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PMG Chapter 1684: Who Can Break That Deployment Spell?

PMG Chapter 1684: Who Can Break That Deployment Spell?
“You’re making me even more interested.” said Yang Yan as he stared at her body. He didn’t act discreetly either, he just stared at her like a pervert, practically drooling.
“Good for you.” said Yi Ren Lei indifferently. She didn’t mind, this wasn’t her first time dealing with someone like him.
Even more talented people arrived at the House of Sadness. The Prince of Sadness had invited all the most outstanding young people in Vast Celestial Ancient City, not just those from Holy Clans, but also those from ancient clans. He also invited some deployment spell casters.
“Prince of Sadness, can we try to break the deployment spell whenever we want?” asked a young man wearing fine clothes.
“Of course, anytime you want.” said the Prince of Sadness, smiling.
“Is it really the Celestial Evolution Great Deployment Spell?” asked someone.
“One-hundred percent! Though, it’s only a simplified form. We couldn’t make the authentic Celestial Evolution Great Deployment Spell.” said the Prince of Sadness, smiling.
“Alright, I’ll give it a try.” someone rose up in the air and moved towards the deployment spell. Suddenly, lights invaded the palace and the chessboard started shaking violently. A destructive strength surrounded that person and attacked him.
Boom! That person was propelled away, but the chessboard didn’t move.
“The Celestial Evolution Great Deployment Spell contains several types of strength which keep metamorphosing it seems. There’s no way of breaking it.” thought the crowd. Waves of energies were rolling, and that person from before was struggling. He looked like he was in pain, but he smiled and said, “Prince of Sadness, that deployment spell is very strange. I can’t break it.”
“It’s alright.” said the Prince of Sadness, smiling before adding, “I can’t break it either.”
That person looked skeptical. Was he just trying to give him face?
“You don’t understand deployment spells at all. What you did was entirely useless.” said someone else.
Four people appeared in the distance, and each of their Qi was extraordinary. There was a girl among them, and she looked drop-dead gorgeous.
“That’s Qing Feng from the animal clan. She’s even more beautiful than those celestial girls from the moon palace.” thought the crowd. Qing Feng and three young men arrived. One of the men was surrounded by golden-fire energies, he looked both sharp and sly. Lin Feng was there too, but many people had already seen him before.
“The geniuses of the animal clan are here!” thought the crowd.
Yang Yan slowly rose up in the air and looked at the crow. Yang Yan practiced sun cultivation, and that beast was a sun beast. If Yang Yan could absorb the crow’s fire, it would be extremely beneficial for him. However, inside Vast Celestial Ancient City, he couldn’t even consider that option with his current strength. Even if he was stronger, he still wouldn’t dare. Their clan was enigmatic and unfathomable.
The crow glanced at Yang Yan and said coldly, “You dare look at me because you also study sun cultivation? How insolent!”
Fwoosh… a sun instantly started moving towards Yang Yan. Yang Yan suddenly raised his hands and several suns appeared. Explosions sounded as they collided, but there were still two suns in front of him.
“Piss off, piss off!” the two suns continued moving forwards, making Yang Yan ran away. The crow looked at him and said, “You must blame yourself for your ignorance, you dared look at me!”
“You can’t compete with me.” said the golden crow. Then, he glanced at the deployment spell and then at Qing Feng. Could Qing Feng break it? He wanted everyone to know that they were the strongest because they were animals.
Yang Yan looked at Lin Feng coldly and asked, “Since when are you with the animal clan?”
Lin Feng glanced at him indifferently. Yang Yan had just been humiliated and now he wanted to vent his anger.
“Pieces of trash always talk shit.” said Lin Feng, smiling. Yang Yan frowned, Lin Feng didn’t even glance at him.
Lang Ye glanced at Lin Feng, he wanted to tell him that his wife had disappeared. However, he didn’t say anything right now, there’d be a better time later.
“I’ll go and try.” said Dugu the Winner, walking towards the deployment spell. He then started releasing dazzling energies which intertwined with each other.
“If you don’t move, the pieces won’t move either it seems.” thought the crowd.
Dugu the Winner made two steps, and suddenly, a terrifying strength attacked his imprints.
“The first guy who tried kept running on the chessboard, so the situation became chaotic. With each step Dugu the Winner makes, the chessboard changes.” said a strong cultivator who knew about deployment spells.
Finally, after having tried a myriad of times, Dugu the Winner gave up.
After that, many other people tried and failed, however, the deployment spell was wearing down each time.
“If some deployment spell casters go in and control the energies, maybe they can try to control the entire deployment spell.” said an emperor who was standing next to Yang Yan.
“Hehe, you must understand deployment spells, I’m thinking the same thing as you.” said another person.
Prince of Sadness smiled indifferently and said, “Anyone can try and break it.”
“Qing Feng.” said Wu. He was wondering if she had noticed anything.
Qing Feng was captivated, that deployment spell was too mysterious, she couldn’t understand it at all.
She turned to Lin Feng whose eyes were slightly closed. She was surprised. She had spent some time with Lin Feng and she could tell that he was thinking about something. Did he understand deployment spells?

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    “he wanted to tell him that his wife had disappeared”

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