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PMG Chapter 1706: Godly Animal Rule

PMG Chapter 1706: Godly Animal Rule
Boom! A loud impact shook the air. Wu felt an enormous migraine hit him, his head felt like it was going to explode. He still didn’t run away though, he released more energies towards Lin Feng.
“Why not?” thought Lin Feng, smiling coldly. He moved like the wind and appeared behind Wu.
Snap, crack! Lin Feng attacked Wu from behind, and many of his bones broke.
Wu screamed in pain. His hair looked messy, but even through this pain, he continued releasing fire and sun energies.
“He still doesn’t want to give up!” thought Lin Feng angrily. Wu was bleeding severely and kept shouting, but it wasn’t enough!
“That’s enough,” said the Golden Crow on the ground. Lin Feng moved back and calmly looked at Wu.
At that moment, Wu looked like trash. Lin Feng had crushed him.
“Wu, you lost, but it doesn’t matter. You should practice cultivation as much as you can from now on. Who cares if you lost, just don’t take it to heart,” said the old Golden Crow. Wu nodded, but he continued glaring at Lin Feng. He didn’t want to accept his loss. Surprisingly, a human had defeated him and was going to walk away with Qing Feng?
“Go and heal your injuries, then stabilize your cultivation,” said the old Golden Crow.
Qu looked back at him and obediently said, “Yes, sir,” before leaving quietly.
“Master, I’m sorry,” said Lin Feng to the old Golden Crow. After all, he was in their world, and he had humiliated Wu a lot.
“You’re very strong and you defeated Wu, there’s no need to apologize. My brother chose you as a son-in-law, I must admit I think it was the right choice, at least in terms of strength. Of course, if you stay stuck at this cultivation level your entire life, never breaking through to the Huang Qi layer, then you’d just be a piece of trash,” replied the old Golden Crow indifferently.
“I know,” answered Lin Feng with a nod. The old Golden Crow didn’t mean him harm, and he didn’t sound very nice, but he wasn’t wrong.
As he left, Qing Feng went to Lin Feng. “Thank you,” Qing Feng said to him.
“That wasn’t difficult, and I’m the one who’s supposed to thank you,” replied Lin Feng, smiling back. Without Qing Feng’s grandfather, Lin Feng would have been dead by now.
“Even though you defeated Wu, I don’t think he will let you off, especially considering his arrogance. I think he’ll stabilize his cultivation and then attack you again,” Qing Feng told him.
“It’s fine, I’ll just crush him a few more times until he gives up,” shrugged Lin Feng, sounding calm.
“Let’s go back,” said Qing Feng.

Lin Feng and Qing Feng left, heading back to the cyan mountain. The old man was there waiting for them. He went up to Lin Feng as said, “I observed the battle carefully, and I was impressed. You’re good! I’ll transmit an animal spell to you. It’s a very aggressive one, so you must be very determined to study it. It’s good for animals, but I’m still convinced that you will like it.”
“Thank you very much, Master,” Lin Feng said gratefully. If he had a powerful spell to use cosmic energies with, he’d become even stronger.
“The technique is called Godly Animal Rule, I’ll transmit it to you via godly awareness,” said the old man, opening his third eye. His godly awareness entered Lin Feng’s godly awareness, and Lin Feng received the spell in the form of Sanskrit characters and terrifying images.
“Godly Animal Rule, extremely aggressive and explosive. It rules the physical body, the earth and sky, pure power…” Lin Feng slowly read the words which passed through his brain.
Lin Feng started studying the spell immediately. He had all sorts of strength which could be used along with the Godly Animal Rule, for example empty space, death, etc. cosmic energies.
Jun Mo Xi and some of his fellow disciples from the King of Hell Palace were following him into the Celestial Evolution Holy Clan. Unfortunately, from the rumors they heard, it sounded like they were too late.
“A Taoist priest? Really?” whispered Jun Mo Xi. He was wondering who could be that lucky. He also heard that Lin Feng had obtained the Celestial Evolution Chessboard, but the gods had abandoned him, and he couldn’t break through to the Huang Qi layer.
“Mister!” said a beautiful woman.
“What do you want, moon girl?”
Jun Mo Xi knew a few things about Vast Celestial Ancient City before coming here, and the mysterious Moon Palace was one of those things. He also knew that there were connections between some of their strong cultivators and some important people in Xue Yue, Jiu You, Empress Xi, the Three Lives Emperor, etc.
“Chu Chun Qiu agreed to exchange ancient scriptures with the Moon Palace, so we’re going to hold an event in three days. I wanted to tell you that you’re invited,” said the girl in a gentle manner.
“Alright, I will come,” said Jun Mo Xi, nodding back to her.
“Thank you very much, Master. I’m off,” said the beautiful woman, turning to leave.

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