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PMG Chapter 1694: Seven Sorts of Cosmic Energies

PMG Chapter 1694: Seven Sorts of Cosmic Energies
Cang Xiao kept running away. He was shaking violently as demon, Earth, and death cosmic energies were all chasing him. Luckily, Lin Feng hadn’t been cleansed by the cosmic energies, otherwise he would have posed a threat to Cang Xiao.
“What a guy.” thought Lang Ye, staring at Lin Feng. He knew that Lin Feng was depressed, but he was a real genius. Even the gods were against him by preventing their cosmic energy from cleansing his body.
Lin Feng fixedly stared at the cloud made of three different types of cosmic energies. But still, no cosmic energy descended.
“Argh!” Lin Feng shouted furiously, more lights glowed around him.
His cursing, empty space, fire, wind and thunder abstruse energies were all at the maximum level, and he was only one step away from breaking through to the Huang Qi layer. His cosmic energies and abstruse energies whistled altogether in the sky.
Everybody looked nervous as they watched the gods trick Lin Feng again.
Lin Feng’s eyes were still pitch-black as he stared at the sky.
“If the gods abandon me, I’ll defy the Heavens.” shouted Lin Feng.
Back in a pavilion, Yi Ren Lei was looking sad for him, “My love, you can do it.”
“Die!” shouted Lin Feng. His eyes were pitch-black and filled with death. Cang Xiao’s heart started beating faster when he looked at those eyes.
“I will definitely kill you today.” said Cang Xiao, releasing even more heavenly energies. An ocean of heavenly energies moved towards Lin Feng.
A demon appeared behind Lin Feng, pushing more and more demonic energies in the sky.
“Imprison!” Lin Feng jumped and released Earth cosmic energies which formed a cage around Cang Xiao.
“Death curse!” shouted Lin Feng.
Cang Xiao performed some hand seals, and then a vortex of heavenly strength appeared in front of Lin Feng, trying to absorb him.
“Destroy!” Lin Feng jumped forwards, and a demonic territory appeared, sealing the space. Then an infinite amount of sword energies emerged from Lin Feng’s body and rose up to the skies.
“Heavenly hand, appear!” shouted Cang Xiao, releasing more heavenly cosmic energies. His spirit appeared behind him, a gigantic heavenly hand.
“Go!” shouted Cang Xiao. The sky exploded as his heavenly hand moved towards Lin Feng at full speed. Lin Feng looked tiny when compared to that heavenly hand.
“I’ll destroy the heavens!” shouted Lin Feng, closing his eyes. Sword lights kept emerging from his body while moving in all directions. He used Wind-Thunder Laceration, his Desolate Ksana, his Vayu Death, his Nihility Ksana Waves, and so on. All his attacks, his abstruse energies, and cosmic energies were intertwining and rolling in waves. The sky trembled again as another cloud of cosmic energies appeared in the sky.
“Come out, all of you!” shouted Lin Feng, sounding like a madman. He wanted to make all his abstruse energies turn into cosmic energies.
“Demon, death, Earth, and now wind cosmic energy.”
“Cursing cosmic energy appeared as well.”
“Empty space cosmic energy is present in the cloud…”
“Fire cosmic energy is present in the cloud.”
“Seven types of cosmic energies…” the crowd was speechless.
Kacha! More explosions sounded, and then Cang Xiao coughed up blood, his face turning deathly pale.
“What’s going on?” thought Cang Xiao, looking at the sky. Some lights had descended from the sky and destroyed his heavenly hand.
Seven sorts, how’s that even possible? Even without a body cleansed by cosmic energies, seven different types were terrifying.
Kacha! A terrifyingly explosive strength slowly descended from the sky. Were the cosmic energies going to cleanse his body this time?
At that moment, Lin Feng looked like a true demon as he stared at the sky.
However, at that moment, the cosmic energies which were descending from the sky exploded. Again, the gods didn’t seem to be on Lin Feng’s side.
Lin Feng remained calm though.
The cosmic energies had condensed a few times and then they had dispersed. What was going on? Why weren’t they cleansing Lin Feng’s body?
The cosmic energies dispersed and disappeared, leaving everyone’s hearts pounding. They couldn’t believe it.
A gigantic beast appeared in the distance, it was a Qiong Qi.
At that moment, he was fixedly staring at the cloud of cosmic energies which was dispersing. He looked pensive as he whispered, “The cosmic energies didn’t descend from the sky, does it mean the gods abandoned you? Or does it mean you abandoned the gods?”
“I failed.” said Lin Feng in a calm way. His seven different types of cosmic energies were twinkling around him, intertwining. He couldn’t make them fuse together as good as abstruse energies yet, but they were still a lot more powerful.
Lin Feng smiled and whispered, “Even if the cosmic energies won’t descend and won’t cleanse my body, you’re still much weaker than me.”
Cang Xiao remained silent, and the crowd couldn’t help but agree. Lin Feng now had seven different types of cosmic energies!
Wind and empty space cosmic energies rotated around him, making Cang Xiao frown. Then, he saw Lin Feng moving towards him. He was startled, Lin Feng was much, much faster than when he only used wind abstruse energy.
“Death curse!” Lin Feng’s death and cursing cosmic energies started corroding Cang Xiao’s body. His facial expression changed drastically, and suddenly, a Celestial Heaven Shield appeared in front of him.
“Explode!” shouted Lin Feng, punching the shield with a lightning and demonic energies. He was only using pure cosmic energies, nothing special. He had several types of cosmic energies, so why not enjoy them?
“Chaos!” shouted Cang Xiao furiously. The atmosphere became distorted as the lightning was pushed away. Lin Feng and Cang Xiao were each propelled in different directions.
“Earth!” Lin Feng jumped forwards and a terrifyingly heavy strength fell onto Cang Xiao, and then a cage formed.
“Fire!” a terrifying fire condensed.
“Celestial Heavens Destruction.” shouted Cang Xiao furiously. He broke through the cage and the fire energies.
However, a pitch-black fist was moving towards him.
“Consciousness curse.” said Lin Feng. After saying that, Cang Xiao’s thoughts became chaotic, his Heavenly King Armor appeared and protected him.
Boom! A heavy energy bombarded Cang Xiao’s body, sending him flying. However, the strength was completely absorbed by his armor and it didn’t hurt him at all.
“If any of those seven different types of cosmic energies had descended from the sky to cleanse Lin Feng’s body, Cang Xiao would have lost already.” thought the crowd. At that moment, strong cultivators’ silhouettes flickered, quickly surrounding Lin Feng. In the distance, there was also a high-level emperor glaring at Lin Feng.
He was from the same clan as the boy Lin Feng had killed back at the Celestial Evolution Holy Clan, the one who had the thunder hammer.
Lin Feng didn’t ask him who he was.
A chessboard appeared and suddenly became gigantic, dazzling even.
“The Celestial Evolution Chessboard, he obtained the Celestial Evolution Chessboard!” many people were looking at it greedily.
Fwoosh! The emperors rushed over. Lin Feng glanced at them in a cold way and used an agility technique as the Celestial Evolution Chessboard continued twinkling.
“Break!” Lin Feng jumped onto the Celestial Evolution Chessboard. The emperors didn’t know what he was plotting, so they suddenly moved back at full speed.
“Deployment spell, Celestial Evolution Chessboard, what else could it be?” thought the crowd, frowning.

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