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PMG Chapter 1710: A Good Laugh

PMG Chapter 1710: A Good Laugh
“The last time I saw him, he was still a Zun cultivator, but now he’s an emperor,” thought Lin Feng. Last time, the imitator who had attacked him was already very strong, he could control several types of strength and had mysterious powers. The one who was fighting against Dugu the Winner was oppressed, but he was still managing.
“Is that the purpose of the Celestial Evolution Holy Scriptures? Were they created to fight against people who have special king type bodies?” whispered someone in the crowd. Dugu the Winner released a thousand punches which turned into ancient celestial imprints, blotting out the sky. However, the fake Dugu the Winner moved like the wind and dodged all of them, before suddenly disappearing.
However, the imprints continued filling the sky. The smiling woman shook her hand and a terrifying strength blocked the imprints, immediately destroying them. The fake Dugu the Winner descended from the sky and landed next to the woman.
“The agility technique of the Xing Clan!” Dugu the Winner looked at the fake one in a strange way. The Xing Clan was one of the other ancient clans in Vast Celestial Ancient City. They were also a Holy Clan in the antiquity which had fallen. However, their agility technique was still very famous in Vast Celestial Ancient City.
“The real Dugu won, the battle is over,” said the woman smiling. “Today, everybody saw the power of the Celestial Evolution Holy Scriptures. Now, Prince Chu also knows it. He can modify the Sky Absorbing Holy Scriptures and make them even more powerful.”
Dugu the Winner frowned. The other young men also remained silent. The Celestial Evolution Holy Scriptures were so powerful, they even allowed cultivators to exchange anything. What the girl was meaning to say was that you either watch Chu Chun Qiu rise or you exchange ancient scriptures with us too.
Besides, they felt even more pressure, because the Sky Absorbing Holy Scriptures were terrifying. At a certain level, they allowed a cultivator to absorb people’s determination and use it for themselves. Chu Chun Qiu was discreet, but if someday he reached such a level, he would be able to eat all of them with one bite.
“The Celestial Evolution Holy Scriptures are mysterious, but I, Dugu the Winner, am not interested in them. I wonder if you have other skills and techniques which might be more suitable for me?” said Dugu the Winner. The crowd was surprised, and looked back at the woman.
The woman looked surprised, but then she smiled thinly and said, “It seems like the Celestial Evolution Holy Scriptures are not suitable for everyone. I’ll come back with a few different ancient scriptures then.”
The woman promptly left, leaving everyone looking even more enthusiastic.
“Brother Dugu, what kind of ancient holy scriptures do you want?” asked Cang Xiao, smiling at Dugu the Winner.
“Ancient Holy Scriptures which would allow me to carry out more powerful attacks,” said Dugu the Winner. Dugu the Winner liked power, and with a Godly Imprint King Body, his attacks were already terrifying, but if he had more powerful attacks, he’d be even more terrifying. He wouldn’t need to fear Chu Chun Qiu anymore. If Chu Chun Qiu dared absorb his determination, then Dugu the Winner would just have to kill him in one strike.
“Sir, you came from the Holy City, so you’re an erudite. Do you know any Ancient scriptures which would allow me to carry out more powerful attacks?” asked Dugu the Winner to Jun Mo Xi.
“The continent is vast, even though offensive spells are rare, there are still many. If you want to obtain them, it won’t be that easy. I don’t think that the Moon Palace has anything interesting for you,” said Jun Mo Xi indifferently.
“What do you practice? You must have terrifying spells,” said Cang Xiao, smiling at Jun Mo Xi. He was trying to become friends with Jun Mo Xi.
“Immortal Scriptures,” said Jun Mo Xi, sounding calm.
“You’re joking. Immortal Scriptures don’t exist and even if they existed, only peerless cultivators would have access to them. Everyone dies someday, that’s life, even great emperors. Nobody can really be immortal,” said Cang Xiao.
“Have you ever heard of the Past Life Scriptures?” Jun Mo Xi looked at Cang Xiao indifferently and mockingly.
“The Past Life Scriptures!” The crowd was awestruck. Those ancient scriptures were extremely famous in the Dark Night Region. A peerless cultivator had made them, and they supposedly allowed a cultivator to live forever. While leveling up, his physical body became terrifyingly powerful and so did his energies.
“Of course I have,” replied Cang Xiao: “Even when the physical body dies, the soul of the cultivator doesn’t die. If he’s almost immortal, his past life continues.”
“Since the Past Life Scriptures exist, why wouldn’t you think Immortal Scriptures exist?” said Jun Mo Xi indifferently. “You’re just lacking experience.”
Cang Xiao’s face turned pale, he was speechless. Even though he had just been humiliated, he controlled himself and said, “As expected, you’re an erudite. Sorry for my ignorance. However, please do tell me how someone could be immortal, since the physical body and the soul always die?”
“Do you know the three lives great emperor?” asked Jun Mo Xi.
“I know the three lives great emperor, of course.” said Cang Xiao.
“Do you know how old the three lives great emperor is?” asked Jun Mo Xi.
“I think that apart from the man himself, nobody knows how old he is,” said Cang Xiao.
“You’re not only ignorant, you’re a total moron!” said Jun Mo Xi, laughing.
Everybody laughed along with Jun Mo Xi.
“The three lives great emperor made the three lives scriptures, fine, but that’s just an example. What Immortal Scriptures are you talking about?” said Cang Xiao. Although he was upset, he continued smiling.
“Impossibly stupid,” Lin Feng laughed. Cang Xiao was speechless. Jun Mo Xi was making fun of him and still Cang Xiao continued asking questions.
“I’m talking to you!” shouted Cang Xiao. Lin Feng had infuriated him and now Jun Mo Xi was, too. He was trying to be friendly with Jun Mo Xi, but Jun Mo Xi was making fun of him and humiliating him. Lin Feng even said he was impossibly stupid.
“Are you talking to Jun Mo Xi? Did you even ask him if he wanted to talk to you? You keep insisting, but you’re only annoying him,” said Lin Feng.
“Lin Feng trust me, even if the Animal World protects you, it might not last long before they kick you out. Then nobody will be there to protect you anymore,” said Cang Xiao.
“You don’t need to worry about me. I’ve been ignoring the fact that you were annoying my friend, otherwise I would have taught you a lesson,” said Lin Feng.
“Your friend?” Cang Xiao looked at Lin Feng and asked. “Ridiculous, who’s your friend?”
“Me,” said Jun Mo Xi. Cang Xiao frowned as he turned to Jun Mo Xi and then to Lin Feng again.
Lin Feng and Jun Mo Xi from the King of Hell Palace were… friends?
“I have the feeling that the Heaven Clan’s disciples are weird,” said Jun Mo Xi, smiling at Lin Feng.
“You’re right, no matter how you look at it.” said Lin Feng, shrugging. “Otherwise, he wouldn’t act as proud as he does. He’s just too weak.”
Lin Feng and Jun Mo Xi continued talking like that for a while, leaving Cang Xiao speechless and upset. He was able to control himself, but it felt horrible!

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