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PMG Chapter 1707: After the Exchange

PMG Chapter 1707: After the Exchange
Very quickly, news spread all around. Three days later, at Ice Moon Lake, outside a pavilion, Chu Chun Qiu was exchanging ancient scriptures with the Moon Palace.
The Moon Palace had said that they had the Celestial Evolution Holy Scriptures and that anyone could study it if they paid the price. They had invited everyone as well, but only those who belonged to Holy Clans could obtain it. It was too expensive!
Everybody was headed for Ice Moon Lake, they all wanted to see the event.
Lin Feng was surprised when he heard about that, it wasn’t easy to convince people to exchange ancient scriptures.
Three days later, near the lake, Lin Feng, Qing Feng, Suan, and so on were all there. They were in the sky when Suan said, “The Chu Clan and the Moon Palace accepted to exchange ancient scriptures between them because of Chu Chun Qiu.”
Qing Feng nodded after she thought about it briefly.
“The Chu Clan lost the Chu King Body a long time ago, and they have no more Saint Emperors. They have no enemies because they are discreet, but because of their reputation, people still admire them,” Qing Feng explained to Lin Feng.
“So, this has nothing to do with the World Clan,” said Lin Feng. The World Clan has existed for a long time, and they had even fallen, but now Lang Ye was born with the World King Body. What need did he have for an exchange?
“I’ve heard that nobody dared offend the Chu Clan back when they had a cultivator with a King Body. One thousand years ago, that cultivator had practiced a technique which allowed him to swallow people’s determination. But he became corrupted after he had swallowed too many people’s determinations. In his confusion, he began killing many strong clans.”
Suan and Qing Feng kept talking.
“The Chu king was probably incredible,” said Lin Feng.
“Of course, the Chu King could be considered as a junior back then, but he had quickly risen, making everybody consider him as a hero in the end,” Suan told him.
“So Chu Chun Qiu must be a terrifying cultivator too?” Lin Feng asked.
“Right, he’s definitely not any weaker than Dugu the Winner,” said Suan, nodding. Lin Feng had defeated Wu, so Suan already considered Lin Feng a strong cultivator. At the same level, Suan hadn’t managed to defeat Wu, but Lin Feng had done it.
“I wouldn’t have thought that there’d be such a story between this exchange of ancient scriptures,” murmured Lin Feng.
At that moment, at the edge of Ice Moon Lake, the atmosphere was grave and solemn. Many young heroes from Vast Celestial Ancient City were there, along with nine celestial girls from Moon Palace.
“Congratulations to Miss Yu and Brother Chu for your union. Not just that, you can even exchange ancient scriptures now!” said Cang Xiao, nodding at a celestial and beautiful woman. That was the woman who had spent a lot of time with Chu Chun Qiu, and with whom he was going to exchange ancient scriptures.
“Thank you very much,” said Miss Yu, smiling. For the celestial women from Moon Palace, the situation was great, she could obtain two ancient scriptures by joining the Moon Palace. She obtained the Celestial Evolution Holy Scriptures when they joined the Moon Palace, and more ancient scriptures from any young men they chose. That was the reason why so many women wanted to join the Moon Palace.
Cang Xiao was the same.He loved women, but he wouldn’t have given ancient scriptures to a woman without something in return.
“Brother Lang Ye, when will Miss Qing and you deepen your relationship?” asked Cang Xiao, smiling at Lang Ye. Lang Ye had spent a lot of time with Miss Qing those days, so they were quite close. Cang Xiao was worried though, because Lang Ye seemed to have fallen in love. He had the World King Body, so that was a bit problematic.
“My ancient scriptures aren’t suitable for her,” Lang Ye said indifferently. Cang Xiao smiled, but didn’t ask anything else. At that moment, waves of energies were rolling in the distance. They looked terrifying, as powerful as kings’ energies.
“The King of Hell Palace is here,” thought the crowd. Many people knew that the King of Hell Palace had come to Vast Celestial Ancient City, and many people were able to recognize Jun Mo Xi already.
“I’ve heard that he has an imperial immortal body and that he had become one of the descendants of King of Hell Palace. He has a high position in the hierarchy of their group now. He’s probably as strong, if not stronger, than Dugu the Winner or Lang Ye,” thought the crowd.
Lang Ye and Dugu the Winner looked over at Jun Mo Xi. They both had king bodies, so they felt even more determined after learning about Jun Mo Xi. Jun Mo Xi sensed that those two were looking at him, so he released some king Qi.
“The gathering of the kings,” thought the crowd, looking at the three with the king bodies.
“Imperial immortal body,” said Cang Xiao, nodding at Jun Mo Xi. “Congratulations for having joined the King of Hell Palace.”
“Heaven Clan, Cang Xiao.” Jun Mo Xi had heard of him. He just nodded and smiled hypocritically at him. Jun Mo Xi had heard that Cang Xiao was one of Lin Feng’s enemies!
Therefore, Jun Mo Xi just nodded at him for a second and then looked away. Jun Mo Xi didn’t give him much face!

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    Nice to see even some old friends are still friends

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    Whose more lucky? Jun mo xi or LF?
    JUN MO XI can easily join powerful group effortless

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