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PMG Chapter 1720: Brutal Killings

PMG Chapter 1720: Brutal Killings
“I really want to see how someone who has been abandoned by the gods can fight against an emperor,” sneered that person.
Cang Hai wasn’t happy, because he was in the generation before Cang Xiao. Because he had been an emperor for so long, his cultivation was now stable, but in the outside world, many people had already forgotten about him. The elders seemed to care more about the one who had a Godly Imprint King Body, the one who had a World King Body, Chu Chun Qiu, the Prince of Sadness, and a few others. Even Lin Feng, who had been abandoned by the gods, had a better reputation than he did.
Cang Hai was finally seeing Lin Feng now. As expected, he had been abandoned by the gods and hadn’t broken through to the Huang Qi layer. However, he had heard that Lin Feng had already killed several emperors using the strength of the Celestial Evolution Chessboard. He had even killed medium-level emperors!
Suan and the others stepped away after they heard Cang Hai. Suan couldn’t wait to see how Lin Feng would do this time. After all, his battle against Wu had been amazing.
Cang Hai looked at Lin Feng in a disdainful way. Heaven cosmic energies instantly began oppressing Lin Feng as a gigantic hand descended from the sky. Lin Feng didn’t move at all, though. Cang Hai smiled coldly and said, “Your seven cosmic energies are useless!”
Then, even more strength oppressed Lin Feng, dragging him up into the sky.
“Die!” shouted Cang Hai when he saw that Lin Feng was still motionless. Just as the gigantic heavenly hand was just about to crush Lin Feng, however, a brown and black armor appeared instantly covered his body. As the hand hit him, the energies quickly dispersed, while Lin Feng’s armor remained.
“Two types of cosmic energies, demon and earth. He has some great defense!” thought Cang Hai, surprised. He condensed more strength before he shook his right hand again, and then another terrifying hand moved towards Lin Feng. Boom boom boom… terrifying sounds echoed as Lin Feng’s armor broke apart. However, when the remaining energies assaulted Lin Feng’s physical body, he was only pushed back a half step. He frowned, and his eyes became pitch-black.
He looked at Cang Hai with his pitch-black eyes and smiled coldly, “You attacked first.”
Lin Feng then released terrifying wind energies and threw himself at Cang Hai. Cang Hai began sweating… Just what was Lin Feng made of?
“Argh!” Cang Hai shouted as terrifying demon energies oppressed him. Another gigantic heavenly hand moved towards Lin Feng, its fingers like mountain peaks.
Dong! The Demonic kalpa energies descended from the sky, making the heavenly hand explode. Then Lin Feng released a terrifying strength to surround Cang Hai. Even though he moved back as fast as he could, Lin Feng shook his hand, and Cang Hai suddenly felt that a mountain had fallen onto him. At the same time, Lin Feng released Kalpa strength from his pitch-black eyes. Cang Hai didn’t dare move anymore, otherwise the Kalpa strength would crush his body.
Boom! Another terrifying Qi rose to the sky. Some of the people who had come with Cang Hai suddenly stood up, one of them yelling at Lin Feng, “You already won, so let him go!”
“Won?” said Lin Feng mockingly. “When he attacked me, he used his full strength, and he tried to kill me. This battle is a battle to death. I will win only after I kill him.”
Then, Lin Feng jumped forwards, and the Kalpa strength which had surrounded Cang Hai exploded.
“That guy is insane. He keeps killing people, even people from the Heaven Clan!” thought the crowd.
“You actually killed him!” shouted one of the cultivators from the Heaven Clan furiously.
Lin Feng slowly turned around and looked at the remaining members of the Heaven Clan.
The crowd frowned, what did he want to do? Did he want to kill more people from the Heaven Clan?
Lin Feng suddenly jumped forwards, making the strong cultivators from the Heaven Clan shiver.
The members of the Heaven Clan moved, but Lin Feng released wind and empty space energies to move even faster. How could they compete with him in terms of speed? Lin Feng landed in front of one of them, condensed Demonic kalpa strength in his fist and struck out. That person immediately exploded.
“Die!” the others yelled, looking frantic. Terrifying energies surrounded Lin Feng as one of them immediately punched the air in Lin Feng’s direction.
“Earth Strength!” said Lin Feng grimly. That person had the feeling that a mountain had fallen onto him. He suddenly rose up in the air, or at least, he tried. However, Lin Feng condensed two types of cosmic energies to make another set of armor. Even without the armor, that guy couldn’t have crushed Lin Feng’s physical body, he was too weak.
“The people of the Heaven Clan are trash. No wonder they only bully people who are weaker than them,” shouted Suan mockingly. Lin Feng’s punch struck another one of them, causing their head to immediately explode. One punch, and another one dead!
Boom, boom! Two waves of energies rolled out and several more people exploded. Wu even helped, moving with incredible speed while releasing sun cosmic energies, and killing more people from the Heaven Clan. Very quickly, all the young emperors from the Heaven Clan were dead. The crowd was astonished into complete silence!

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