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PMG Chapter 1685: Killing an Emperor

PMG Chapter 1685: Killing an Emperor
The Everlasting Celestial Emperor’s most powerful deployment spells were evolution deployment spells and the Celestial Evolution Great Deployment Spell was precisely an evolution deployment spell.
The memories Lin Feng had obtained from the Everlasting Celestial Emperor contained pieces of information concerning Vast Celestial Ancient City, so maybe they had something to do with the Celestial Evolution Holy Clan.
At that moment, Lin Feng was visualizing a gigantic chessboard. He could see each piece distinctly. Since that chessboard deployment spell couldn’t be destroyed by brute force, it meant that there was a special method to do it. The caster had definitely carved it so that someone could destroy it.
“Lang Ye, don’t you want to try the chessboard?” Lin Feng asked.
Lang Ye looked at Lin Feng in a strange way but he still nodded. He started walking on the chessboard, and each time he stepped on it, a strength emerged. The strength was more and more mysterious as he moved further along. Even Lang Ye, who controlled world strength, quickly had to jump off it.
“What do you think?” asked Lang Ye.
“It can’t be broken with just one person.” said Lin Feng. Everybody suddenly looked at him.
“Maybe we should try four people, including a deployment spell caster. Each of them should get onto the board from four different sides.” said Lin Feng. “You must have noticed that each time someone tries, the deployment spell strength becomes increasingly mysterious as people move further along. So I’m thinking that if four people go for it, the pieces will stop moving, and if all four of those people managed to get to the center, the deployment spell would be broken.”
They could use the smaller deployment spells to try and study it, but the Celestial Evolution Great Deployment Spell would be much more complicated to break. Nobody wanted to try it because they could die. Besides, people didn’t know how similar that small one and the real one were.
“Arrogant little boy.” said one of the deployment spell masters from the Holy Clan, glancing at Lin Feng in a cold way. The deployment spell masters hadn’t found a way to break the deployment spell and Lin Feng dared say he had an idea. How arrogant could he be?
“That deployment spell is based on the Celestial Evolution Great Deployment Spell, so if you think it’s so easy, then try it yourself!” said another strong cultivator. He had remained discreet and had tried not to say anything ridiculous until now, but Lin Feng had dared tell them what to do, so he couldn’t hold himself back any longer.
“Would you dare go onto the Celestial Evolution Great Deployment Spell?” asked Lin Feng to the strong cultivator in a cold way.
“Hmph! breaking the deployment spell is not as easy as you think.” the same guy said again.
“You know nothing. How old are you, baby boy? Do you want to teach elders?” said the deployment spell caster from the Holy Sun Clan mockingly.
Yang Yan laughed and said, “That guy is very ignorant, indeed.”
Lin Feng glanced at them and then he immediately jumped onto the chessboard.
“Deployment spells aren’t about age, even strength has nothing to do with age. You’re both emperors but you are ignorant, shameless, and ridiculous.” said Lin Feng, standing on the chessboard. “In any case, you just have to observe and try, then you’ll see if I’m wrong or right. So why the need to humiliate me?”
“Ridiculous boy.”
Those emperors were furious. Surprisingly, that little boy was saying that he knew more than them.
“Go. If you have the opportunity, kill him.” said Yang Yan to the emperor next to him. Lin Feng was acting recklessly, so if they could kill him with the deployment spell, that’d be for the best.
“Alright.” said that strong cultivator, nodding. Then, he jumped onto the chessboard as well. As expected, when he landed on the chessboard, there was no light.
Boom! The strong cultivator from the Holy Sun Clan stepped on the chessboard, and as he did, holy marks started twinkling. It seemed that the strength from the strong cultivator modified the holy marks, causing an explosive strength to move towards Lin Feng.
“As expected, when someone who knows deployment spells steps on the chessboard, it’s a different story. They can borrow the strength for themselves.” thought the crowd.
Lin Feng made two steps, then dazzling lights illuminated the board. Lin Feng made another step, and explosions sounded. Lin Feng had blocked the opponent’s attack.
“He surprisingly remembered all the pieces.” thought Qing Feng. She had also memorized the chessboard, so she knew that someone who didn’t know how to cast deployment spells couldn’t do such a thing.
“Hmph!” his opponent groaned coldly. He made a few more steps, then holy marks started twinkling and shaking violently. They contained all sorts of strength as they moved towards Lin Feng.
“Boom!” Lin Feng jumped. The holy marks were intertwining as he used the power of the chess pieces again to block the attack.
“He wants to kill me!” thought Lin Feng. The enemy was trying to use deployment spells to kill him.
“You only know some abstruse energies and yet you still dare act so arrogantly.” said that emperor. He released fire energies and took a few steps.
Lin Feng was slowly understanding the mysteries of the chessboard, making him wonder who had made it.
He looked at the intertwining holy marks, then he made three steps leftwards, two steps backwards, and one step rightwards. The crowd didn’t notice how subtle his deployment spell was, they only saw a terrifying strength emerge.
“Die!” shouted Lin Feng furiously. He started running forwards at full speed. People couldn’t see him clearly because his agility technique was too fast. However, as he started running, he realized that some terrifying energies were approaching him on his left. His facial expression suddenly changed, he didn’t have time to react to deployment spells anymore.
A terrifying fire suddenly exploded. That person’s cosmic energies turned into fireballs and exploded. Luckily, that deployment spell weakened the cosmic energies so he didn’t manage to kill Lin Feng. After that, he started running towards Lin Feng, deciding to use pure strength to attack him.
“Bastard!” said Qing Feng furiously. But she didn’t move, she knew that a low-level emperor couldn’t kill Lin Feng that easily.
“Hmph!” Lang Ye groaned coldly. That emperor was useless, he was attacking Lin Feng openly now.
Lin Feng moved back like the wind, closing his eyes. He could clearly see the entire chessboard in his head.
Lin Feng suddenly stopped moving backwards and started running forwards again. Each of his steps made the marks twinkle and intertwine, causing the lights around the Holy Sun Clan’s cultivator stop.
Lin Feng started attacking the opponent unceasingly. The crowd couldn’t see much because of the dazzling lights, but Lin Feng looked like a madman at that moment. He kept running in circles while releasing energies. He was extremely fast and yet, it seemed like he was in perfect control of the situation.
A gigantic sun appeared as the emperor rose up in the air. However, while he was rising into the air, Lin Feng suddenly opened his eyes and punched the air in his direction.
Bang! The crowd saw the emperor’s head explode. Their hearts started pounding violently as if they had just realized what was going on. Then, the remnant fire energies began dispersing.

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