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PMG Chapter 1717: The Terrifying Genius

PMG Chapter 1717: The Terrifying Genius
After the trade, the old man and Suan Ni the Legendary Beast took Lin Feng away.
The old man took Lin Feng back to the Moon Palace, and on the way, they encountered Jun Mo Xi and Qing Feng. Lin Feng said to the old man, “Master, you can go back to the Animal Clan, the Heaven Clan will not attack me now that they have the demon song.”
“Alright, I also believe that they’re not that brave,” said the old man, before leaving with the Suan Ni.
Lin Feng grinned at Jun Mo Xi, Lang Ye and the others. He said, “Mo Xi, why did you leave the Holy City?”
“I came to go to the Holy Clan, but I came too late, and didn’t find you. It’s a pleasant surprise though.” said Jun Mo Xi, returning the smile.
“Lin Feng, this is my godly awareness telepathy jade talisman. Some of my godly awareness strength is inside. Take it, we can use it to communicate in the future,” said Jun Mo Xi, handing a jade talisman to Lin Feng. Many powerful clans and sects had such items, as they weren’t very expensive and could contain several people’s godly awareness.
“Not bad,” said Lin Feng, smiling. Then, he looked at Lang Ye and Qing Feng and said, “You should also transfer your godly awareness to my talisman. That way, we can talk no matter where we are.”
“Alright.” Lang Ye and Qing Feng nodded. They each sealed their godly awareness in the talisman Jun Mo Xi had given to Lin Feng, and Lin Feng gave each of them a thread of his godly awareness, too.
“The same goes for me too, Lin Feng. If you need anything, you can contact me anytime,” said Duan Mu the Celestial Emperor, smiling at Lin Feng.
“Thank you very much, Master,” said Lin Feng happily. A Celestial Emperor had proposed to give him a thread of his godly awareness to keep in touch? Lin Feng felt honored.
“Lin Feng, you should come back to Gold-Fire City when you have time.” said the professor in golden-purple clothes.
Lin Feng nodded and replied, “I will.”
“Alright, then I’m off,” said Duan Mu, leaving with the professor.
“Lang Ye, Mo Xi, do you want to come to the Animal World for a while?” Lin Feng asked them.
“Nah, I can’t travel on my own. Besides, I must go back to the Holy City.” said Jun Mo Xi, shaking his head. “Lin Feng, the Holy City is one of the three central cities, but it is even larger than Vast Celestial Ancient City. There are many terrifying cultivators, clans, Holy Academies and sects, of which all compete with each other to produce the most monstrous cultivators in the Dark Night Region.”
“Holy Academies?” Lin Feng hadn’t seen one before.
“Indeed, an academy, but it’s not the kind of academy you could see in Xue Yue. In the Continent of the Nine Clouds, many incredible groups can be called academies, but actually, academies can only be found in the three major cities. Each university has many geniuses, and many people from the Vast Celestial Ancient City study in those academies. Some of them are Great Emperors.”
“He’s right, I also want to go to the Holy City,” interjected Lang Ye.
“Great Emperors, students?” Lin Feng smiled indifferently, “Those are different from the places I’ve been to.”
“Of course!” said Jun Mo Xi, smiling at the thought.
“I’ll go there soon,” said Lin Feng. He had obtained the demon skills, so now he wanted to practice them.
“Alright, I’m off. Come and see me whenever you want,” said Jun Mo Xi.
“Take those and have a drink,” said Lin Feng, smiling and nodding back. Then he threw some Hot Unit at Jun Mo Xi. Jun Mo Xi caught them and left. He was a bit sad to see those familiar liquors, but he never regretted what he did.
“Unfortunately, there are only the two of us here. If we ever have time, we should all go back together!” said Jun Mo Xi as he left.
The strong cultivators from the King of Hell Palace followed Jun Mo Xi. Lang Ye smiled at Lin Feng and said, “I’m off, too. Come and see me whenever you want.”
Then, he also left. Lin Feng looked at Qing Feng and smiled, “Let’s go back to the Animal Clan.”
“Alright,” Qing Feng nodded.
The next day, the Moon Palace brought Ancient Scriptures to the Chu Clan, the Heaven Clan, and so on.
On the day after that, the Moon Palace brought some Ancient Scriptures to some of the other clans.
However, just when everyone thought that everything was over, the two insane cultivators from the Moon Palace went even more insane. The one from the Chu Clan started attacking people and swallowing their determination, while the other Holy Cultivator started killing many people. In just a few hours, the Xing Clan was wiped off the map. However, a few people survived. Even using the Boundless Walker, those two Holy Emperors hadn’t managed to kill everyone.
Then, the two insane cultivators continued and flew towards the second clan.
On the fifth day, news spread that six large clans had been destroyed. All those clans were clans who had threatened the Moon Palace the other day.
Everyone in Vast Celestial Ancient City was astonished. Empress Xi was cruel!
Even the Ancient Holy Clans were afraid of Empress Xi. She had destroyed six big clans with just two cultivators.
People in Vast Celestial Ancient City wouldn’t forget those stories anytime soon, but time passed, and things calmed down a bit as new groups emerged.
Half a year was short in Vast Celestial Ancient City. Five hundred days were short too, but things were moving quickly. For example, many cultivators in the Heaven Clan had started practicing demon cultivation, such as Cang Xiao. He had even amazed people in town a few times.
However, people quickly forgot about Cang Xiao because of Chu Chun Qiu.
Chu Chun Qiu had already become a medium-level emperor! How come he could improve his cultivation so fast?
Had he practiced both the Sky Absorbing Scriptures and the Celestial Evolution Holy Scriptures? Was that why he had leveled up?
Nobody knew the reason and considering that Chu Chun Qiu didn’t possess a king body, his speed was even more surprising.

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