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PMG Chapter 1702: The Death of a Great Emperor

PMG Chapter 1702: The Death of a Great Emperor
“Those emperors are members of the Thunder Clan, so they aren’t very strong alone, but joining hands is another story. But even then they can’t defeat Lin Feng.”
After that, Lin Feng continued moving like the wind and killed two more emperors. The other emperors left and went back to the medium-level emperor from the Thunder Clan.
Qing Feng looked at Lin Feng and thought, “He’s so strong, will he never break through to the Huang Qi layer? The old man doesn’t want to tell me the truth. In the future, when I break through to the Huang Qi layer, maybe I will control several types of cosmic energies too. I wonder if I’ll be as strong as him then.”
Lin Feng glanced at the members of the Thunder Clan in a cold way. Blood was dripping from his spear as he said, “Masters, how come you’re standing there?”
“Masters?” the crowd was surprised. Lin Feng was probably making fun of them. After he killed a few of them already, he was calling them masters now.
The medium-level emperors looked at Lin Feng, pondering. Lin Feng had so many trump cards. He had just used a spear to kill a few of them, but how scary would he be if he used the sun disc?
“Lin Feng who has been abandoned by the gods.” said someone at that moment. The voice came from far away. The crowd shivered and gazed into the distance, seeing a bright sun.
“Someone from the Holy Sun Clan.” thought the crowd, closing their eyes lest losing their eyeballs from that bright light. The temperature was increasing quickly too. If they got too close, they could die just from spectating.
“That’s Yang Xiao, a terrifying young cultivator from the Holy Sun Clan. Even though he’s only a low-level emperor, he fought against Chu Chun Qiu not so long ago. Even though he lost, he shouldn’t be underestimated.”
Yang Xiao arrived in front of Lin Feng, five suns were already floating around him. It seemed like he could easily kill medium-level emperors with those suns. Of course, medium-level emperors could probably dodge his attacks easily.
“Die.” shouted Yang Xiao furiously.
Lin Feng glanced at Yang Xiao in a calm way, not looking perturbed at all.
Slash… Lin Feng raised his spear and condensed cursing, death, Earth, and aggressive demon cosmic energies.
Finally, the suns became more and more dazzling as approached Lin Feng, making him finally close his eyes. Yang Xiao felt some wind brush against him. And suddenly, it was as if seven Lin Fengs were attacking him at the same time.
A subtle sound could be hear as the spear pierced through Yang Xiao’s head.
Yang Xiao still had a thread of life left, but he looked dumbstruck. How? One spear attack and it was over? Why had the five suns done nothing? He looked desperate.
Boom! As Lin Feng took his spear out of Yang Xiao’s head, his brain exploded into pieces, and his body slowly fell down to the ground. Lin Feng then kicked the corpse away, not even bothering to take his rings.
“Yang Xiao couldn’t withstand a single attack from Lin Feng? That means he’s stronger than Chu Chun Qiu?” The crowd couldn’t believe their eyes.
“Impossible. Nobody knows how strong Chu Chun Qiu really is, so maybe he was just playing around when he fought against Yang Xiao. Chu Chun Qiu absorbed imperial determination, so he doesn’t even need to move to kill people.” Someone else said.
Chu Chun Qiu had absorbed imperial determination, so someone who couldn’t break through to the Huang Qi layer couldn’t possibly defeat him. Even though Lin Feng was scary and controlled seven sorts of cosmic energies, it was a pity that he couldn’t break through to the Huang Qi layer. If the gods finally let him break through to the Huang Qi layer, then he would probably become as strong as or even stronger than Chu Chun Qiu.
Nobody dared underestimate Lin Feng. Chu Chun Qiu was just too strong as he could compete with all those young people who had king bodies types, he would become a great emperor.
As the crowd was thinking, they suddenly heard someone else. The medium-level emperors from the Thunder Clan were attacking. In a flash, an incredible number of terrifying lightning descended from the sky towards Lin Feng. Even if Lin Feng had a powerful physical body, he couldn’t resist so many medium-level emperors’ thunder cosmic energies.
“Oh no, Lin Feng is going to die.” thought the crowd.
The medium-level emperors arrived next to Lin Feng, but then a terrifying illusional strength surrounded everybody, preventing the crowd from seeing anyone inside.
Slash, slash!
“No…” someone gave a horrible shriek, making the crowd shiver. Had a medium-level emperor just died?
Lin Feng controlled deployment spells, so he had used a talisman to imprison those emperors inside a deployment spell.
After that, terrifying sounds continued to wail. The crowd wanted to see what was going on, but they couldn’t see anything, they could only wait.
At that moment, the sky shook as a black lightning descended from the sky, forcefully destroying the illusion spell. Once everything settled, they were astonished to see that all the medium-level emperors were dead.
“How reckless!” a gigantic hand descended from the sky. The crowd was shocked to see a great emperor this time.
In the distance, a gigantic sun was quickly approaching.
The great emperor from the Thunder Clan and the great emperor form the Holy Sun Clan showed up!
Kacha! A gigantic lightning-hand descended from the sky, oppressing everyone around it.
“Masters, what’s that supposed to mean!” shouted a voice furiously. The crowd raised their heads to see that the great emperor from the Thunder Clan was being oppressed between two gigantic hands.
“What’s that?” thought the crowd, astonished. They couldn’t see clearly because of the dazzling sun, but was that a Saint Emperor?
“Attacking my son-in-law is the same as attacking the animal clan!” shouted a furious voice.
“Impossible!” the crowd was astonished. Had a great emperor had just been killed?

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