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PMG Chapter 1713: Immortal People from The Antiquity?

PMG Chapter 1713: Immortal People from The Antiquity?
The celestial woman’s eyes flashed. Then she said, “Your Excellency, I don’t know who you are, but how can I trust you when say you have the Past Life Scriptures? Prove it, and only then will we proceed with the exchange.”
“If you promise we’ll proceed with the exchange, then I will appear immediately,” replied the silhouette.
The woman frowned and said, “You’re stubborn. Why did you actually come? Just to cause trouble?”
“You’re ridiculous. I told you I would appear if you promised that you’d accept to exchange the scriptures. I said it in front of everyone, so if your Moon Imperial Palace doesn’t want to trade scriptures, then why pretend?” said the silhouette, laughing indifferently.
“The Past Life Scriptures are extremely powerful, why wouldn’t we want them?” said the woman in a calm way.
“Because the Moon Palace already has The Past Life Scriptures.” said the person. The women from Moon Palace were astonished. Their Moon Palace had the The Past Life Scriptures?!
The atmosphere became silent for a few seconds, and then the woman smiled and said, “We do have many scriptures, but I don’t know which scriptures we have precisely. Do you know better than me?”
“You can try and you’ll know,” said the mysterious person. People didn’t understand what he meant, try? Try what?
Suddenly, a terrifying energy rose to the sky. The pressure above the Moon Imperial Palace was terrifying. People could sense that it was probably a great emperor.
“Another strong cultivator?” thought the crowd, astonished.
Boom! A terrifying wind started blowing, quickly bombarded Moon Imperial Palace. Some buildings instantly collapsed, and their pieces fell into the water, causing terrifying waves.
“Somebody dares destroy the Moon Palace’s buildings? How audacious!”
Boom! Two cultivators collided with each other in the sky, creating waves in the lake which were so high that they could see the bottom of the lake.
“What a terrifying energy!” thought the crowd.
Dong! An ancient bell rang, and its soundwaves assaulted the crowd.
“How come Holy Great Emperors are here?” thought Lin Feng.
That emperor was also surrounded by an illusion Qi, so the crowd couldn’t see their face.
Nobody tried to block him as he approached. One of them jumped forwards and a terrifying explosive strength surrounded Moon Imperial Palace. However, two gigantic hands formed, and a terrifying destructive curtain of energy appeared.
The crowd saw someone come out of the ruins. That person looked majestic and domineering, his hair was completely messy, he also looked even more terrifying than the insane cultivator who had appeared before.
The newcomer rose up in the air, and the the battle continued.
Another terrifying wave of destructive energies rolled out. Was there another Holy Great Emperor arriving?
“Several Ancient Holy Clans must have participated!” thought the crowd. There couldn’t be so many Holy Great Emperors in Vast Celestial Ancient City unless the Ancient Holy Clans were participating together.
The second insane guy was terrifying. That guy’s determination and vitality were strange, it’s as if he could absorb other people’s determination.
“Sky Absorbing Holy Scriptures?” thought the crowd. How was that possible?
The terrifying absorbing strength was absorbing their determination, and the energies were spilling over into the crowd.
“That’s the Sky Absorbing Holy Scriptures from the Chu Clan,” said a strong cultivator from the Chu Clan. He looked upset.
“It’s been a thousand years, but you’re surprisingly still alive!” exclaimed a voice at that moment.
“It’s him, the insane cultivator of the Chu Clan!” thought the crowd.
“Explain everything, Moon Palace!” said that strong cultivator from the Chu Clan.
“He used to be the insane cultivator of the Chu Clan, but he died a thousand years ago, and now he’s not from the Chu Clan anymore,” said that woman.
The strong cultivator from the Chu Clan frowned and said, “He seems very alive to me!”
“He’s not the same person anymore, the insane cultivator of the Chu Clan really did die,” said the woman, insisting.
“That’s the Moon Palace’s explanation?” asked a strong cultivator from the Chu Clan coldly. Some people rose up in the air from the crowd, all strong cultivators from the Chu Clan.
The crowd looked at them in a strange way and the woman smiled in a cold way, “The Chu Clan had already prepared.”
“We didn’t get prepared, we’ve just heard that some of our members were imprisoned in your Moon Palace, so we came to see if it was true. If I hadn’t seen that, I wouldn’t have said anything,” said the strong cultivator of the Chu Clan.
The members of the Xing Clan rose up in the air and fixedly stared at the silhouette on the lake. “Uncle!”
“The situation is out of control,” thought Lin Feng. The Moon Palace was too mysterious, he hadn’t expected that they’d control so many strong cultivators. “Someone wanted the Moon Palace to spill their secrets,” thought Lin Feng, looking at the silhouettes in the distance.
“Lin Feng!” called out a voice at that moment. Lin Feng was surprised, but smiled instantly.
“Master, long time no see!” the person who called out for Lin Feng was the Weapon Manufacturing Master from Gold-Fire Tower.
“Haha, Lin Feng, you’re already famous in Vast Celestial Ancient City. Even I have heard about you,” said the smiling professor.
“I was abandoned by the gods, but is that a good reputation?” answered Lin Feng, shrugging.
The professor just laughed and pointed at the person next to him. “Lin Feng, this is an elder of Gold-Fire Tower, Duan Mu the Celestial Emperor.”
“Hello, Master!” said Lin Feng to the middle-aged man. Surprisingly, the Celestial Emperor was a weapon craftsman.
“As expected, you’re quite extraordinary. I’ve heard a lot about you,” said Duan Mu the Celestial Emperor, smiling back at Lin Feng.
Lin Feng smiled and said, “Master Duan Mu, what’s going on here?”
Master Duan Mu looked at the battle and said, “If I’m not mistaken, that guy was right, Moon Palace does have The Past Life Scriptures.”

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