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PMG Chapter 1700: Leaving the Animal Clan Again

PMG Chapter 1700: Leaving the Animal Clan Again
Everywhere in Vast Celestial Ancient City, people were shaking, wondering what was going on? Had someone infuriated the gods?
Many strong cultivators started running towards that place, however, by the time they arrived, the skies had calmed down already, and nobody was there. The crowd could only try and guess what had happened.
“Maybe it happened because someone broke through to the Huang Qi layer after all? Maybe Dugu the Winner? or Chu Chun Qiu?” thought some people. But why were the gods so upset then? What happened?
The elders of the Dugu clan and the other Holy Clans all gathered on the island. They glanced around looking for hints, but they frowned, there was nothing wrong. It was strange because those destructive energies could have easily killed a medium-level emperor, and yet the island was so calm at that moment…
“Who could have triggered such an event in Vast Celestial Ancient City?” asked Mister Chu to Mister Cang.
“The Moon Imperial Palace.” whispered the old man from the Heaven Clan. The other old men were surprised, the Moon Imperial Palace? They had also thought of them, but were they crazy enough to challenge the sky?
“Who else apart from the Moon Imperial Palace?”
“What about the one whom the skies abandoned?”
“Impossible, he’s an Imperial Kalpa and he already infuriated the skies. Imperial Kalpas can’t break through to the Huang Qi layer.” replied Mister Cang indifferently. The others nodded. Indeed, it couldn’t be him, otherwise it would have happened back at Ice-Moon Lake before.
Everybody was thinking, it was possible but at the same time it wasn’t. Finally, they stopped thinking about it too much.
The following days, many people from Vast Celestial Ancient City were talking about and guessing about what had happened, but all in vain. Finally, people gradually stopped talking about it.
But then, in a secluded mountain range, the same strange thing happened again. The sky became distorted and chaotic, like it was upset. By the time they ran over, there was nothing to see.
People started talking about it again in Vast Celestial Ancient City, but this time there were even more intrigued. How many people had a restriction body? Was the world as they knew it going to change?
Nobody had an answer. The old man from the animal clan didn’t make Lin Feng infuriate the gods a third time inside the city. He took him away from Vast Celestial Ancient City to a desolate place. There, he could infuriate the gods as many times as he wished.
A month later, Lin Feng went back to Vast Celestial Ancient City.
Back at the animal world, atop a cyan colored mountain, Lin Feng was standing tall, looking more heroic, mature, stronger, even his blood strength seemed to have improved.
The old man looked at Lin Feng and scratched his beard with his right hand, then he smiled, looking satisfied.
“The gods really seem to have abandoned you, but can you sense that your Qi has changed?” asked the old man.
“It doesn’t matter anymore.” said Lin Feng, smiling. The gods may have abandoned him, but at least now he could use his own cosmic energies if he needed to.
“Indeed, your seven types of cosmic energies have already become quite scary.” said the old man.
Qing Feng was on the mountain with them.
“Those who are strong and tough enough to withstand disasters will find hope, and eventually victory. But I still don’t understand why he only has the strength of the Zun Qi layer?” Qing Feng said.
But was he really just a Zun cultivator?
“Don’t tell anyone else about your situation. If you offend anyone, they’ll do their best to kill. You must understand something, that in the cultivation world, you’ll have less enemies as you get stronger, but at the same time, it is more dangerous because those remaining enemies will want to kill you even more.” said the old man. “Of course, if you become a peerless cultivator, you needn’t fear anyone. Then, you’re like a god.”
Lin Feng nodded, he already knew that.
“Thank you very much, Master, for everything.” said Lin Feng wholeheartedly. Without the old man, Lin Feng would have been in a lot of trouble.
“Many people think I’m really strange, but you’re even stranger than me, so I’m happy to know you.” said the old man, laughing. Then he looked at Qing Feng, “Little girl, take Lin Feng for a walk. I remember some people who’d offended Lin Feng, let’s go beat them up.”
“Alright.” said Qing Feng, she understood what the old man mean. She smiled at Lin Feng and said, “Let’s go.”
Lin Feng followed her, leaving the animal world altogether.
There were some rumors about Lang Ye which said he had fallen in love with someone from the Moon Imperial Palace.
Lang Ye wasn’t the only one, many other young men enjoyed relaxing at Moon Imperial Palace.
At that moment, two silhouettes appeared in the sky: a young man and a young woman.
“That’s Qing Feng from the animal world, but who’s the young man with her? Is he from the animal world too?” thought some people. Many people staring at Lin Feng though, it was him, the one whom the gods had abandoned.
“He hadn’t died and now he’s back. He attacked so many people from the Thunder Clan and he killed Yang Yan. The strong cultivators from the Holy Sun Clan are relentlessly looking for him.” thought some people.
“The one who was abandoned by the gods.” said Cang Xiao.
“Piss off!” said Lin Feng. Cang Xiao frowned, that bastard!
“The gods abandoned me, so what? I can kill you now if you want.” said Lin Feng in a cold way, releasing death energies.

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