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PMG Chapter 1705: Great Battle Against the Sun Supernatural Bird!

PMG Chapter 1705: Great Battle Against the Sun Supernatural Bird!
A red light streaked across the sky, turning into a human shape as he landed. It was Wu, and he looked furious. He entered the main palace and asked, “Grandpa, I want to go and ask for Qing Feng’s hand.”
The old Golden Crow looked at his grandson and said, “You’ve just broke through to the Huang Qi layer, you should wait for your cultivation to stabilize first.”
“What about after it stabilizes?” asked Wu.
The old Golden Crow remained silent for a few seconds and said, “Qing Feng married someone else already.”
“The human being? The one who was abandoned by the gods?” Apparently, Qing Feng hadn’t lied to him.
At that moment, Lin Feng and Qing Feng arrived in the palace. Lin Feng bowed, “Hello, Masters.”
The Suan Ni nodded at Lin Feng, but the old Golden Crow looked sharp, as if he wanted to attack Lin Feng.
“He does have seven types of cosmic energies, but he has been abandoned by the gods. As such, he’s only a cultivator at the top of the Zun Qi layer. What were you thinking?” asked the old Golden Crow, obviously unhappy.
“Don’t come and talk to me about Qing Feng again,” said the old Golden Crow to Wu.
Wu grew more upset. “Grandpa, how can a human being who can’t break through to the Huang Qi layer be a better husband for Qing Feng than me?”
Then, he turned to Lin Feng, “You should just abandon yourself and the Animal World will continue on without you. Otherwise, even if grandpa gets offended, I will kill you anyway.”
“Do you think you’re strong enough to defeat me?” asked Lin Feng calmly. The Golden Crow was sly, if Lin Feng fought against him, he might have the advantage.
“You’re ridiculous. You think that you’re so strong because you killed a few low-level emperors using your Celestial Evolution Chessboard? If I wanted to kill you, even your Celestial Evolution Chessboard would be useless to you,” retorted coldly. He had a sun helmet, which was a precious treasure from the Animal Clan. It was probably as good as Lin Feng’s Celestial Evolution Chessboard.
“I don’t need the Celestial Evolution Chessboard, either. You and me, one battle without any weapons, do you accept?” asked Lin Feng.
He was a supernatural bird and Lin Feng wanted to fight against him without weapons? Ridiculous! “Since you want to die, I can only help you,” said Wu coldly.
“If you defeat me, we all know what you want, but what if I win?” asked Lin Feng.
Cultivators who were in the palace were confused, how come Lin Feng was so confident?
“You can’t defeat me,” replied Wu, full of confidence.
“If I win, don’t intervene in my life ever again, and stop disturbing Qing Feng,” shot back Lin Feng, ignoring Wu. Unfortunately, Lin Feng couldn’t kill him because he was an important person in the Animal Clan. If Lin Feng did kill him, it could cause problems.
“Come and fight me!” shouted Wu furiously. Fire energy dashed to the sky as the sun shone brightly upon him.
Lin Feng slowly rose up in the air, wearing the same black robe as always.
“His sun cosmic energy is more terrifying than ordinary fire cosmic energy, so my fire alone can’t resist him,” thought Lin Feng.
The Golden Crow didn’t move, he stayed bathing in the sun energies. Even before breaking through to the Huang Qi layer, he could already oppress Yang Yan, which spoke volumes about his current strength.
After a moment, the Golden Crow suddenly started flying towards Lin Feng. His speed was noteworthy as he was a peak-bird existence!
The terrifying sun grew scorching as the Golden Crow shouted furiously.
A sun appeared in Wu’s hand, and grew quickly. Explosions sounded as Wu was suddenly propelled backwards after hitting Lin Feng’s body.
“What a strong physical body!” everybody gasped. In his human form, his physical strength wasn’t better than Lin Feng’s!
“His physical body broke through to the Huang Qi layer!” some of the people in the crowd had a strange expression. Breaking through to the Huang Qi layer using only physical strength wasn’t easy. Amongst human beings, only high-level emperors and higher should have enough physical strength to break through to the Huang Qi layer. To accomplish that, it meant that their muscles could already endure cosmic energy attacks. For animals, it was easier to break through to the Huang Qi layer using that method because they naturally had powerful physical bodies. Actually, when Wu had broken through to the Huang Qi layer, his physical body had also improved.
His cultivation hadn’t broken through to the Huang Qi layer, but his physical body had, and on top of that, he had also learned how to use seven types of cosmic energies. This young human was strange, to say the least.
After Wu recovered from being slammed backwards, he remained silent for a few seconds, thinking. Then he sniffed, “I hadn’t guessed you’d have such a powerful physical body, but it still doesn’t mean you can defeat me!”
Then, he shouted furiously, and three gigantic flames appeared around him.
The sun was going to fuse together with him and transform him.
“I’ll show you that a strong physical body alone isn’t enough!” Wu swore. He threw himself at Lin Feng, his claws pointed at him.
Lin Feng raised his head; the wind was brushing against him. He frowned, that bird had a gigantic body and his strength was oppressive. He wasn’t comparable to the emperors Lin Feng had already killed in the past.
A gigantic demon-hand appeared, and he rose up in the air, moving towards the claws.
Kacha! The claws and the hand collided, and a terrifying strength instantly invaded Wu’s claw. Even though it was extremely painful, his facial expression didn’t change, he continued releasing fire and sun cosmic energies at the same time.
“Die!” Three sharp claws continued pushing towards Lin Feng.
“Piss off!” shouted Lin Feng furiously. He didn’t flinch, he rose to the sky and released a seemingly infinite amount of sword energies. He didn’t unsheathe a real sword, he just used pure energies. The sun was almost going to burn Lin Feng like marshmallow, but he sealed off the space around him. People’s facial expressions suddenly changed, captivated by what they saw.
“Earthen Armor!” Lin Feng was using an Earthen armor made of cosmic energies, and had condensed a sword using wind and empty space strength.
“They aren’t using any incredible cosmic energy attacks, they’re just using their physical strength and their cosmic energies to fight,” thought many experienced cultivators in the crowd.
Finally, a loud sound resonated as the sun broke apart, pushing Lin Feng and Wu away from each other. The bird was soaked with blood, while Lin Feng’s fists were bleeding, and his clothes were torn apart.
Wu was fixedly staring at Lin Feng as he said, “No wonder you’re so arrogant, you’re quite strong! But so what? Now I will show you how strong a supernatural bird really is!”
“Arrogant? You’re a supernatural bird, you should have a better physical strength than mine, but you don’t, and now you still want to battle?” retorted Lin Feng arrogantly.
Wu didn’t say anything in reply. Instead, a gigantic sun descended from the sky and fell onto his body. At the same time, colossal pillars of flames appeared around him. He disappeared in those energies and when he reappeared, countless supernatural birds made of embers were moving towards Lin Feng.
Lin Feng’s eyes were pitch-black, and he was using his godly awareness to sense every part of his surroundings.
He smiled coldly as he raised his hands, the space around him distorted as he did so. All of Wu’s fire clones entered an empty space, never to return.
“Curse!” A terrifying cursing strength emerged, and death abstruse energies fell from the sky. Wu sensed the death strength surround his body, but that wasn’t all… Lin Feng’s fist was approaching too!

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