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PMG Chapter 1698: Gods’ Fury

PMG Chapter 1698: Gods’ Fury
The Holy City was one of the main eighteen cities in the Dark Night Region and it was even more famous that Vast Celestial Ancient City.
After Jun Mo Xi had broken free from the nine great celestial castles, he had looked for the Holy City for a long time, he had spent five years looking for it. Finally, he had found it. That small world was only filled with people who were fascinated by cultivation. Jun Mo Xi wasn’t disappointed, the people there were strong, even Emperors were common there.
After entering the Holy City, Jun Mo Xi had fought against someone, and then an emperor had chased him after they realized that he possessed an imperial immortal body. Under the constant threat of death, some people finally saved him, the King of Hell Palace. Then he joined the King of Hell Palace. He knew that inside the Holy City, if you didn’t join a powerful group, you could die.
Jun Mo Xi had received terrifying cultivation resources in the King of Hell Palace. And then he had practiced cultivation like a madman, and finally, he had broken through to the Huang Qi layer.
At that moment, in Vast Celestial Ancient City, above the big lake outside of the city, a group of people had arrived, and Jun Mo Xi was leading the group, whispering, “Vast Celestial Ancient City and the Holy City are the two of the main cities in the region…”
Elsewhere in Vast Celestial Ancient City, inside the animal clan, Lin Feng was still practicing cultivation. His body, soul, and celestial book spirit were shaking violently. Finally, Lin Feng managed to turn a page, however, he immediately collapsed after that. He was determined and had a powerful soul, but all that pressure took its toll.
However, this time Lin Feng only took a few hours to recover. He entered his mysterious world, the desolate area, and then he raised his head.
“World strength?” thought Lin Feng frowning. Was that world strength? It was different from the world strength of the World Clan though. That world strength had no color, it almost looked fake, like an illusion.
Lin Feng used his godly awareness and the world moved along with the pulsations of his godly awareness.
“It’s not the outside world, it’s an intent world.” thought Lin Feng. Could he control a special world strength?
“The darkness is becoming paler.” thought Lin Feng. The dark clouds seemed to be further and further, turning into the sky.
“Is that one of the powers emperors have? Creating small worlds?” thought Lin Feng. Had he broken through to the Huang Qi layer?
“Brown ground.” Lin Feng moved his godly awareness again and the ground became yellow and brown.
“What a mysterious strength.” whispered Lin Feng. He felt like he could control that world.
“Moon and sun cycle.” said Lin Feng, raising his head. Then a sun appeared which was scorching hot.
“Cosmic energies, that’s cosmic strength.” thought Lin Feng, pleasantly happy. Surprisingly, he he could modify the world around him.
He released his seven different types of cosmic energies, and suddenly, a terrifying strength penetrated his body, mixing together with his cosmic energies. Lin Feng’s facial expression changed drastically. The strength of the Earth and sky was madly entering his body. His cosmic energies were also becoming more powerful.
Lin Feng didn’t stop that flood of energy, even though he didn’t exactly know what was going on. Why didn’t cosmic energies fall upon him in the outside world? He had a different world strength in that world, and it was changing his cosmic energies.
Finally, his cosmic energies turned into an illusion. Lin Feng watched them disappear and then he left that place, reemerging in the outside world.
The sky was normal, Lin Feng was lying on the ground, and he looked the same as before. He couldn’t sense anything in the outside world.
“I’ve broken through to the Huang Qi layer, but the world doesn’t accept me?” thought Lin Feng. He was a bit desperate, but what could he do? He didn’t understand it at all. Was there even a solution?
In the distance, Qing Feng saw him wake up, so she flew towards him. She was worried and sad for him, especially after he fainted again. Lin Feng couldn’t accept the fact that he couldn’t break through to the Huang Qi layer, so maybe he wanted to die now?
She didn’t know what Lin Feng was thinking. She was actually wondering what would happen if he managed to tear that page off the book?
Lin Feng didn’t think about it too much. He went back into his spirit world!
At the top of the mountain, Wu, the young man from the animal clan, had just arrived.
Wu landed next to Qing Feng and coldly glanced at Lin Feng, “Qing Feng, why don’t you kick that piece of trash out of the clan?”
Qing Feng coldly glanced at him and said, “I’m not interested in your opinion.”
“Qing Feng, you’ll soon be my wife, so how can you spend time with a human being? On top of that, someone whom the gods have abandoned?” said Wu unhappily. Lin Feng had already been there for a few days.
“Leave my mountain!” shouted Qing Feng.
“Hmph!” Wu looked at her in a cold way, “Qing Feng, soon I’ll break through to the Huang Qi layer. I’m going to practice cultivation now, and when I come out, my father will ask yours for your hand.”
Then, Wu glanced at Lin Feng one last time and left.
Lin Feng didn’t see any of that as he was in his spirit world. That spirit world was a small world, but Lin Feng was seeing if he could hide his small world in his body. If he could, then people wouldn’t be able to attack his small world.
When he came back out and appeared in the real world, Lin Feng looked at the sky once more, looking a bit disappointed.
The gods abandoned me, but why are the two worlds so different?
“I still can borrow the cosmic energy of the Earth and the sky here.” thought Lin Feng, sighing. He stretched out his hand and released Earth cosmic energy formed. It was a bit black, and it seemed like it had become more powerful. Perhaps he could become even stronger in the small world in his spirit, which also meant that he could become stronger there, and that his cultivation level might only be able to improve inside it.
At that moment, a terrifying strength started shaking the sky.
“Huh?” Lin Feng frowned. Something was attacking the animal clan’s small world.
Boom! Another loud sound rang. Suddenly, many people appeared in the animal clan.
The animals frowned, what was going on? Someone dared attack the animal world?
But it came from cyan mountain. Was it the old man of the clan?
Boom! The sounds continued banging. The animal clan’s small world was very powerful, so destroying it was almost impossible.
Fwoosh! A strong wind started blowing on the peak as an old man appeared, looking at Lin Feng.
“Recall your cosmic energies.” said the old man to Lin Feng. Lin Feng looked at him and then his cosmic energies disappeared. After that, he also recalled his energies and the animal world became calm again.
“How come?” Had he really infuriated the gods?
“What’s going on?” asked Qing Feng to the old man. The old man shouted, “Those who have nothing to do here can leave!”
The animals then progressively left.
“The gods don’t want him using his cosmic energies?” thought the old man. If Lin Feng really was an Imperial Kalpa, he couldn’t die. He had to take him somewhere.
“How do you feel when the celestial energies descend from the sky?” asked the old man to Lin Feng.
“It’s very painful.” said Lin Feng.
“I’ll get the Celestial Evolution Chessboard back for you. While you wait for me, don’t release any more cosmic energies.” said the old man. Lin Feng nodded, but he was still trying to figure out why this happening.
If the gods really wanted to punish him, then maybe the Celestial Evolution Chessboard was the only thing which could help protect him.
The old man disappeared, leaving Qing Feng looking confused. Just what was going on?

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