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PMG Chapter 1709: Godly Imprint King Body

PMG Chapter 1709: Godly Imprint King Body
The crowd moved away, nobody wanted to be close to great emperors as they fought.
“Someone wants to prevent them from proceeding with the exchange,” thought the crowd. They gazed into the distance but could only see a blurry silhouette. The silhouette was too far off, but they could sense the terrifyingly oppressive energies coming from them.
However, at that moment, explosions were sounding above Moon Imperial Palace. A pavilion exploded, and someone appeared. That person’s clothes were torn apart, and their hair looked messy. They somewhat resembled a caveman, but those who were around him felt oppressed.
“Such a terrifying cultivator is here in Moon Imperial Palace?” thought the crowd.
That person jumped into the air and disappeared, throwing themselves at the great emperor.
“Argh!” Suddenly, a terrifying voice sounded from the distance. The great emperor who was trying to interrupt the event turned deathly pale, as that shout alone had made him cough up blood. He immediately ran away after the shout.
“Argh!” Another shout sounded. The great emperor who looked like a caveman immediately appeared in front of the other great emperor, punching the air in his direction.
The great emperor’s face was deathly pale. He had started running, but the insane caveman-like cultivator wasn’t going to give him any chances.
Lin Feng was astonished. It was his second time seeing a great emperor look so weak before another cultivator.
Boom! With that punch, the great emperor died. However, the second great emperor had managed to escape.
“How strong,” thought the crowd. The Moon Palace was extremely mysterious. How many celestial women did they have? How many ancient scriptures? And how many people did they have who were as strong as that insane cultivator?
At that moment, the strong cultivators of the Chu Clan looked at the celestial woman and said, “I am glad to see that the Moon Palace had planned for this.”
“We invited all the outstanding young people of Vast Celestial Ancient City, so we had to be prepared. Nobody can interrupt us during the exchange,” said that woman with a smile.
The strong cultivator of the Chu Clan smiled and nodded, “Since it’s that way, I’m off,” and he departed as well.
After he left, the woman smiled at everyone, “If anyone else decides to exchange ancient scriptures with the Moon Palace, don’t worry, nothing will happen to you. Besides, the Moon Palace has many ancient scriptures to exchange with. If you are willing to pay the price, we are always willing to exchange.”
“The Moon Palace is confident, they even announced that they have many,” thought the crowd.
“If you trust us, please hold on and you’ll see how powerful the Celestial Evolution Holy Scriptures are,” said the girl, smiling. Then, Chu Chun Qiu and Miss Yu finished exchanging the ancient scriptures. The Moon Imperial Palace had new scriptures, the Sky Absorbing Holy Scriptures! At the same time, Chu Chun Qiu could study the Celestial Evolution Holy Scriptures!
“Chu Chun Qiu is incredible, he’ll become even stronger in the future,” thought the crowd. Dugu the Winner and Lang Ye felt the pressure even more now.
“Today, we invited everyone, not only to exchange ancient scriptures, but also to learn more about them. I’ll introduce you to someone,” said the woman, smiling. Then, someone came out of the Moon Palace slowly. That person was wearing a golden robe and their Qi looked extraordinary. Everybody was looking at Dugu the Winner now.
“It’s him,” thought Lin Feng. That person looked like Dugu the Winner, he too had 3,600 dazzling imprints floating around him.
“He really looks like Dugu the Winner,” thought the crowd. That person’s imprints looked even more authentic than Dugu the Winner’s imprints.
“The Dugu clan studies Ancient Celestial Imprint Spells, so they have many ancient imprint techniques. They have both defensive and offensive spells, so their Ancient scriptures are perfect for anyone! We modified the imprint techniques from the Dugu clan already, does anyone want to see them?” the girl explained, smiling.
“Since you modified the Dugu Clan’s spells, I’ll give it a try.” said Dugu the Winner. He wasn’t happy. Surprisingly, someone was imitating him.
“Alright, using the Godly Imprint King Body is obviously the best thing to do,” said the girl, smiling. Then, that fake Dugu the Winner jumped forwards. Dugu the Winner and his clone faced each other, each with 3,600 imprints floating around them.
“Die!” shouted Dugu the Winner furiously. His Ancient Imprints rotated at full speed and moved towards the opponent. However, the opponent did the same thing. The imprints collided, making the ground beneath them quake violently.
“It seems that the authentic Godly Imprint King Body is stronger, much stronger.” Explosions continued to go off as Dugu the Winner seemed to have gone insane. His opponent could only dodge his attacks.
Kacha! At that moment, a gigantic hand appeared, it looked like a celestial hand as it descended towards Dugu.
“These are the basics of the celestial imprint spells, he definitely can’t be any stronger than Dugu, who has the king body of the Dugu Clan.” said the girl.
However, the fake Dugu the Winner was really incredibly strong. He controlled too many types of strength and was adept at dodging. Many people wanted to obtain the Celestial Evolution Holy Scriptures as they watched the fight play out.

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