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PMG Chapter 1688: Stealing

PMG Chapter 1688: Stealing
“Stop!” Just after Lin Feng started running, someone had shouted at him to stop. He turned around to to see Yang Yan.
“Even though those statues are in the corners, who knows if they’re precious treasures or not? So you better not touch them.” said Yang Yan. That Taoist priest looked sly. Even though the statue on the left looked useless, Yang Yan couldn’t possibly let them leave with it like that.
“They’re stealing the precious treasures and you’re not getting involved, but we’re just taking useless things on the side and you want to get angry? Why?” said Yan Di, smiling.
Yang Yan was a young man from a Holy Clan, so he didn’t rush. There were many people in that hall, many of which were strong cultivators from Holy Clans. There were many emperors, so even if those people stole treasures, would they be able to get away with them?
“You can’t take those things in the corners, and that’s final!” said Yang Yan. Then a sun-like disc appeared in his hand and started rotating madly. Suddenly, the temperature began increasing in the hall.
The disciples from the ancient holy clans all had terrifying weapons, and that sun disc he had could burn an emperor alive.
“Break!” shouted Yang Yan. The crowd couldn’t see anything anymore because the lights were too bright. Everything started burning, the palace itself even exploded. Then some people from the Holy Sun Clan appeared and descended from the sky. Even though the palace was huge, the sun disc had still destroyed it.
Dugu the Winner slowly rose up in the air and his 360 imprint lights appeared, they intertwined and terrifying imprint strength invaded the sky.
“Those disciples all have precious treasures which can allow them to kill medium-level emperors.” thought the crowd.
Those disciples wouldn’t use those items if they fought against people of the same level, however, when they were in real danger, they wouldn’t hesitate to use them.
Cang Xiao had a Heavenly King’s Armor and the Ancient Sorcerer had a Sorcerer’s Staff.
Yan Di and Lin Feng were closest to the statues, Yan Di was closest to the wrecked old man’s statue and Lin Feng to the other one. Even though they were close, they didn’t get any closer.
Yang Yan released energies which surrounded Lin Feng. Lin Feng thought, “If I have the opportunity, I really have to kill that boy. He’s too dangerous, especially with his great imperial weapon.”
“Boom!” suddenly more fire fell. The crowd saw a gigantic beast which had three legs and looked like a sun. It was a three-legged golden crow.
His sun helmet was dazzling as lights surrounded his body. That sun helmet was probably his ace weapon.
“Lin Feng, don’t forget to take the statue, but don’t try to take the things in the middle.” said Yan Di to Lin Feng using telepathy. Lin Feng was speechless, did Yan Di know everything? Did he already know about those statues?
“Alright.” replied Lin Feng using telepathy. “But considering the situation, I don’t think I can take anything.”
“Your friend is from the World Clan, you don’t need to worry if he’s here.” replied Yan Di. “And that girl is from the animal clan. If you can become intimate with her, don’t hesitate, you could benefit from her a lot. I’d reckon that nobody would dare attack you in Vast Celestial Ancient City if you were in a relationship with her.”
“Don’t you have any treasures you could lend me?” asked Lin Feng.
“Piss off. I’m letting you take that statue, which is already a nice gift.” said Yan Di. “Alright, I’m off. You have to rely on yourself now.”
“Meh…” Lin Feng didn’t know what else to say. Suddenly, Yan Di jumped and grabbed the statue. With it, he quickly left. Finally, Yang Yan couldn’t hold it anymore, and he decided to chase him.
“I’m not playing with you anymore!” The sky shook as a deployment spell appeared. The crowd saw flames engulf the space where Yan Di had been, but he reappeared far away in the distance.
“Bastard!” Yang Yan was furious. Yan Di had taken away the statue of the old man, which must have meant that it was a precious treasure.
His sun disc started flying at full speed behind Yan Di.
“You idiotic kid, if I come back you’ll regret it!” shouted a loud voice in the distance. Then some deployment marks exploded, and Yan Di disappeared. With that, the sun disc started cracking, and Yan Di appeared even farther in the horizon.
“Piss off!” shouted Wu at that moment. He was attacking Yang Yan with his sun helmet.
Yang Yan was pushed away by Wu. He was furious, especially that Wu was attacking him now.
“That bastard left and caused a ruckus.” thought Lin Feng. He had stolen a statue, but those people didn’t want to take the risk in chasing him.
Right after that, a few emperors ran towards Lin Feng, they wanted to steal the statue he still hadn’t managed to steal.
Talismans appeared in Lin Feng’s left hand, and his silver wings appeared and surrounded him. At the same time, he released wind and empty space energy as he dashed forward to steal it.
Lin Feng landed in front of the statue and he immediately took it.
“Hmph!” someone groaned coldly. The strong cultivators’ attacks were terrifying, but Lin Feng had talismans, and just like Yan Di, he disappeared. Then, he reappeared in front of Lang Ye. With his talismans, he couldn’t teleport himself as far as Yan Di, but at least he could escape.
Boom! Lang Ye took out his coffin, making the crowd frown.

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