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PMG Chapter 1711: Chatting about Ancient Scriptures

PMG Chapter 1711: Chatting about Ancient Scriptures
Everybody looked surprised, Lin Feng and Jun Mo Xi were good friends, but how? No wonder Jun Mo Xi wasn’t acting friendly with Cang Xiao, and that he had told Lang Ye that they would be good friends.
“Interesting. Lin Feng has been abandoned by the gods, he’s the Animal World’s son-in-law, and now Jun Mo Xi who has an imperial immortal body is his friend, so the King of Hell Palace will also be on his side. Lin Feng has two friends with king type bodies,” thought the crowd.
“Since Cang Xiao has provoked Lin Feng so much, he won’t be able to become friends with Jun Mo Xi. If he had known that Lin Feng and Jun Mo Xi were such good friends, he might have acted differently, but now they’re making fun of him in front of everyone.” thought the crowd.
Cang Xiao processed this all quickly and decided to say, “You’re really lucky the Animal Clan saved you.”
“You’re really lucky too. If you weren’t from the Heaven Clan, you would have died a long time ago.” replied Lin Feng.
Cang Xiao looked even more upset, “You dare say that?!”
“Die!” Lin Feng suddenly shouted. His eyes became ice-cold, and his voice carried death-cursing strength. Then, he moved like the wind, appearing in front of Cang Xiao, and immediately punched the air in his direction.
Cang Xiao wasn’t ready for Lin Feng’s attack. The death-cursing strength permeated his eyes, instantly weakening him. He acted quickly and released a gigantic heavenly hand while moving away, but the clash between their energies caused him to groan in pain and cough up blood.
Lin Feng didn’t chase him. Instead, he recalled his Qi and looked at Cang Xiao indifferently.
Kacha! Cang Xiao clenched his fists. He had just been humiliated and now he was being attacked!
Lin Feng didn’t care about him, so he didn’t say anything else. It was better to ignore people like him. Jun Mo Xi and Lin Feng hadn’t seen each other for a long time now, so they didn’t have any time to waste with Cang Xiao. Besides, Lin Feng already considered himself above Cang Xiao, so he wasn’t that interested in fighting him anymore.
Jun Mo Xi’s eyes twinkled and he smiled indifferently. Abandoned by the gods? He didn’t believe in those things, they didn’t know what Jun Mo Xi and Lin Feng had had to go through before. Imperial Kalpa was only another obstacle for Lin Feng. He was convinced that Lin Feng could solve any problem.
At that moment, the woman from Moon Palace returned in front of everyone and smiled, “We have many Ancient scriptures, I can show you some of them.”
“Celestial Luck Scriptures!” said the woman. The crowd was surprised, the Moon Imperial Palace had the Celestial Luck Scriptures?
According to legends, it allowed cultivators to steal and modify the strength of the earth and sky while absorbing the power of the sun and moon. It was very mysterious.
“Moon Imperial Palace has existed for a long time, so it’s no surprise that they have a lot of Ancient scriptures. The Celestial Luck Scriptures would make any strong cultivator go insane! If the Moon Imperial Palace hadn’t been so strong, they wouldn’t have openly admitted it,” thought the crowd.
“Celestial Evolution Holy Scriptures, Celestial Luck Scriptures, and now the Sky Absorbing Holy Scriptures.”
“Boundless Walker!” said the beautiful woman.
“Impossible,” thought the crowd. Some people immediately started rising up in the air. One of the guys was from the Xing Clan.
“How could the Moon Imperial Palace have Ancient Holy Scriptures which belong to my clan?” asked that person sullenly. The Boundless Walker was a terrifying spell which provided unparalleled speed and stamina.
“We have it, we have no reason to lie,” said the woman indifferently.
“What else do you have?” asked Dugu the Winner.
“One more, but I don’t know who made it, it’s an Ancient Holy Book and it’s not complete, but its offensive part is terrifying,” said the beautiful woman.
“The last ones are the Indestructible Deva-Mara Scriptures, an incredible demonic cultivator made it. It’s powerful, aggressive, and it helps the demon cultivator improve his physical strength. If you find the rest of the scriptures, then they’d become priceless. Unfortunately, the version we have now is not complete,” said the woman.
Many people frowned. Improve one’s physical strength as a demonic cultivator?

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