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PMG Chapter 1708: Break!

PMG Chapter 1708: Break!
Jun Mo Xi ignored Cang Xiao, passing next to him to get to Lang Ye.
Lang Ye had a king body and was from the World Clan. He had heard that the World Clan protected Lin Feng, so Jun Mo Xi had a positive impression of them.
“King of Hell Palace, Jun Mo Xi,” said Jun Mo Xi, nodding and smiling at Lang Ye. Lang Ye was surprised; they both had king bodies, but Jun Mo Xi didn’t look at him as if he was a competitor, he seemed friendly. Even though the World Clan was powerful, the King of Hell Palace was probably stronger.
But since Jun Mo Xi was nice, he had to be polite too. He stood up and nodded at Jun Mo Xi, “World Clan, Lang Ye.”
“We will be good friends.” said Jun Mo Xi in a warm and friendly way. Lang Ye was even more surprised. He didn’t say anything, he didn’t know why Jun Mo Xi was talking to him like that.
Jun Mo Xi looked at the nine celestial women and he noticed Yi Ren Lei amongst them. He remained calm, serene, and pensive. Yi Ren Lei had chosen her own path, so to Jun Mo Xi, Yi Ren Lei was just an acquaintance.
“Mister,” replied Yi Ren Lei, smiling. That world was vast, but sometimes it seemed small. Lin Feng, Jun Mo Xi, and Yi Ren Lei were all in Vast Celestial Ancient City at the same time, what were the odds?
Jun Mo Xi looked away as if he didn’t really know her.
“Chu Chun Qiu.” Some people waved at Chu Chun Qiu.
“You’re here,” said Miss Yu, smiling at Chu Chun Qiu in a warm and gentle manner. If Chu Chun Qiu hadn’t come, it would have been a problem. She had the Celestial Evolution Holy Scriptures and she wanted Chu Chun Qiu’s Sky Absorbing Holy Scriptures.
“Of course I’m here, I promised you after all!” answered Chu Chun Qiu. By talking that way, it was as if he were doing all that for Miss Yu, but most people understood that if he hadn’t wanted the Celestial Evolution Holy Scriptures, he wouldn’t have come.
Jun Mo Xi also noticed Lin Feng, who looked strange. He was wearing clean white clothes and looked quite ordinary.
“I’m sure he can solve the issue.” He didn’t know that Lin Feng had already solved his problem. Nobody knew Lin Feng’s secret apart from the King of the Animal World. Besides, nobody knew what Lin Feng’s cultivation level was, only he knew.
“Jun Mo Xi.” Lin Feng’s eyes flashed. Since he spent most of his time in the Animal World, he didn’t know what was going on in Vast Celestial Ancient City. Therefore, he was surprised to see Jun Mo Xi from the King of Hell Palace.
They smiled at each other without saying anything.
“It must be Jun Mo Xi from the King of Hell Palace, I’ve heard that he has an imperial immortal body. I don’t know why he came to Vast Celestial Ancient City though,” said Qing Feng when she saw Jun Mo Xi smiling at them.
“King of Hell Palace, a new descendant.” Lin Feng was very happy to see that Jun Mo Xi was doing well.
“Everybody, today Miss Yu and Chu Chun Qiu will exchange ancient scriptures. If anyone wants to exchange ancient scriptures with the celestial women of the Moon Palace, please choose one,” said a girl from the Moon Imperial Palace, smiling thinly.
“Miss Yu, Chu Chun Qiu, please proceed,” said the woman, smiling. Chu Chun Qiu and Miss Yu walked forwards and nodded. Then they opened their third eyes and a light appeared between them. They had the scriptures in their memories because carrying around a golden book was too risky.
Chu Chun Qiu’s godly awareness penetrated into Miss Yu’s brain and vice versa at the same time, that way, nobody could fool anyone.
“They’re really exchanging scriptures!” The crowd frowned.
“Could the other Holy Clans possibly stand aside and watch the Chu Clan rise?” thought some people.
Boom! While everybody was lost in thought, a terrifying energy filled the sky. Then a golden hand descended from the sky towards Chu Chun Qiu and Miss Yu. People couldn’t even follow it with their eyes because it was too fast.
“Someone is plotting against them?” thought the crowd.
A strong wind started blowing, then Chu Chun Qiu and Miss Yu suddenly disappeared. The gigantic golden hand dug into the ground where they had been, leaving a gigantic crater.
More terrifying Qi emerged, and someone shouted furiously, “Who dares attack the Chu Clan?”
People raised their heads and saw two blurry silhouettes in the sky. They couldn’t see their faces clearly. At that moment, Chu Chun Qiu and Miss Yu reappeared above Ice Moon Lake. A woman covered by a veil was standing in front of them, her Qi terrifying.
Suddenly, an enigmatic and unfathomable Qi rose up in the air. It seemed that some great emperors were there too!

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