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PMG Chapter 1718: The Supernatural Bird

PMG Chapter 1718: The Supernatural Bird
Lin Feng was busy in that time. He could do whatever he wanted while dreaming inside his spirit. At that moment, he was still in a vast city, absorbing the strength of the earth and sky.
Suddenly, Lin Feng opened his pitch-black eyes as demonic-looking clouds were rolling in waves above him.
“Third fall!” The sky assaulted Lin Feng’s body with demonic energies.
The demon energy struck Lin Feng’s body, engulfing him in dazzling black lights. The demon strength penetrated his body, making him feel like he had been struck by a thousand needles.
“Pleasant,” said Lin Feng happily. Demon energies condensed again, but Lin Feng didn’t look that worried.
During the past six months, Lin Feng had been cleansed thrice by demonic strength. Even though his small world was rudimentary, he could still sense energies accurately. He wanted to improve his demon cultivation, and seeing how he couldn’t in the outside world, he did so in the small world.
Lin Feng was now understanding why the small world which contained Ba Huang and Jiu You was so perfect. As a cultivator became stronger, his small worlds also became more stable.
The third time, the demon energies didn’t influence Lin Feng at all.
Loud sounds were followed by even more demon energy bombarding Lin Feng’s body. The Indestructible Deva-Mara Scriptures emphasized indestructibility.
After the ninth wave of energies descended from the sky, the clouds finally dispersed. Lin Feng smiled indifferently. He looked at a city he had made, Yangzhou City. Although they were identical, nobody was living there yet.
Back in the outside world, at the top of the cyan-colored mountain, Qing Feng was looking at Lin Feng. He was motionless on the same gigantic rock as always. What was he doing? He had been sleeping like that for half a year already, and while he was asleep, he had angered the sky a few times. By now, Qing Feng had figured out that the sky would get angry at Lin Feng after he learned a new type of cosmic energy.
Finally, Lin Feng opened his eyes and looked Qing Feng. He smiled and said, “Qing Feng!”
Then, he jumped up next to her.
“You slept for four months. You must really like to sleep!” said Qing Feng.
Lin Feng shrugged and smiled at her “Did anything happen in the outside world while I was incapacitated?” he asked.
“Chu Chun Qiu became a medium-level emperor,” said Qing Feng.
Lin Feng frowned, looking surprised. “That fast?”
It took years to break through to the Huang Qi layer, but to become a medium-level emperor, it should have taken even more time. Chu Chun Qiu’s cultivation speed wasn’t normal.
“Indeed, that fast. He defied the laws of our world. Many people in the outside world are thinking the same thing as us,” said Qing Feng, nodding.
“What are we thinking?” Lin Feng asked.
“Chu Chun Qiu practiced the Sky Absorbing Holy Scriptures a lot and figured that the Chu Clan could give him a lot of determination to absorb, plus he had modified his technique with the Celestial Evolution Holy Scriptures. That’s what most people think, but there are some who think that he is hiding a special body type, a very powerful one,” Qing Feng explained slowly. Then, she asked, “Lin Feng, which do you think is the most plausible?”
“The reason isn’t important; the important thing is that Chu Chun Qiu became a medium-level emperor in around a half-year,” mused Lin Feng.
“Let’s go!” said Qing Feng. She had already broken through to the Huang Qi layer a half-year ago.
“Alright,” Lin Feng nodded. Then, he gazed into the distance. Half a year… what kind of cultivation speed was that? He had only been struck three times by the demon energies and given that he had to be struck nine times for his demon cultivation to improve, he still needed more time.
They both smiled and left together. As they started leaving, two people approached them at full speed, forcing Lin Feng and Qing Feng to stop.
Wu and Suan were there. Qing Feng frowned, Lin Feng looked indifferent as he asked, “What do you want?”
“Let’s fight again, same as last time, no treasures involved,” said Wu coldly. After losing their previous battle, Wu had practiced cultivation every waking second, and had studied some new techniques.
This time, he had to defeat Lin Feng.
“Last time we agreed on something, but it seems like you’ve forgotten. If I fight against you again, and even if I win, won’t there be a third time, and a fourth time, and so on?” asked Lin Feng.
“If you defeat me again, I’ll never annoy you again, and I’ll obey you. If you lose, piss off and leave the Animal World. I never want you to come back,” said Wu, his eyes were filled with the flames of battle.
“A supernatural bird as a pet, that sounds nice,” thought Lin Feng. “I accept!”
Boom! A terrifying sun instantly exploded, shaking the sky.
Suan suddenly jumped back, and Qing Feng moved far away too.
Wu cawed and turned into a Golden Crow.
Boom! Suddenly, a gigantic sun descended towards Lin Feng at full speed. Lin Feng’s body started burning, the sun cosmic energy completely consuming him. However, Lin Feng remained motionless, and looked calm as he bathed in the sun’s fire.
“His physical body has become stronger…” thought Wu.
Fwoosh! Immense wind energies suddenly blew, fanning the fire. Lin Feng sensed a terrifying bestial Qi moving towards him as the sun fire turned into blades.
“Break!” A terrifying demonic punch launched out, colliding against the sun blades.
“Bestial Laceration.” The Golden Crow suddenly appeared above Lin Feng and a million blades of fire descended.
“What a powerful technique!” thought Lin Feng. His eyes became pitch-black, Lin Feng was determined to make the bird submit to him this time.
“Kalpa!” shouted Lin Feng suddenly. Suddenly, terrifying kalpa energies emerged. He had learned about Kalpa strength in the demon scriptures, and with it, he found that he could use Kalpa energies to defy the heavens!

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