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PMG Chapter 1716: Demon Skills

PMG Chapter 1716: Demon Skills
The Netherworld Demon Emperor and Empress Xi looked at Lin Feng. Lin Feng was special to them, because he was Duan Xin Ye and Qiu Yue Xin’s husband, and he had obtained the Song of the Nine Netherworlds from the Netherworld Demon Emperor. Initially, she wanted to kill Lin Feng, but she didn’t because of Qiu Yue Xin and Duan Xin Ye’s influence.
“What?” asked the Netherworld Demon Emperor.
Lin Feng said, “The things I found in your palaces. If they were precious to you, I can give them back to you.”
“Hmph!” The strong cultivator of the Heaven Clan said in a cold way, “Why didn’t you give them to him in the first place, then?”
“Alright,” Lin Feng nodded and said, “Master Demon Emperor, back in your palace, I found a flute. What does it mean to you?”
“What a schemer,” thought the strong cultivator of the Heaven Clan, smiling coldly.
“Give it to the Demon Emperor immediately!” said a loud voice in Lin Feng’s brain, shaking his determination violently.
“You can keep that flute,” said the Netherworld Demon Emperor in a calm way. “I don’t need it.”
“Since it’s that way, I’m off.” said the strong cultivator of the Heaven Clan, taking Lin Feng away. When the winds settled down, the crowd saw that they were already far away in the horizon.
The strong cultivators from the Heaven Clan followed and left. Jun Mo Xi and the others frowned, they felt powerless.
The strong cultivator streaked across the sky and said to Lin Feng, “Transmit the Nine Netherworlds Demonic Song to me, Lin Feng.”
“Master, since it’s an exchange, transmit the demon skill to me,” said Lin Feng, trying to remain calm. Even though a strong cultivator from the Heaven Clan was kidnapping him, he couldn’t kill him, otherwise the strong cultivator from the Animal World would destroy the Heaven Clan, or at least avenge Lin Feng’s death.
“Take out the demon song, now!” said the strong cultivator aggressively. His voice alone was explosive. Determination rose to the sky and penetrated Lin Feng’s brain, making him feel very strange. He knew the Heaven Clan was his enemy, but suddenly he felt as if he had to listen to them.
“What a terrifying determination attack. I feel like an insect compared to him,” thought Lin Feng.
“Demon song,” another voice resonated in his brain. He felt like he was going to submit.
“Alright,” said Lin Feng, his mouth dripping blood.
“Little boy, why endure so much pain? You could have just given it to me already,” said the strong cultivator indifferently.
Lin Feng looked at him and smiled, “I hope that after I give you the Nine Netherworlds Demonic Song, that you’ll give me the demon skills.”
“Of course, now hurry up,” said the strong cultivator of the Heaven Clan. Lin Feng released his godly awareness as he looked for the Nine Netherworlds Demonic Song in his memories.
Lin Feng’s godly awareness was moving slowly, which he was doing on purpose. The strong cultivator of the Heaven Clan smiled coldly, still flying forwards. Even if Lin Feng wasted time, would it be useful? He couldn’t escape no matter how much he struggled.
The strong cultivator from the Heaven Clan was extremely fast. After a short time, they had already arrived in the Heaven Clan, but the strong cultivator suddenly frowned.
“Speed!” shouted the strong cultivator icily. Lin Feng still hadn’t transmitted the entire Song to him.
“Hmph!” Lin Feng groaned coldly and recalled his godly awareness. The strong cultivator of the Heaven Clan frowned as he stared at Lin Feng.
“You already have half of the Song, so give me the demon skills,” Lin Feng said grimly.
A strong cultivator looked at them from high up in the sky, “How come you’re standing in front of my door?”
The strong cultivator of the Heaven Clan jumped forwards and said, “Animal Clan, what is this supposed to mean?”
A gigantic ancient beast was standing there in the sky. It was Suan Ni, the Legendary Beast!
“Qing Feng called me and said you kidnapped Lin Feng. I didn’t ask YOU what that was supposed to mean, though,” he said. He looked at Lin Feng and asked, “Lin Feng, tell me, what’s going on?”
“It’s not that important, the Master of the Heaven Clan wants to give me the Deva-Mara scriptures in exchange for the Nine Netherworlds Demonic Song. I transmitted half of the Song to him, but he doesn’t want to transmit the demon skills to me,” Lin Feng said indifferently.
The old man smiled, “I see. Since it’s that way, you should transmit the demon skills to Lin Feng.”
“The Nine Netherworlds Demonic Song is a song, so if you don’t know the entire song, it’s useless. If you don’t want to transmit the skills to me, Master, it doesn’t matter, then I just won’t be able to use them to break through to the Huang Qi layer,” said Lin Feng.
“Even if you get the demon skills, it doesn’t matter,” thought the strong cultivator from the Heaven Clan. Then he smiled grimly and said, “Since you don’t trust me, I’ll transmit the demon skills to you first.”
Suddenly, a thread of godly awareness moved towards Lin Feng. It was as if Lin Feng’s godly awareness was going to explode under its pressure. The cultivator was incredibly strong, but even so, Lin Feng was convinced that nobody in the Heaven Clan could understand the demon Song or the demon skills better than him. Therefore, trading the song with the Heaven Clan would only be bad for him in the short-run.
Thud! Lin Feng stopped moving and gradually calmed down again.
“That’s what Empress Xi transmitted to me, though some pages are missing, you’ll probably understand them eventually. Now, give me the Nine Netherworlds Demonic Song!” ordered the strong cultivator from the Heaven Clan impatiently.
“Thank you, Master!” said Lin Feng, smiling blandly. He quickly transmitted the rest of the Song over.

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