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PMG Chapter 1690: Celestial Evolution Chessboard

PMG Chapter 1690: Celestial Evolution Chessboard
After leaving, Lin Feng put on a mask and a new robe. Then, he went back to the hotel where he had left Qiu Yue Xin, however, he didn’t find her there.
“Maybe she just went for a walk.” thought Lin Feng. He had chosen a small hotel which wasn’t easy to find.
The hotel he had chosen was expensive, but there were hidden rooms for people to practice cultivation without being disturbed.
Lin Feng went to the hidden room and took out the statue. Then he inspected it with his godly awareness, but he didn’t find anything.
A gigantic hand emerged from Lin Feng and attacked the statue.
The statue was reduced to ashes and a chessboard remained. The chessboard was surrounded by pale dark lights, looking alive.
“Celestial Evolution Chessboard?” Lin Feng frowned. That chessboard looked like the one the statue in the middle of the palace was holding. Since the chessboard was hidden inside, nobody had tried to steal it.
Lin Feng inspected the chessboard with his godly awareness. Suddenly, Lin Feng started shaking violently, he couldn’t control his godly awareness anymore as it was being absorbed by the chessboard at a frantic rate.
After a short time, Lin Feng couldn’t sense his physical body anymore. It was as if his body had become the chessboard, feeling like a vast world.
The pieces suddenly appeared in his brain and a special connection between Lin Feng and the Celestial Evolution Chessboard was created.
“Celestial evolution… The ten thousand things of creation evolve, just like in the real world.” thought Lin Feng, closing his eyes. He felt comfortable as he studied that mysterious world, he was in a great state of mind.
“Evolution.” Lin Feng explored the world of the chessboard, watching the pieces move extremely quickly, evolving. Lin Feng tried making the pieces move, and sometimes it worked, but sometimes it didn’t.
After a short time, a gigantic deployment spell appeared.
“How terrifying, it can help me control the evolution.” thought Lin Feng. He could borrow the strength of the deployment spell, and if he managed to study the Celestial Evolution Holy Scriptures to the level that the strong cultivator who had created them had, then he’d be able to control evolution.
The one who had pretended to be Dugu the Winner could imitate other people because he controlled some evolution techniques.
Deployment spells, sword techniques, abstruse energies, Lin Feng tried different things while borrowing the strength of the Celestial Evolution Chessboard.
“How can I break through to the Huang Qi layer though?” thought Lin Feng. He continued borrowing the strength of the chessboard as a clone of Lin Feng appeared and started carrying out attacks. At the same time, another clone of Lin Feng appeared and started practicing cultivation meticulously. As Lin Feng spectated, numerous clones of Lin Feng appeared and did different things.
Boom! the chessboard broke apart and everything was reduced to ashes.
“I failed at making things evolve.” thought Lin Feng. That Celestial Evolution Chessboard was very mysterious, and it might be that he wasn’t strong enough yet. One thing was certain though, the Celestial Evolution Chessboard was extremely powerful.
Lin Feng noticed that there were some pieces which were twinkling. Then he realized that they weren’t pieces, they seemed to be entirely made of evolution strength.
Suddenly, evolution strength appeared in Lin Feng’s mind, seemingly wanting to fuse together with Lin Feng’s godly awareness.
“It really works.” thought Lin Feng. Surprisingly, he could absorb evolution strength.
“What is the Celestial Evolution Chessboard? The Celestial Evolution Holy Scriptures might also be able to help me control evolution strength.” thought Lin Feng. He was in a deep meditative state which made him forget everything else around him.
Everyone in Vast Celestial Ancient City were looking for two people: the Taoist priest and Lin Feng. The Taoist priest was suspected to know a lot about the Celestial Evolution Holy Clan, probably having stolen the most terrifying treasure: The Celestial Evolution Holy Scriptures. And Lin Feng, even if they didn’t kill him, they had to get the statue he had stolen.
There was another important problem. Who had blocked the strong cultivators? Was it the Taoist priest?
They hadn’t forgotten about the extremely strong cultivators who had broken the deployment spell after Qing Feng and some celestial women from the Moon Imperial Palace had broken the deployment spell in the House of Sadness. What was the connection between all them? And why had the extremely strong cultivators who had broken the Celestial Evolution Great Deployment Spell been teleported so far away?
Everything was mysterious. The ancient Holy Clans didn’t target the Moon Imperial Palace, they were only speculating things now.
No matter what, the connections between the Moon Imperial Palace and the Holy Clans was too mysterious.
Some night after the event, Lang Ye was at his residence with a woman. She was red and breathing quickly, her breasts were moving up and down as she inhaled and exhaled deeply.
Lang Ye looked at her with an indescribable feeling.
“Why?” asked Lang Ye. He didn’t understand. Why had she done that? It was her first time, and even though she was very shy, she had loved it.
“You’re asking me why?” The woman looked back at Lang Ye. Then she stood up and put her clothes back on. She had tears in the corner of her eyes.
“If you can’t stand it, then let’s never meet again.” said the girl walking to the window. Moonlight was shining upon her body as she jumped out of the window.
Lang Ye didn’t chase her, instead he walked to the window to watch her leave, but she had already disappeared. He saw a teardrop fall from the sky as thought that he would never see her again.
He felt extremely sad. Apart from being a cultivator, he was also a man, a human being with emotions.
“Cultivation is about emotionlessness, but how can people be emotionless?” whispered Lang Ye, looking out of the window. “Even if you don’t have goals, I won’t let anyone else touch you.”
Then, Lang Ye suddenly looked furious.
Lang Ye didn’t understand why she had done that. Even if she had said it was without emotions, for him, it couldn’t be that. After spending the night with her, feelings had arisen in his heart. He couldn’t forget about her, and he couldn’t let anyone else to touch her!

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