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PMG Chapter 1712: Who Has the Past Life Scriptures?

PMG Chapter 1712: Who Has the Past Life Scriptures?
Initially, people thought that scriptures which were not complete were useless. Of course, when the girl explained the situation, many people started thinking that it wasn’t a bad idea to get that one though. Some pages were missing, but if they eventually found the rest, it would be worth it.
The only problem was that it was also difficult to practice. It consisted of aggressive demonic attacks, so the cultivator had to ensure that they would be able to resist the terrifying strength first. Even then, it was still more suitable for demon cultivators.
Lin Feng’s mind started running full speed. Those Ancient scriptures seemed perfect for him, as if they had solely been created for him. He could already resist cosmic energies and his physical body had broken through to the Huang Qi layer. After using the spells in the Indestructible Deva-Mara Scriptures, he might even be even stronger than supernatural birds.
The only problem was that the Moon Imperial Palace was showing those ancient scriptures because they wanted to exchange them. Without something of similar value, people couldn’t get anything, and Lin Feng had nothing he could exchange for the Indestructible Deva-Mara Scriptures besides the Three Lives Scriptures. And the problem there was that he couldn’t take out the Three Lives Scriptures in front of everyone, that would be too dangerous.
“How many pages are missing in the third one?” asked Dugu the Winner.
“I have no idea, because I’ve never read them,” said the smiling woman. “But I can guarantee that practicing its spells is absolutely no problem. It seems that only the end is missing, not the beginning,” she continued.
Dugu the Winner didn’t ask anything else about the Indestructible Deva-Mara Scriptures again. Incomplete scriptures weren’t that interesting, and he wasn’t even a demon cultivator.
Dugu the Winner was interested in both the Celestial Luck Scriptures and the Boundless Walker.
But Dugu the Winner also understood that to get something from the women was to exchange them for the Past Imprint techniques, at which point the scriptures from his clan would be known by Moon Palace. Even though he possessed the Godly Imprint King Body, he wasn’t the leader of the Dugu Clan, so he couldn’t do as he wished.
“Everybody understands that those Ancient scriptures are incredible. Not only will you gain new scriptures, but if you accept to exchange scriptures with us, we’ll consider you as our friends,” said the smiling woman.
“How many books does the Moon Palace have by now? Who is the leader? Empress Xi?” thought Lin Feng. Since Yue Xin had started acting strangely, and that Empress Xi had come back to life, how strong was she as well? What was her cultivation level? Could she manage the Moon Imperial Palace?
“I want all three books, what can I do?” asked someone at that moment.
The crowd looked at him, it was someone in the distance. His silhouette looked blurry and the crowd couldn’t see his face, making him look very mysterious.
“It’s not a real person, it’s only a strong cultivator’s illusion. He wants to hide his real social status,” thought the crowd.
“Just say what you want to exchange.” said the woman, smiling at the blurry silhouette. “These three books are all Ancient Holy Scriptures. How can you pay for three of them?”
“Getting rid of one’s corporeal body, vitality, determination, will, it’s like getting rid of one’s body and then finding a new one, like reincarnation. It’s a cycle, you turn into a cocoon and then into a butterfly, Immortality Spells,” said a loud voice.
The beautiful woman looked pleasantly surprised.
At the same time, Jun Mo Xi suddenly released sharp energies. He was fixedly staring at the blurry silhouette.
“The Past Life Scriptures, is that enough?” asked the blurry silhouette. The crowd was astonished, the Past Life Scriptures!?
“Is it the Taoist priest who had appeared in the Celestial Evolution Holy Clan?” thought Jun Mo Xi.
“Please show your face, otherwise, how could we exchange anything?” said the woman, smiling. However, the blurry silhouette stopped and disappeared.
“First, we must exchange the ancient scriptures, and if you accept, I will exchange the scriptures with you. But if I show my face and you don’t, then what do I do?” asked the blurry silhouette.

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