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PMG Chapter 1697: Challenging the Skies

PMG Chapter 1697: Challenging the Skies
In the distance, Qiong Qi was watching silently.
“You little bastard, you must like facing risks.” thought Qiong Qi. Seven of his energies had turned into cosmic energies and now a great emperor was saving him.
“You must want to exhaust me to death, don’t you?” thought Qiong Qi. There was probably more than just one great emperor there.
The strong cultivators from the Holy Sun Clan stopped fighting when they saw the great emperor. At the same time, Lang Ye landed next to Lin Feng and looked at the great emperor in the distance.
“Nobody can kill him.” said Lang Ye.
“I want the Celestial Evolution Chessboard and all his rings.” said the great emperor indifferently. Lin Feng smiled in a cold way. Then the Celestial Evolution Chessboard became tiny as he recalled it. He looked at Lang Ye and said, “Lang Ye, help me look after the Celestial Evolution Chessboard. If I die, you can keep it.”
“Alright.” said Lang Ye, nodding. “You must be from the Thunder Clan. I have the Celestial Evolution Chessboard, so if you’re asking me for it, I’ll give it to you, but you should think about the consequences carefully. Perhaps the World Clan won’t hesitate in attacking you.”
“He killed Yang Yan, so no matter what, he must die today. I don’t believe the World Clan would attack the Holy Sun Clan because of him.” said a strong cultivator from the Holy Sun Clan. Even if they didn’t take the Celestial Evolution Chessboard, they still had to kill Lin Feng and take the sun disc back.
Suddenly a terrifying energy descended from the sky and surrounded Lin Feng and Lang Ye. Lang Ye was surprised, shouting, “Who are you and why won’t you show yourself?”
Boom! a terrifying energy suddenly descended from the sky and a gigantic hand appeared. The hand was moving towards Lin Feng at full speed.
“Someone wants to assassinate Lin Feng.” thought the crowd, shaking. Lang Ye had told them that nobody could kill Lin Feng, but if they killed him without showing themselves, then he couldn’t do anything.
However, a terrifying light suddenly crashed onto the hand and destroyed it, leaving a vortex of energies suspended in air.
“Who?” Many people glanced around.
Some terrifying lights blotted out the sky, suffocating the crowd, and making Lin Feng’s face turn deathly pale.
“Who dares get involved?” said an ice-cold voice.
“From the east?”
“No, from the west?”
The crowd tried to see which great emperor was talking.
Boom! The Earth and the sky shook violently as a gigantic phoenix appeared.
“Who?” shouted someone furiously. It was the great emperor who had just talked, but it seemed like someone was attacking him.
Many people were shaking, they couldn’t breathe. The phoenix was all-encompassing, seemingly capable of devouring the sky.
“Piss off!” The voice sounded like it came from an old man.
The other voice didn’t reply, as if they had left already.
“Piss off, everybody!” shouted the old man.
“A terrifying cultivator is here.” thought the crowd. The one who had tried to assassinate Lin Feng seemed like he had already left. At that moment, a terrifying wind surrounded Lin Feng and took him away. Lin Feng couldn’t hold it anymore, he finally fainted.
“What a scary cultivator.” thought Lang Ye, looking at Lin Feng’s body. Someone had taken Lin Feng away, but that person was trying to help Lin Feng.
In the distance, Qiong Qi’s eyes flashed. He was surprised and whispered, “He’s lucky, I didn’t need to intervene even though he was in such danger.”
Then he left.
At that moment, Qiu Yue Xin had already become entirely emotionless. Her tears had disappeared, she now looked extremely cold and aggressive. She wasn’t Qiu Yue Xin anymore.
Yi Ren Lei looked extremely sad as she thought about what Lin Feng had said, that they’d act like strangers if they ever met in the future.
Cang Xiao looked furious, whispering, “He can’t break through to the Huang Qi layer, so even if he leaves, it doesn’t matter, he’ll still be stuck at the same cultivation level forever. Even with seven different types of energies, he’s still a piece of trash.”
Everybody had different thoughts. Some people felt sad for him, some people envied him, some people were gloating over his misfortunes.
But all of that had nothing to do with Lin Feng anymore.
Back in the animal clan, at the top of a cyan mountain, Lin Feng finally woke up. He had slept for three days, resting on a gigantic stone. Although the scenery looked beautiful, he wasn’t in the mood to enjoy the landscapes.
He turned around and saw a silhouette in cyan clothes looking at him, it was Qing Feng.
Lin Feng slowly stood up, his injuries were healed already. He remembered that when he was about to die, a strong cultivator had appeared. Was it a cultivator from the animal clan?
“Did your Master save me?” Lin Feng asked.
“You’re awake.” said Qing Feng, smiling at Lin Feng. She felt sorry for him, she hoped he’d be able to find a solution though.
“The old man did.” replied Qing Feng.
Lin Feng didn’t know precisely who she meant, but he understood that it was a terrifying cultivator from the animal clan.
“Thank you.” said Lin Feng, smiling at Qing Feng.
“Don’t thank me.” said Qing Feng. “You’ve been traveling a lot, you should relax some.”
“Alright.” said Lin Feng, nodding. Then, he jumped off the gigantic stone and flew, landing on another mountain. There he released cosmic energies, seven different types of cosmic energies. He could control seven types of cosmic energies, so what? If he couldn’t break through to the Huang Qi layer, his life was over.
His cosmic energies twinkled, and at that moment, Lin Feng was aghast as he released his celestial book spirit. A new page was shaking!
“Spirit!” Lin Feng’s heart was shaking. He hadn’t tried to use his spirit, but it had appeared on its own.
“Open!” He found it difficult to turn that page.
“The gods abandoned me, people have abandoned me, don’t you abandon me too.” said Lin Feng, releasing demonic energies. His book spirit was shaking violently.
“Damn, open yourself!” shouted Lin Feng, making great efforts. That page really was difficult to turn, but Lin Feng really wanted to know what secrets it had to offer.
Lin Feng closed his eyes, shaking violently. The battles above the Ice-Moon Lake replayed in his head.
“Even if the gods have abandoned me, I won’t give up, I will defy the heavens!” shouted Lin Feng. The sky above him was trembling and his book spirit was shaking even more violently.
Lin Feng glanced around, how could he defy the skies though?

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