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PMG Chapter 1722: Powerful Physical Body

PMG Chapter 1722: Powerful Physical Body
Chu Chun Qiu looked indifferent, “Does anyone else want to fight against me? I don’t mind.”
All the members from the Heaven Clan dropped their eyes. A medium-level emperor’s determination had been destroyed in the blink of an eye. At the same level, almost nobody could compete with such a strong cultivator.
“According to legends, only people who have special powers can study the Sky Absorbing Holy Scriptures, otherwise, their determination can break apart, and they would go insane. Chu Chun Qiu must have a special body type seeing how he’s learned such spells,” thought the crowd.
“Lin Feng, come here!” shouted Cang Xiao aggressively. He was releasing Kalpa strength.
Lin Feng raised his head and smiled chillingly. Chu Chun Qiu had humiliated those people, so now they needed an outlet.
Cang Xiao rose higher in the sky and said, “Who wants to fight? Come!”
Cang Xiao jumped forwards and released heaven strength, targeting Lin Feng. At the same time, he released demonic kalpa strength which turned into an ice-cold pitch-black beam of light.
“I told you, I’m definitely going to kill you!” swore Cang Xiao. A heavenly hand descended from the sky and fused together with the pitch-black Kalpa strength.
“Two types of Ancient scriptures together in one attack,” thought Lin Feng. That was a Demonic Kalpa Heavenly hand. Lin Feng smiled coldly and jumped, releasing a demonic punch. The air exploded as they collided, creating gusts of wind which billowed outwards. Lin Feng released wind and empty space cosmic energies to move, and at the same time, a demonic earthen armor appeared on his body.
Cang Xiao looked at Lin Feng’s Kalpa strength coldly, then released cosmic energies as he performed hand seals. Heavenly strength concentrated as he performed each seal.
Lin Feng was pushed forwards as another gigantic hand descended from the sky.
Cang Xiao’s Kalpa energies didn’t contain demon cosmic energy, which meant that he probably couldn’t study demon energies like Lin Feng.
Fwoosh! Lin Feng moved even faster, creating sonic-booms as he ran.
However, the enemy’s hand caught up and exploded on Lin Feng. Even though Lin Feng’s armor was destroyed, he wasn’t injured.
A few more hands were catching up to Lin Feng. The crowd sighed, even a medium-level emperor wouldn’t be able to stand such an attack. Lin Feng was going to die now.
“His physical body is even stronger than mine and Wu’s,” thought Suan. He was also a legendary beast, so he knew a lot about the durability of one’s body. Lin Feng had blocked Cang Xiao’s attack with just his physical body, which meant that Lin Feng was stronger than him. Most low-level emperors couldn’t injure him anymore.
“Cang Xiao’s cosmic energies must be around level three in the Low Huang Qi layer, and with his Celestial Heaven Punch and Demonic Kalpa strength, his cosmic energies are closer to level seven. Lin Feng’s dual cosmic energy armor was destroyed easily by Cang Xiao’s attacks, so Cang Xiao’s cosmic energies must be more powerful than Lin Feng’s. Lin Feng must have around level four cosmic energies, but his body is incredible, so he can endure level six or seven cosmic energies…” reasoned one of the strong cultivators from the Chu Clan.
Cultivation emperors were divided into low-level, medium-level, and high-level emperors. There were gigantic differences between those levels, but the difference between low-level emperors themselves wasn’t that large. Low-level emperors’ cosmic strength was divided into nine levels, and Cang Xiao’s cosmic energies were only level three, while Lin Feng’s physical body could resist against level six or seven cosmic energies. If Cang Xiao didn’t have such powerful skills, Lin Feng could have killed him easily.
Lin Feng had such a powerful physical body because his body had been cleansed by the demonic kalpa energies. If Lin Feng had only been cleansed by Kalpa strength three times, then he would have been able to resist against level three or four cosmic energies at best, but he also knew another kind of Kalpa strength, the one the gods used when he infuriated them. In addition, since he had been cleansed nine times by the Kalpa strength from the Indestructible Deva-Mara Scriptures, he had the strength of a medium-level emperor in terms of cosmic energies.
Cang Xiao looked at Lin Feng with a face filled with mixed emotions. He hadn’t thought that Lin Feng would become so terrifying after only six months. Lin Feng’s Deva-Mara Kalpa attacks were far better than his own and could make demon cosmic energy fuse together with them, something he couldn’t manage.
In desperation, his spirit appeared. It was a gigantic mountain with five fingers, each finger exuding black lights which rose to the sky. At the same time, dozens of hands descended from the sky towards Lin Feng, each containing terrifying heaven cosmic energies.
“Die!” shouted Lin Feng. Death strength flooded the sky, instantly draining Cang Xiao’s life. At the same time, Lin Feng shook his hand and a punch launched out. This punch was a pitch-black and ice-cold hand which contained terrifying demonic kalpa strength.
The Celestial Heavenly hand and the Demonic Kalpa Rule attacks clashed, creating explosions and gales. Cang Xiao’s face turned pitifully pale as an armor suddenly appeared over his body. This armor was called the Heavenly King Armor.
Lin Feng punched the air towards Cang Xiao’s head, determined to end this.
“He wants to kill Cang Xiao,” thought the crowd, frowning. Lin Feng was insane, he wanted to kill everyone!
Boom! A terrifying energy exploded. The other members from the Heaven Clan released cosmic energies at Lin Feng to stop him.
Cang Xiao’s Heavenly King Armor changed, Cang Xiao had modified it so that it now covered his head. Lin Feng was surprised, but he didn’t hesitate, and still decided to punch it.
The destructive hand crashed onto the Heavenly King Armor, but his energies bounced off the armor. Lin Feng couldn’t break it.
A Celestial Heavenly hand finally caught up with Lin Feng, so he broke a talisman. Suddenly, he disappeared and reappeared above the Heaven Clan’s crowd.
Then his silhouette flickered as he took out a shield. Although it resembled a shield, it wasn’t a real shield, it was the Celestial Evolution Chessboard!

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