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PMG Chapter 1695: Chaos and Fury

PMG Chapter 1695: Chaos and Fury
In the distance, two more people had appeared: a tall and sturdy old man and a girl who looked noble.
“That guy has a body which allows him to understand ten different types of abstruse energies, but he cannot break through to the Huang Qi layer?” asked the girl in cyan clothes, staring at Lin Feng.
“Maybe he doesn’t have a body which allows him to understand ten different types of abstruse energies.” reasoned the old man.
“He doesn’t have a body which allows him to understand ten different types of abstruse energies?” asked the girl. She looked startled and whispered, “That guy is insane, he even took out the Celestial Evolution Chessboard.”
“He was going to break through to the Huang Qi layer, but in the end, he’s only an Imperial Kalpa. It’s a calamity for him. Any cultivator would go insane if that happened to them, especially if they were as strong as him. He is talented, but he can’t break through to the Huang Qi layer, can you imagine how horrible that would be?” said the old man, smiling. The young man reminded him of his youth.
Back in a pavilion, Yang Yan was almost drooling after he saw the Celestial Evolution Chessboard. He slowly stood up and a sun disc appeared in his hand.
Some strong cultivators rose up in the air, all looking at Lin Feng with greed.
Lin Feng jumped forwards, and the Celestial Evolution Chessboard started shaking violently, becoming larger and larger. It soon blotted out the sky. Pieces of it were flickering, making it look the same as the great deployment spell from before.
Inside his godly awareness, a palace was suspended in air.
“Godly awareness palace.” the crowd saw it. Then they saw the lights from the Celestial Evolution Chessboard moving towards, attempting to fuse them together.
“Die!” said a strong cultivator at that moment, jumping forwards.
“Break!” Lin Feng jumped on the Celestial Evolution Chessboard and it turned into a dazzling deployment spell. The attack broke apart as it hit the chessboard. At the same time, the area where Lin Feng was standing on the Celestial Evolution Chessboard became even more dazzling, and a pitch-black Earth armor appeared around his body. His Tian Ji Sword also appeared in front of him.
“How motivated.” the old man in the sky smiled. Lin Feng had taken out a sword, a palace, and an armor.
“You’re gloating over people’s misfortune.” said the young woman.
“According to legends, the Celestial Evolution Chessboard can transform strength. Lin Feng fused with it with his godly awareness and created a terrifying deployment spell. Not only is he a strong cultivator but he is also a strong deployment spell caster.” thought the crowd.
The high-level emperor was fixedly staring at Lin Feng. He hadn’t thought that Lin Feng would understand deployment spells so well. Thunders had already appeared around him.
“Die!” Lightning descended from the sky and moved towards Lin Feng at break-neck speed.
“Break!” Lin Feng jumped again, then seven lights penetrated the Celestial Evolution Chessboard and fused together with it. The whole chessboard was shining brightly as it rose up into the air. Explosions sounded as the lightning exploded and disappeared.
“Damn deployment spell!” thought a few of the emperors. The high-level emperor had intervened because he knew that medium-level emperors couldn’t do anything.
The high-level emperor was incredulous. He was holding a purple thunder jewel which grew in size and strength. The sky around him had become distorted.
Lin Feng raised his head and looked at the jewel. The strong cultivator threw it in the air, then it streaked across the sky towards Lin Feng, a beautiful light trailed behind it.
Lin Feng smiled mockingly and indifferently, he looked amused. He jumped as the jewel crashed onto the Celestial Evolution Chessboard. Lin Feng had already disappeared and reappeared on another side of the Celestial Evolution Chessboard.
“Nine Dazzling Thunders, die!” shouted the high-level emperor. Suddenly, several grand lightnings descended from the sky. Lin Feng groaned coldly and his godly awareness moved throughout the Celestial Evolution Chessboard at full speed. He ran and jumped, and then destructive energies formed to block the strikes.
The strong cultivator shouted furiously, “Go onto the chessboard and kill him!”
The emperors around obeyed his orders and started running towards Lin Feng, descending onto the Celestial Evolution Chessboard.
Lin Feng ran around while releasing energies into the deployment spell, his godly awareness guided each of his movements.
“Illusion!” Lin Feng suddenly jumped again. The Celestial Evolution Chessboard shined so brightly that the crowd below could neither see Lin Feng nor the Celestial Evolution Chessboard nor the people on it.
“Illusion deployment spell.” the crowd frowned. Lin Feng had prepared it earlier and his deployment spell was large.
“Is he using the Celestial Evolution Chessboard or is he using his own powers to create the deployment spells?” thought Cang Xiao. Even if Lin Feng hadn’t broken through to the Huang Qi layer, he was still managing to impress everybody.
Inside the Celestial Evolution Chessboard, in the illusion, the strong cultivators were lost and frowning.
A medium-level emperor saw Lin Feng, but he didn’t look happy.
Boom! He couldn’t dodge the shattering deployment spell. He shouted furiously as the lower-half of his body exploded.
Slash! Then a sword dug into his head. After he died, Lin Feng burnt his corpse. Lin Feng also took his rings.
Lin Feng then turned around and towards low-level emperor.
“Die.” said Lin Feng, his voice contained death-cursing strength. After the Tian Ji Sword directly pierced through his head, Lin Feng took a few more rings.
A strong cultivator saw that Lin Feng had killed two people already, so he turned around and started leaving, however, he soon found that he couldn’t get out of the deployment spell.
Inside the illusion, Lin Feng was like a god!
Back at the outside world, the crowd was looking up at the illusion deployment spell, listening to the horrible shrieks emanating outwards.
Terrifying lightning continued to assault the illusion deployment spell, but they immediately disappeared each time.
The high-level emperor looked furious as he started leaving. He wanted to go and inform the great emperor from his clan. Maybe he would come and kill Lin Feng. Vast Celestial Ancient City was big, but too many people had noticed the clouds of cosmic energies constantly forming, and then lack of cosmic energy descending from the sky. They could guess what was going on.
“Let us go.” shouted someone as another horrible shriek sounded.
Finally, the illusion deployment spell disappeared. However, Lin Feng was the only one on the Celestial Evolution Chessboard.
Lin Feng looked calm, even though his robe was soaked with blood. He was holding his sword with the blade dripping blood. He slowly walked forwards, the sky shook as the Celestial Evolution Chessboard started shaking and moved away.
Lin Feng turned around and looked at Cang Xiao who had already started running away. Even though he had the Heavenly King Armor, he knew he’d die if he went onto Lin Feng’s Celestial Evolution Chessboard.

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    Thank you

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    I just imagine Yang Yan sitting in the pavilion with a dumb look on his face, and as he sees the chessboard the cogs of his brain, dusty and full of cobwebs turn literally an inch, then old broken lightbulb pops up over his head as slowly raises the sun disc.
    Like dude, he kicked the ass of a guy who could kick you halfway into next month. What were you thinking??

  3. Ezura December 8, 2018 at 5:55 am - Reply

    Wouldn’t it be amazing if once he converted all his abstruse Energies into cosmic he immediately jumped to Great Emperor? That’d be hilarious if it was in a middle of a fight versus a mob of shameless emperors.

  4. iiyo June 1, 2019 at 7:11 am - Reply

    I’m waiting to see him killing medium level emperors or even high level emperors while being at 9th Zun Qi Layer :v

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