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PMG Chapter 1689: Stopped

PMG Chapter 1689: Stopped
“Lang Ye, don’t get involved.” said the emperors, coldly glancing at Lin Feng.
“Piss off!” said Lang Ye, making the emperors look depressed. Even though Lang Ye was a member of the World Clan, so if they hadn’t been emperors, they would have been attacked. They were Lang Ye’s elders, but Lang Ye was still being impolite in front of them.
But he had the king body, so ordinary emperors couldn’t necessarily compete with him. Besides, he had a coffin which probably contained terrifying energies.
“Give us the item or we’ll kill you.” said a cultivator at the very top of the Zun Qi layer. He took out a precious item which looked like a thunder hammer. It was a high-level imperial weapon, at least level seven.
At that moment, there weren’t just strong cultivators from Holy Clans. There were also many people from ordinary clans who were unhappy.
“I must leave as soon as possible. The statue in the middle might really be fake, so if I stay, the situation might get even worse.” thought Lin Feng. He glanced at the crowd, noting some low-level and medium-level emperors, and then some cultivators of the very top of the Zun Qi layer. The strongest people were trying to steal the other statue.
Then suddenly, Lin Feng started moving like the wind, trying to escape. The strong cultivators frowned.
“You think you can escape?” said that young man in a cold way. The strong cultivators all started running at the same time, chasing Lin Feng.
At the same time, Lin Feng threw a talisman behind him, and sword lights also appeared. Then, terrifying destructive energies exploded around them. He had used cosmic energies to make those talismans, so the strong cultivators who had reacted first were struck hard.
Slash! A subtle sound could be heard as Lin Feng took out a silver spear and pierced a person’s head. The cosmic energies exploded, and the strong cultivators were astonished to see that he had just killed an emperor!
“You must want to die!” shouted one of them furiously. Terrifying cosmic energies whistled, and Lin Feng felt like he was in a cage.
He threw more talismans and disappeared. Lang Ye groaned coldly, then his coffin became gigantic and blotted out the sky.
“Be careful!” shouted one of them. The crowd started running around like madmen. However, the coffin became dazzling and grew to be thousands of meters long. Lang Ye shook his hands and the world coffin turned into a gigantic wooden coffin, the strong cultivators who were chasing them had disappeared.
Lin Feng continued running away, moving like the wind. Outside the coffin, the remaining crowd was looking at Lin Feng. They hesitated, but in the end, they decided to chase him. An emperor landed in front of Lin Feng and released golden cosmic energies.
Lin Feng threw another talisman which landed on the golden hand. Lin Feng then hit the talisman with his spear and it exploded. Without hesitation, Lin Feng continued running away. At the same time, his spear had disappeared.
The spear which had disappeared, reappeared again, piercing through that person’s brain. He looked dumbfounded just before his head exploded.
Lin Feng ran towards the spear and took it back.
Kacha! Lightning was falling from the sky. Lin Feng immediately used more talismans and disappeared.
“You can’t escape!” shouted the young man who possessed the thunder hammer. Lin Feng instantly became stuck inside a thunder cage as he shouted that.
Lin Feng turned around and saw the young man in the distance. He was running towards him.
“Give me the item and I won’t kill you!” said the young man. Lin Feng and Lang Ye were friends, so if he killed Lin Feng, Lang Ye would probably become his enemy. At that moment, Lang Ye was stuck because the cultivators from the Holy Sun Clan had prevented him from going ahead.
“Do you know who I am?” shouted Lin Feng in a cold way.
“Curse, die!” shouted Lin Feng explosively. Suddenly, terrifying cursing, death, and demon energies emerged. The young man started trembling, his eyes especially hurt.
“Attack!” shouted Lin Feng again. Terrifying sword lights appeared and he cut one of the young man’s arms off. He was holding his hammer in that hand, so the hammer and the arm fell together. At the same time, Lin Feng continued moving like the wind.
The young man came back to his senses, his face had turned deathly pale. The young man wanted to use his right hand to attack, but then he realized it was gone.
The silver spear was already moving towards him at full speed. The young man looked furious and desperate, he didn’t want to die.
Lin Feng didn’t stop at all, he continued running away. He immediately grabbed the hand which was holding the hammer and took it.
“You must die!” said a strong cultivator in the distance. However, suddenly, the coffin descended from the sky and crushed him.
“The book is empty.” said Dugu the Winner at that moment. He had taken the one-paged golden scripture, and even though it was sealed, he broke it, and found it to be empty.
“Fake?” the crowd was astonished. Yang Yan also looked furious, he looked at Dugu the Winner and said, “Show me.”
The crowd looked at Dugu the Winner, they couldn’t trust him, they had to check themselves.
“I’m not lying. Here, take it.” said Dugu the Winner as he threw the book. Yang Yan caught it and suddenly, he looked furious. He looked at the chessboard and said, “Is the Celestial Evolution Chessboard fake too?”
“Just have a look and you’ll see.” Wu started moving at full speed, and nobody tried to fight against him. He immediately took the chessboard and broke it. They… had fought over a fake item?
“And the statue?” said someone. Then, a sun disc immediately moved towards the statue and burnt it, leaving nothing left.
“It was all nothing, we were fooled!” shouted Yang Yan.
“Not only us, but a holy emperor was also injured. The emperors and great emperors were teleported away, and in the end, there’s nothing to show for it. The Celestial Evolution Great Deployment Spell fooled everyone.”
“Not necessarily, why would they have cast a Celestial Evolution Great Deployment Spell here otherwise? On top of that, it was extremely powerful. Do you remember the statues on the left and right?”
“Indeed, the stinky Taoist priest came in first and took the statue on the left and then ran away. He must have known something.” said Yang Yan.
“And the one with the body which allows him to understand ten different types of abstruse energies, he took the one on the right and then left.” said Cang Xiao. The crowd frowned, releasing powerful Qi in their frustration.
Lang Ye also looked surprised after he heard the young man. It was as if Lin Feng knew the Taoist priest, and that he might have obtained something.
“Apart from the Celestial Evolution Holy Scriptures, none of you are interested in the other items I guess. If anyone dares kill Lin Feng, they’ll become the enemies of the World Clan.” said Lang Ye indifferently. Then, he put his world coffin away and left.
“How arrogant!” said Wu, his eyes were filled with flames of fury. He went to Qing Feng and said, “Can you find him?”
“Mind your own business!” said Qing Feng coldly. Then, she left too. What about the Celestial Evolution Holy Scriptures? She didn’t believe that the Celestial Evolution Holy Scriptures were in the Celestial Evolution Holy Clan.

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