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PMG Chapter 1686: Celestial Being

PMG Chapter 1686: Celestial Being
“How fast! How explosive!” the crowd was astonished. The emperor’s body was falling from the sky as his fire cosmic energy dispersed.
Lin Feng had used an attack he had created whilst practicing cultivation with Qing Feng: his Nihility Ksana Waves.
“That’s a strong deployment spell caster?” mocked Lin Feng. Then he added, “I am arrogant? I don’t understand much? Then, all the elders who think that way can come here and show me!”
Those people remained silent and looked sad.
“You’re a good deployment spell caster but killing people and insulting everyone is not the best way to be acknowledged.” replied an emperor.
“Are you blind?” said Lin Feng, glancing at him. The emperor had tried to kill him in front of everyone.
“It’s useless to talk to those morons. That guy was strong, and he tried to kill you because he had an inferiority complex.” said Qing Feng. Those people couldn’t be any better deployment spell casters than the emperor who Lin Feng had just fought.
Yang Yan pulled a long face. Then he said, “You killed a member of my clan, the Holy Sun Clan!”
“So what?” replied Lin Feng coldly.
“He must want to die.” said Lang Ye indifferently. The other emperors from the Holy Sun Clan looked furious.
“Everybody, stop fighting, let’s concentrate on the deployment spell.” said the Prince of Sadness, smiling.
“Brother Lin Feng told us how to solve the issue, so does anyone want to try what he suggested?” asked the Prince of Sadness, smiling at the crowd.
“The Moon Imperial Palace is willing to.” said a girl from the Moon Palace. Then, the crowd saw a few celestial beings move forwards.
Four beautiful women walked forwards. One of the girls said, “If we want to break the deployment spell, each of us needs someone to protect us from the attacks.”
“I’ll help.”
“Count me in.”
A few people immediately walked forwards.
“Since it’s that way, Prince Dugu, Prince Yang Yan, Prince Cang Xiao and Prince Qin Shang, please help.” said the girl, smiling. The four guys then followed the women, Yang Yan followed Yi Ren Lei and smiled, “It’s an honor to help you.”
“Can I help Yi Ren to break the deployment spell?” asked Lin Feng. He hadn’t thought she’d help.
“Why didn’t you ask before, Prince Lin Feng?” said the girl, still smiling.
“I’ll help you.” said Qing Feng, walking to Lin Feng: “I understand the deployment spell too, so I can help you.”
“Alright, we can all help the celestial women, I guess.” said Lin Feng indifferently. The beautiful woman smiled and said, “Prince Lin Feng found out how to destroy it, so of course we can collaborate.”
“I’m off then.” said the woman next to Qin Shang smiling. Qin Shang didn’t mind, he walked back with her.
“Alright, please start then.” said the Prince of Sadness. Then, the four groups moved to four different corners, the women jumped onto the men’s shoulders.
“Wait and listen to me, I’ll tell you how to make the steps, and at the same time, you can block the attacks.” said Yi Ren Lei to the group. Lin Feng raised his head, and Qing Feng lowered her head, “I’ll guide.”
“Alright.” said Lin Feng nodding.
“Three steps leftwards.” said Qing Feng. Lin Feng then made three steps leftwards, causing lights to move across and throughout the chessboard.
“Two steps forwards.”
“One rightward.”
“Three backwards.” the three others moved at the same time. Dazzling lights filled the board, but surprisingly, the chessboard started cracking. Lin Feng was right, they needed four people to break it.
“One forward.” said Qing Feng. The three other groups listened to her and moved at the same time, intertwining lights moved towards Lin Feng and the other men, but they all blocked them.
“Another piece broke, but they made a mistake.” thought the crowd.
“Wrong step.” Qing Feng realized her mistake and made everybody move back a step.
After that, they continued moving. The eight people were getting closer and closer to each other as they made their way to the center. If the Celestial Evolution Great Deployment Spell was like that one, would they be able to break it too?
Time passed slowly, and the groups were getting closer and closer to the center. They made many steps backwards, forwards, sideways, they tried everything.
“Qing Feng shouldn’t understand deployment spells as well as me.” thought Lin Feng. He didn’t understand how the girls understood deployment spells so well, and what about Yi Ren Lei? Were they that strong or had someone taught them?
Finally, they stopped, and the lights disappeared as the deployment spell broke apart.
“It really broke.” thought the crowd.
“Bzzz!” Suddenly, a silhouette rose up in the air and left.
“Working with such beautiful women is an honor, but I have some things to do, see you!” said Dugu the Winner. Then, he left. Cang Xiao also left quickly.
“They’re leaving!” Everyone knew that they were going back to their clans to inform them.
“Could that small deployment spell be related to the Celestial Evolution Great Deployment Spell?” thought Lin Feng. Yang Yan didn’t leave because the Holy Sun Clan wasn’t located in Vast Celestial Ancient City.
“Yi Ren, celestial being, we were made for each other!” said Yang Yan as he smiled at her.
“Don’t offend the Moon Imperial Palace.” said Yi Ren Lei to Lin Feng using telepathy. Why was she telling him that?
“Let’s go to the Celestial Evolution Holy Clan.” said Wu. Everybody wanted to break the Celestial Evolution Great Deployment Spell now!
People rose into the air and left, one after the other.

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