the distance.
Bang! Suddenly, something happened. Lin Feng turned around and saw terrifying energies.
“That’s Ksana strength is just like my Desolate Ksana attack, but this one is even more explosive.” thought Lin Feng. Qing Feng didn’t entirely use the same energies as Lin Feng, she used wind and empty space energies like he had but changed the others.
“She’s using my energies to practice cultivation. Maybe her special body allows for mimicry?” thought Lin Feng. After a short time, Qing Feng carried out a second attack which was similar to his Vayu Death attack.
She looked delicate and gentle, but her attacks were terrifying. She carried out attacks one after the other without stopping, her movements were fluid, and she was agile.
Bang! A cyan light shot out towards an ancient tree in the distance. The tree exploded and turned to ashes.
“That’s…” Lin Feng was stupefied, that was a fusion of his Desolate Ksana and his Great Earth Destruction. Qing Feng had created a new attack, and not just that, it was perfect!
“Desolate Ksana and Great Earth Destruction fusion.” Lin Feng’s eyes became pitch-black. His celestial book spirit appeared, and he also closed his eyes. He played back the attack in his mind.
His Desolate Ksana attack consisted of Ksana strength and the main types of abstruse energies used for that attack were empty space and wind abstruse energies. His Great Earth Destruction was an explosive attack, since it used speed too, it was also related to Ksana strength, which was purely related to speed. Lin Feng reviewed the attack in his head several times, then he tried different sorts of strength, he also modified the abstruse energies, but nothing worked. Then, he tried releasing wind and empty space abstruse energies to surround the Great Earth Destruction attack.
Finally, he opened his eyes and gazed into the distance. The explosive and Ksana energies didn’t disperse for a while.
“I’ll call that one Nihility Ksana Waves.” Lin Feng looked excited and happy. He was smiling in a resplendent way. It had been some time since he last understood energy fusions.
Lin Feng looked at Qing Feng, she was also looking back at him, but she was surprised. He could also use the attack she had created.
Lin Feng moved towards her and landed on the gigantic stone next to her. Qing Feng frowned, she didn’t feel comfortable, but seeing Lin Feng’s magnificent smile, she felt relaxed. He looked kindhearted and extremely happy to study cultivation. That kind of honest expression put her at ease.
“Let’s help each other.” said Lin Feng, smiling at Qing Feng. He had the feeling that they could become stronger if they helped each other.
Qing Feng looked surprised, she had taken Lin Feng there to help her practice cultivation, and she succeeded, but he had also learnt from her.
“I can make more energies fuse together, and then we can continue learning from each other. It’s a win-win relationship.” said Lin Feng smiling. Qing Feng remained silent for a few seconds and finally nodded, she agreed.

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