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PMG Chapter 1714: News from the World

PMG Chapter 1714: News from the World
“The Past Life Scriptures!” Lin Feng was captivated again. Those people had died, but were immortal because their determination lived on? They just had their physical body rebuilt?
“Are they made of determination or flesh?” thought Lin Feng, frowning. It seemed that with The Past Life Scriptures, people could create a body. Just like the Netherworld Demon Emperor, his determination hadn’t dispersed after he died.
“That means that the Netherworld Demon Emperor might still exist,” whispered Lin Feng. Even if Empress Xi didn’t love the Netherworld Demon Emperor, she still wouldn’t kill him, so he had to be alive.
“It seems that those people understood the Moon Palace’s situation, so they joined hands to attack them,” whispered Duan Mu the Celestial Emperor.
“That mysterious cultivator is terrifying; how did he make so many strong cultivators show up?” wondered Duan Mu from the Celestial Emperor with a smile. Lin Feng and the others nodded agreement.
“Tian Wang!” shouted a cultivator from the Heaven Clan. Surprisingly, the one who used to be the best disciple from the Heaven Clan five hundred years ago was with Moon Palace.
“Cang Tian Wang!” the crowd was astonished. That person had messy black hair, wore a black robe, and looked bestial.
“Cang Tian Wang, he used to be the first disciple of the Heaven Clan five hundred years ago. When he was only nineteen years old, he broke through to the Huang Qi layer, and after that, he disappeared. Surprisingly, he was in Moon Palace the entire time,” said Duan Mu the Celestial Emperor.
“Moon Palace is really strong,” thought Lin Feng.
“Can the Moon Palace explain this?” said someone at that moment.
Energies rolled in waves on the horizon, shaking the crowd violently. Their determination was being affected by demonic determination, making them lose control.
“Nine Netherworlds!” thought Lin Feng, frowning. That pitch-black energy was demonic determination.
At the same time, a voice emerged from the Moon Palace, “What do you want to hear?”
Then, two silhouettes rose up in the air, a black one and a white one.
“Empress Xi!” the crowd was astonished. The woman wearing white clothes was Empress Xi.
“Nine Netherworlds!” Lin Feng looked at the person next to Empress Xi, a silhouette in black clothes with with messy long hair.
“Master Duan Mu, how strong is the consciousness of the Nine Netherworlds Emperor?” asked Lin Feng. He couldn’t know what the Netherworld Demon Emperor’s cultivation level was at, he was too weak.
Of course, Lin Feng wasn’t happy, he didn’t like Empress Xi because of Yue Xin, but he also understood her position.
“Celestial Emperor,” replied Duan Mu the Celestial Emperor. The Netherworld Demon Emperor was a Celestial Emperor, it was no wonder he could fight against the Three Lives Great Emperor. The Three Lives Great Emperor was just a great emperor, but he was a lot stronger than anyone else at that level. He had the power of a Holy Emperor, and maybe he was even stronger than that.
“They died and I made them come back to life. Not only don’t you show gratitude, but on top of that, you seem angry?” asked Empress Xi in a calm way.
“Do you think we’ll believe you if you say that The Past Life Scriptures are so easy to understand? Besides, if they were immortal, their consciousness would have remained the same,” rebutted a strong cultivator. If they had studied The Past Life Scriptures, they wouldn’t have forgotten their own identities as they had.
“They died once, but it’s none of your business. However, I promise that if you want to use them, we’d be happy to lend them to you three times,” said Empress Xi, still sounding calm.
“Three times? We still want to know why you control them,” spat a strong cultivator coldly.
“If the Xing Clan doesn’t agree, then you can start fighting Moon Palace,” said Empress Xi firmly. She didn’t want to negotiate anymore.
“Since the Moon Palace has people from everywhere, why not ask them to pay with Ancient Holy Scriptures?” asked the one whose face was still covered.
“Empress Xi, what do you think?” asked the strong cultivator of the Chu Clan.
Empress Xi’s eyes twinkled as she said, “Alright, Moon Palace will offer scriptures to everyone according to their cultivation level. Holy Great Emperors will obtain Ancient Holy Scriptures, and if anyone doesn’t agree, then they can fight us.”
“Alright then,” said the strong cultivator of the Chu Clan. The crowd was furious though. The strong cultivator from the Chu Clan was already a Holy Great Emperor, which meant that he was going to receive Ancient Holy Scriptures by agreeing.
“I’ll offer that book to the Chu Clan,” said Empress Xi in a calm way.
“Thank you very much, Empress Xi, but the Chu Clan should choose what book they want,” said the strong cultivator from the Chu Clan.
“I choose, and you won’t argue because it’s already a great deal,” said Empress Xi. How could she let them choose? She couldn’t show everyone all the books they had.
The strong cultivator of the Chu Clan remained silent for a few seconds and finally nodded, “Alright, since it’s that way, I’m off.”
Then the strong cultivator left. Many other strong cultivators looked upset, especially those who didn’t have someone in the Moon Palace.
The Xing Clan also accepted Empress Xi’s offer. The Xing Clan had become quite weak, so obtaining Ancient Scriptures might pull them out of their mess.
Lin Feng turned around and saw some members from the Heaven Clan next to him. He whispered, “Back then, the demon emperor transmitted the Song of the Nine Netherworlds to me, and now I’m seeing him again. Even though I can’t break through to the Huang Qi layer and even though I don’t understand the demon song that well, even if I can’t get the Indestructible Deva-Mara Scriptures, it doesn’t matter, I’ll still become a strong demon cultivator.”

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  1. MarkofWisdom July 7, 2018 at 8:41 pm - Reply

    ….why is Lin Feng announcing he got the nine netherworlds song to the world? This seems incredibly stupid

    • Ezura December 8, 2018 at 7:01 am - Reply

      Because it’s the only way to drag him into shit. It’s annoying as hell, he’s meant to be super intelligent due to his powerful soul but does such stupid things. Like using Emperor Wu Tian’s Sword intent at the exact place where he’d been critically injured and blatantly has enmity with. I wish the author wouldn’t be so lazy and actually maintain some kind of consistency with characters. Is the MC super intelligent? Or thick as two planks? Make your mind up please Author!

      • Myanha November 8, 2019 at 1:56 am - Reply

        do you want consistency? You are mistaken for novel, in this one, the techniques on 3 different name according to the mood of the author, out of nowhere, uses energies that the MC has never learned. Speaking of energy, since the 500th chapter Mc did not use fire, and suddenly we learn that his fire energy is at the cosmic level. The Mc out of nowhere energies that have nothing to do with his basic skills (dream, water, land …) while other he used or have a direct relationship with his mind were left abandoned without knowing why (sun, buddha, shade, absorbing …) And its culture has gone from Heruka (combination of buddha and demon) to complete demon. He has acquired the scriptures of the three lives, but is obviously not decided to use them (after all to be walked on is so pleasant) He has a mind that can absorb the spirits, the animals and the qi for themselves but obviously does not want to use the 3/9 currently in 1714 chapters … (after all take the powers of others it’s wrong, even if they try to kill you) and oddly minds they absorbed , the purple dragon and the shaman obviously disappeared without us being told when or why … Seriously looking for no coherence here …

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