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PMG Chapter 1719: Becoming Stronger

PMG Chapter 1719: Becoming Stronger
“Demonic kalp strength, he must have studied some new skills…” thought Wu.
Sun energies continued to fill the sky. Lin Feng suddenly sensed a sharp pain. However, his eyes were still open and filled with the determination and cursing strength of the Nine Netherworlds. His billions of threads of godly awareness now contained Kalpa strength.
Lin Feng was especially dangerous right now because godly awareness could attack the opponents’ determination, and if their determination was destroyed, then the cultivator was as good as dead.
The supernatural bird released more sun energies. The flames around Lin Feng exploded and turned into terrifying suns.
“Does that guy want a battle to death?” Suan thought. Wu was using his most powerful attacks against Lin Feng.
“Kalpa’s Rule!” said Lin Feng. Suddenly, terrifying demonic kalpa strength emerged. The suns exploded, crushing some of Wu’s determination.
Immediately, Wu opened his mouth and a sun spear appeared. It shot out towards Lin Feng, emitting sonic booms as it flew.
“Nine Kalpa Sword! Die!” shouted Lin Feng furiously. Nine threads of Kalpa strength turned into a sword filled with wind cosmic energy. The sun spear exploded as it collided with the kalpa sword. However, among the nine threads of Kalpa strength, three remained and continued moving towards Wu.
“Be merciful!” shouted Suan. At that moment, the Kalpa swords arrived in front of Wu, and blood splashed. Wu’s soul shook, he had lost again! His Qi was floating chaotically now that three swords, filled with explosive Kalpa energies, oppressed him and threatened his life.
“How about now?” asked Lin Feng, glaring at Wu.
“You won. I will keep my promise and submit to you, but if someday I become stronger than you, then my promise will be null!” said Wu.
Lin Feng smiled coldly down at him and said, “I’m afraid that day will never come.”
Then, the swords disappeared, leaving remnant destructive strength floating in the air.
Lin Feng sighed. The inherent knowledge he had about the supernatural sun bird told him that he was incredible. If he had been an ordinary emperor, he would have been killed instantly. He knew that among low-level emperors, there could be huge differences. Two different low-level emperors could have two entirely different strengths. There was no subdivision to classify low-level emperors, otherwise, there would have been 369 sorts of low-level emperors. Since his body had been cleansed three times by Kalpa strength, Lin Feng still hadn’t broken through to the Huang Qi layer, yet ordinary low-level emperors who had reached the top of their level couldn’t compete with him.
“First, you’d need to break through to the Huang Qi layer, and even if you succeed, after that you have to continue leveling at the same pace. Anything less than this and I will quickly catch up,” shouted Wu.
“I’ll be waiting then,” sneered Lin Feng, smiling indifferently. Then he walked away and said, “Come with me for a walk.”
Wu looked at him in a cold way and turned into a human, before following Lin Feng. Even though he had agreed to obey Lin Feng, he was very unhappy. This had to be temporary, or otherwise, he’d go insane.
Because Chu Chun Qiu had become a medium-level emperor, many people were going to the Chu Clan to congratulate him and the clan. Actually, they just wanted to see how strong he had become. Even so, the Chu Clan let everyone visit them, and even treated them all as guests of honor.
The visitors were typically young people, about the same age as Chu Chun Qiu. Of course, many medium-level emperors also came to see how strong Chu Chun Qiu was. In any case, there were visitors constantly touring the Chu Clan and the beautiful sceneries.
Lin Feng walked around and listened to people. He was also going to the Chu Clan with Qing Feng and the others. He was wondering how strong Chu Chun Qiu really was, but Chu Chun Qiu was acting discreet. Few people knew how strong he really was.
In one of the Chu Clan’s corridors, which lead to the main hall, there were tables loaded with alcohol, food and other goodies.
“World Clan’s people.”
“The Animal World’s young people are interested in Brother Chu,” said someone laughing.
Chu Chun Qiu stood up and smiled at them, “Welcome, be my guest!”
“No need to be polite,” Lin Feng smiled and nodded back. Chu Chun Qiu hadn’t changed, he was still calm while looking enigmatic.
“How come Lin Feng is talking?” thought some people. The most outstanding young people from the Animal Clan were following Lin Feng, and yet, he was talking for them. The crowd didn’t understand.
“Wu is a Golden Crow, which means that he’s very arrogant, obstinate, and unruly. But now he’s following Lin Feng? How high in their hierarchy is he?”
“In the past six months, he still hasn’t become an emperor. But even if he had, he’s still far from being as strong as Brother Chu…… HEHE!” someone laughed mockingly. The crowd looked at him, it was a man who had been drinking too much alcohol.
However, Lin Feng hadn’t broken through to the Huang Qi layer, so why did he still have a high social status in the Animal World?
“Heaven Clan?” Suan looked at that person and remembered that the Heaven Clan’s strong cultivator had kidnapped Lin Feng.
“Why does the Heaven Clan send such strong cultivators each time something’s going on?” Suan asked the one who had been drinking. After all, Lin Feng represented the Animal Clan, and the Heaven Clan was constantly humiliating him.
“You dare humiliate the Heaven Clan’s Masters?” said that person, inciting the group next to him.
“You all dare humiliate the Animal Clan, so if you are brave, send your strongest cultivator to fight against ours. You can even choose an opponent!” said Suan.
The middle-aged man from the Heaven Clan stood up, looking ice-cold. His name was Cang Hai and he had already been an emperor for several years now, so his cultivation was very stable. He was currently a top low-level emperor.

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