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PMG Chapter 1687: Three Statues

PMG Chapter 1687: Three Statues
Back at the Celestial Evolution Holy Clan’s former site, many people still hadn’t left. They had been waiting for someone to crack the code.
Lin Feng, Qing Feng, and the others arrived to find that the deployment spell was still there, nobody had managed to break it yet.
“Those people all went back to their clans, but doesn’t that mean that they’re sure the deployment spell in the House of Sadness was closely related to the Celestial Evolution Great Deployment Spell?” said Suan, he still couldn’t believe it.
“The Celestial Evolution Great Deployment Spell really looks like the small one there. We’ll see for ourselves anyways, so we don’t need to worry about it.” said Qing Feng calmly.
Lin Feng looked calm as well. He wasn’t worried, the strong cultivators from the Holy Clans knew what to do, they just had to wait for them.
“That bastard is still there.” thought Lin Feng, glancing around. He was looking for a Taoist monk and found him seated, looking calm, as if he was standing aloof from worldly affairs.
Suddenly, the ground started shaking and an explosive strength invaded the sky.
“Heaven strength. Are the elders from the Heaven Clan arriving?” thought the crowd. Then, they heard him shout, “Everybody, move away, at least by a thousand meters.”
The crowd frowned, the elders were going to start, but they were pushing them away.
Yan Di opened his eyes and moved far away without hesitation. He didn’t look surprised, as if he had anticipated everything.
More lights appeared in sky. The crowd frowned again as an elder from the Dugu Clan appeared. They really were going to destroy the Celestial Evolution Great Deployment Spell!
“Let’s go.” said Qing Feng. The group moved away with everybody else.
As they left, more elders from various Holy Clans appeared.
From a thousand meters away, Lin Feng gazed into the distance, but he couldn’t see much. He whispered, “I wonder if they can break the Celestial Evolution Great Deployment Spell, and if they do, what will appear?”
“Maybe a small world?” whispered Qing Feng.
Dong! It was apparent that the strong cultivators had just started. The energies were very intense, exceeding everyone’s expectations.
“How come the celestial women from the Moon Imperial Palace understand that kind of strength? Why did they break the small one? And why did Yi Ren Lei warn me like that?” thought Lin Feng. Even if Qing Feng and Lin Feng hadn’t gone there, the celestial women from the Moon Imperial Palace could have destroyed the deployment spell.
The energies were starting to weaken. Since the energies were weakening, did that mean that the spell was going to break?
Lin Feng looked at Yan Di, who looked confident and at ease. His eyes were closed as if he didn’t care, but Lin Feng knew that it wasn’t true.
“Boom!” Suddenly, the crowd shivered as another terrifying strength emerged.
Boom, boom, boom! Explosions continuously emanated from the board’s direction. The crowd was curious, they wanted to know what was going on.
“Let’s go.” the great emperors from the Holy Clans started flying at full speed. The crowd frowned, had they found anything?
“A Holy Great Emperor was injured, but the Celestial Evolution Holy Clan’s small world appeared!”
“No…” someone shouted furiously. Then the ground shook and explosion sounded again. Cosmic strength was dispersing, which meant that an emperor had died, but the crowd didn’t know who had killed him.
“Let’s go.” Qing Feng and the others started flying at full speed. They had a special social status, so people wouldn’t think of attacking them.
Lin Feng made it back to the deployment spell, but as he approached, he realized that it had disappeared, just like Qing Feng had said. A palace had appeared underground. The Celestial Evolution Great Deployment Spell was probably the entrance to a palace after all.
“Where are all the great emperors?” thought the crowd. There was nobody around, even the other normal emperors had disappeared.
“Over there, there are some remnant mysterious marks.” said someone inside the crowd.
At that moment, very far away in the distance, some people had appeared. When they realized where they were, they were furious. Who was the bastard that had casted the Celestial Evolution Great Deployment Spell? After the Holy Great Emperor had been injured, they had managed to break the deployment spell, but the entrance of the palace was a trap. After crossing it, they had reappeared very far away. They hadn’t entirely broken it, there was still a terrifying teleportation portal to deal with.
“Instead of Celestial Evolution Great Deployment Spell, it should be called Celestial Teleportation Great Deployment Spell!” an upset cultivator said.
The ground quaked as threads of energies disappeared, revealing the real palace underground.
But the crowd still hesitated, nobody dared go in, even emperors didn’t dare.
“Good Heavens, nobody is going in. I’m a Taoist priest so I should go in, it looks like a hell.” said Yan Di as he entered the palace. After the holy marks had disappeared, he didn’t fall into a trap, he was actually inside.
Then other people started following him at full speed. They landed in a main hall, but there wasn’t much inside, only three statues. The statue on the left looked like the wrecked statue of an old man.
The statue on the right was an old man too, but he looked sharp. The one in the middle looked precious, there were two things in its hands: a golden book and a chessboard. It looked exactly like the Celestial Evolution Chessboard.
“Where ever treasure exists, Danger exists. If I won’t experience hell, who will?” said Yan Di as he walked towards the central statue.
However, at that moment, a terrifying Qi surrounded him, forcing him to stop. Then he shouted, “Good Heavens, I’ll stay aside.”
Then, Yan Di moved leftward, and strong cultivators followed him.
That book looked like the Celestial Evolution Holy Scriptures!
“Boom!” A few people immediately started running towards the book.
“Piss off, it’s mine!” the ground started trembling. They hadn’t even gotten close to the book before they started fighting.
“I told you, when there are precious items, there’s always danger.” said Yan Di, sighing. He walked to the left side of the statue, which looked wrecked, and touched it.
“It seems like it was made for me, I’ll take it.” whispered Yan Di. Lin Feng’s eyes flashed with insight. Since when was Yan Di so quick to give up? The Celestial Evolution Chessboard and the Ancient scriptures were there in front of him, but he didn’t touch them. Instead, he ran towards a useless statue?
Lin Feng trusted him so he immediately ran towards the statue on the right.

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