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PMG Chapter 1683: Meeting Again

PMG Chapter 1683: Meeting Again
Lin Feng and Qing Feng continued trying different types of energies, studying diligently. Lin Feng was already convinced that Qing Feng also had a special power which allowed her to study ten different types of abstruse energies, but he didn’t know how. In any case, she was a genius too.
“That death sword comes from your Deadly Demon Punch, but if you added wind, it’d be even more terrifying. You can try creating a new deadly sword attack like that.” Qing Feng and Lin Feng were seated cross-legged on a gigantic stone conversing.
“Use the abstruse energies you use for your death sword and make them fuse together with your Vayu Death attack. At the same time, use your Vayu Death abstruse energies and make them fuse together your death sword. Try combining these bit by bit until it works.” said Qing Feng.
Lin Feng listened to her carefully, but it was difficult to pay attention to what she was saying because she was so beautiful. She was even more beautiful than the girls from Moon Imperial Palace.
Qing Feng stopped talking after she noticed that Lin Feng was staring at her. She looked surprised and turned her head.
“You look too beautiful.” said Lin Feng, smiling. She didn’t get angry when Lin Feng complimented her. She knew he wasn’t a pervert, besides, they had spent a few days together already and they had lots in common.
“Let’s continue studying.” said Qing Feng. Lin Feng nodded and they continued studying. Time passed slowly. In the meantime, back in Vast Celestial Ancient City, many strong cultivators were inspecting the Celestial Evolution Holy Clan’s palace, trying to understand how to break the deployment spell.
Great Emperors, emperors, and young geniuses were all talking about the Celestial Evolution Holy Clan.
Sometime later, someone wearing a golden-fire robe and a helmet walked towards Qing Feng’s place. It was a young man. After he arrived at the top of the mountain, he saw Qing Feng and Lin Feng on a stone, talking and sitting close to each other. They almost looked like a couple, which made the young man upset.
Boom! A fireball appeared. He had always thought that Qing Feng would be his future wife, especially considering that she had never made friends with men. What was this supposed to mean?
“Wu.” said Qing Feng, frowning. Then, she said coldly, “How come you came to my place without telling me in advance?”
“Who is he?” asked Wu, looking at Lin Feng coldly. Lin Feng was thinking that Wu’s fire was even more terrifying than Yang Yan’s.
“Mind your own business!” said Qing Feng.
“You’re my future wife.” said Wu firmly. Qing Feng replied, “You’re the only one who thinks that way.”
“My grandfather and the lion ancestor will go to your father and ask him for us to marry.” said Wu, fixedly staring at Qing Feng.
“Hmph!” Qing Feng groaned coldly and said, “What do you want from me?”
“The Prince of Sadness and all the outstanding young people from Vast Celestial Ancient City are going to try and break the Deployment spells together. We should go and show them that beasts shouldn’t be underestimated.” explained Wu. Lin Feng was reminded of the great oriental greenfinch roc when he heard Wu, they had the same voice. Lin Feng could guess that this guy was probably an arrogant bird too.
“Is Suan coming?” asked Qing Feng.
“Suan is already there, we’re just waiting for you now.” said Wu. Qing Feng nodded and stood up. In Vast Celestial Ancient City, beasts and animals lived together, but they did have prejudices against each other, they just didn’t show it. It was a constant competition for each generation.
“Lin Feng, come with us.” said Qing Feng. Lin Feng nodded, he had nothing to do here if she left.
“Are you the one who has a body which allows you to understand ten different types of abstruse energies?” asked Wu, his eyes were bright and golden, just like two suns.
“Is there a problem?” asked Lin Feng indifferently. That guy really looked like the great oriental greenfinch roc, and he was an arrogant bastard who considered everybody and everything beneath his notice.
“You better not spend time with Qing Feng again, otherwise you’ll have to bear the responsibilities.” said Wu while releasing fire energies. Then he turned around and left.
Qing Feng and Lin Feng caught up with him and after a short time, but there was another young man with him. His Qi was like the great animal emperor, so he was probably a lion as well.
Suan looked at Lin Feng. He didn’t look as arrogant or as sharp as Wu, but he seemed aggressive and imposing.
The Prince of Sadness was a love maniac who enjoyed breaking women’s hearts, but he was also quite strong. He was the descendent of a Holy Clan, but nobody really knew how strong he was because he never fought anyone, and nobody dared belittle him.
The Prince of Sadness was gentle, especially when it came to women, so it wasn’t surprising that he didn’t have many enemies. He was probably one of the most outstanding young people of his generation.
At that moment, the Prince of Sadness was in the House of Sadness, accompanied with several women. All the women were very young and they all looked incredibly beautiful.
There was also a gigantic chessboard in the House Sadness, and it looked like the chessboard from the Celestial Evolution Great Deployment Spell.
“The Prince of Sadness is really skilled and outstanding. Surprisingly, he’s even interested in deployment spells.” Qin Shang was playing the zither on the side.
“You’re much more talented than me.” said the Prince of Sadness, smiling at Qin Shang.
“Stop pretending.” said Bai Qi coldly.
“I’m not interested in deployment spells, but I’m interested in seeing everyone who comes today.” said Yang Yan enthusiastically. “The Prince of Sadness is close to the Moon Imperial Palace and invited them personally, so how could I miss that. I also want to see the outstanding people from Vast Celestial Ancient City.”
“Brother Yang Yan, I feel honored that you came.” said the Prince of Sadness, smiling in a gentle way.
“Sister Cang Yue, brother Cang, brother Lang Ye, welcome!” Cang Xiao and Cang Yue from the Heaven Clan, as well as Lang Ye had arrived.
“Prince of Sadness, you’re so elegant, you always mention women first in your sentences.” said Dugu the Winner. Lang Ye had a king body, while Cang Xiao and Cang Yue were both the most outstanding young persons from the Heaven Clan, but still, the Prince of Sadness mentioned Cang Yue first in his sentence.
The Prince of Sadness just smiled. After that, Chu Chun Qiu, the Ancient Sorcerer, and after a while everyone else arrived.
A moon appeared in the sky, nine celestial creatures appeared and descended from the sky, captivating the crowd.
“The celestial creatures from the Moon Palace came, what an honor.”
“So beautiful, they never change. I missed them!” thought Yang Yan. Where had the Moon Imperial Palace found those extremely beautiful women?
Yi Ren Lei glanced around, but she didn’t see Lin Feng, which suddenly made her worried. Yang Yan went to her and smiled, “I could never forget you.”
Yi Ren Lei calmly glanced at him, but she didn’t try to turn him on this time, she even looked a bit cold. She just nodded at him indifferently.
“We should have a glass, Yi Ren.” said Yang Yan.
“I’m sorry.” said Yi Ren Lei, refusing. Yang Yan could only remember how sexy she looked back on that day, he really wanted to see her like that again.

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