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PMG Chapter 1723: Kidnapping

PMG Chapter 1723: Kidnapping
“Celestial Evolution Chessboard!” The members of the Heaven Clan immediately identified it. Lin Feng had killed so many people using the Celestial Evolution Chessboard back at Ice Moon Lake, including medium-level emperors. Now that he had taken it out again, they knew they couldn’t kill Lin Feng so easily.
Dazzling lights suddenly appeared as the members of the Heaven Clan took out more imperial weapons, but they didn’t have any comparable to the Heavenly King Armor. The strongest among them were medium-level emperors.
“A contest of weapons?” asked Lin Feng, smiling in an ice-cold way. A sun dazzled in Lin Feng’s right hand, a sun disc floated there. It was the sun disc he had stolen from Yang Yan.
“Let’s see how you intend to kill me!” Lin Feng said. As he said that, he released sun cosmic energy into the sun disc. It became dazzling and transformed the sun energies into destructive energies.
Fwoosh! Lin Feng disappeared with the wind, as fast as lightning. A strong cultivator from the Heaven Clan sensed the sun disc’s energies surround him, provoking a sudden desperation. He wanted to escape but he was blinded by the sun disc. Then, the sun turned into a shooting star which struck his body, lighting him on fire. After that, the sun disc disappeared.
A few hands moved towards Lin Feng as soon as the fire lit, but Lin Feng shook his hand and the Celestial Evolution Chessboard enlarged. All the attacks broke apart, and at the same time, Lin Feng punched the air from behind the Celestial Evolution Chessboard, killing another opponent.
Lin Feng broke another talisman and disappeared. The sun disc remained though, moving towards another person’s head, igniting them on fire as well.
After using the talisman, Lin Feng used his godly awareness to control the Celestial Evolution Chessboard. At that moment, the Celestial Evolution Chessboard was spitting out illusion Qi.
“Run!” said Cang Xiao as he started running away, the members of the Heaven Clan all following behind him.
“Wu!” shouted Lin Feng furiously. Wu groaned coldly, but he still transformed into a bird, moving towards Lin Feng.
Then, Lin Feng jumped onto his back and chased the members of the Heaven Clan.
Fwoosh! Some wind cosmic energies appeared under Lin Feng’s feet and surrounded Wu, letting him fly faster.
The sun disc continued slaughtering them. A low-level emperor gave a horrible shriek as he was snagged by the disc, quickly dying afterwards.
At the same time, Wu also bit one with his beak, and that person died from fire energies as well.
The golden crow was extremely fast, and coupled with Lin Feng’s wind cosmic energy, they were catching up. Even medium-level emperors couldn’t be as fast as the two working together.
“Stop him!” shouted Cang Xiao furiously. He took out an imperial weapon, which resembled a pair of wings, and accelerated. At the same time, he broke a jade talisman with a look of desperation.
“Lin Feng, I didn’t try to kill you, so why do you have so much animosity?” shouted Cang Xiao.
Even though Cang Xiao ordered them to stay back, two medium-level emperors continued running ahead. Who would help Cang Xiao when it meant suicide? Cultivators thought about their own lives first, or at least, most cultivators thought that way!
“You will die one way or another!” shouted Cang Xiao furiously. They separated into two groups and escaped in opposite directions. Lin Feng continued chasing Cang Xiao though. He knew could catch up with Xiao, even if he had had the wings.
“Cang Xiao, you are constantly saying that you want to kill me, so why are you escaping now? Don’t you feel shameless?” Lin Feng shouted. “You must stop now, then you and I will have a fight without imperial weapons!” said Lin Feng extremely loudly.
“Battle?” Cang Xiao frowned and shook his head. Lin Feng could catch up with him if he continued using talismans.
“Earth!” shouted Lin Feng furiously. He shook his hand, and suddenly a terrifying strength oppressed Cang Xiao, almost paralyzing him. At the same time, Lin Feng took out the sun disc and threw it at him. The sun struck Cang Xiao’s wings, and they exploded. Cang Xiao was next to the explosion, but he hadn’t been injured because his Heavenly King Armor was still protecting him.
Then Lin Feng continued running, causing the sky to tremble with each step. Cang Xiao didn’t continue running, instead he slowly turning around.
“Let’s see how you intend to kill me!” swore Cang Xiao. He had the Heavenly King Armor, so there was no way Lin Feng could kill him.
“Wu, Qing Feng, Suan, go back to the Animal World,” said Lin Feng to Wu and the others. They were three geniuses from the Animal Clan and the Heaven Clan had nothing to do with them. By making them leave, Lin Feng planned to bear the responsibility for killing all the Heaven Clan’s cultivators.
Wu’s eyes flashed as he thought. He wouldn’t have thought that Lin Feng would make him leave, just what was that guy planning?
“Alright,” agreed Wu, and left with the others.
Lin Feng jumped forwards as Cang Xiao groaned coldly, making his Heavenly King Armor become larger. Then he punched the air in Lin Feng’s direction.
However, a palace suddenly appeared in Lin Feng’s hand which moved towards Cang Xiao punch. The sky shook again, but Cang Xiao’s defense was terrifying, even the Jade Emperor’s palace couldn’t injure him.
“Dodge!” some people shouted as they ran sideways. The Jade Emperor’s palace was falling towards them, forcing some of them avoid it.
Many people from the Chu Clan also came out to see the battle, but after the palace struck the ground, the atmosphere calmed down. Things were so quiet that a pin needle could be heard if it fell. If Lin Feng and Cang Xiao were still battling, then things shouldn’t be that calm, right?
Cang Ling was still running when he sensed that and suddenly stopped.
“What’s going on?” asked Cang Ling. He had a jade talisman in his hand, the one Cang Xiao had called out with.
“Is he dead?” He took out another jade talisman. This time, it was Cang Xiao’s soul monitor, but it wasn’t broken. That meant Cang Xiao was still alive, but why wasn’t it moving? As if time had stopped?
Cang Ling just stopped for a millisecond before he continued flying towards Cang Xiao’s location. Once he arrived, he found a gigantic palace laying on the ground.
“Where’s Cang Xiao?” Cang Ling shouted.
“Master, Lin Feng and Cang Xiao had a big battle, Lin Feng bombarded Cang Xiao with that palace, then the battle stopped,” someone replied. Cang Ling looked upset. He punched the castle, and after some trembling, the palace broke apart.

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