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PMG Chapter 1724: Determination

PMG Chapter 1724: Determination
As the palace broke apart suddenly, a group of people appeared.
“Tian level? Zun level?”
Those people were mostly Tian level and Zun level cultivators, some were even at the Xuan Qi layer. They looked so weak and pitiful, especially given that they were in Vast Celestial Ancient City.
When the crowd inside saw that the palace was broken, some of them looked extremely happy, while some others looked insane. Surprisingly, they could finally see the sun again. How many years had it been since they had last seen the sun?
But those who were happy suddenly realized what was going on, and their happiness was replaced with fear.
“What is this place? How strong are those cultivators?”
“Where’s Lin Feng?” asked Cang Ling. Lin Feng and Cang Xiao didn’t seem to be in that palace.
“As expected, Lin Feng,” thought the crowd which had been trapped in the palace. It had been so many years, the crowd was wondering how strong Lin Feng had become.
“Master, we know nothing.”
“Who is Lin Feng to you?” asked Cang Ling, releasing energies to oppress them.
“Lin Feng imprisoned us in the palace, so we haven’t been in the outside world for a very long time. We don’t even know where we are,” answered one of them. Considering his reaction, he was one of Lin Feng’s enemies.
Cang Ling believed him, those people must have been imprisoned given how weak and pitiful they were.
“Where are you from? And do you know where Lin Feng is?” Cang Ling asked.
“I come from Gan Yu, and Lin Feng is a disciple of Tian Ch,” replied that person. Cang Ling was speechless. Gan Yu? Tian Chi? He couldn’t have heard of those places.
When those people sensed Cang Ling’s energies, their facial expressions changed. They looked at him respectfully and said, “Where are we, Master?”
“Vast Celestial Ancient City,” replied Cang Ling grimly. He just wanted to find Lin Feng and Cang Xiao, not answer their questions.
“Vast Celestial Ancient City?” The crowd from the palace had never heard of that place before. They had only heard about Ba Huang and Jiu You, and the Holy City.
Those people didn’t know that they were in the great world. They didn’t even know that they came from a small world. They didn’t know anything, really.
“Vast Celestial Ancient City is one of the eighteen main cities of the Dark Night Region, but where’s Tian Chi?” asked Cang Ling.
Dark Night? Main Cities?
The crowd was speechless, they didn’t understand.
“Please forgive me, but may I ask you what your cultivation level is?” asked the crowd.
“Celestial Emperor!” said Cang Ling. He couldn’t imagine who those people were, just how many countries had Lin Feng visited? Surprisingly, he had brought so many people from remote places.
“Great Emperor, Celestial Emperor!” the crowd was astonished. They only knew that cultivators stronger than the Zun Qi layer were like gods. To them, great emperors were legendary cultivators from the antiquity who didn’t exist anymore, but what about Celestial Emperors?
They couldn’t understand. What was a Celestial Emperor?
“Master, are you a legendary cultivator whose strength is superior to a cultivation emperor’s?” asked someone, weakly. Finally, Cang Xiao looked furious, making that person immediately fall onto their knees.
“That bastard Lin Feng, surprisingly he’s carrying people from the small world around.” Cang Ling started inspecting the surroundings with his godly awareness. However, finding a person was easier said than done, especially if Lin Feng had already changed his face.
After Cang Ling left, the crowd remained with more questions than they knew what to do with. People from a small world? After a short time, the people from the Jade Emperor’s palace started thinking, were there worlds outside of their world?
Lin Feng had left and abandoned the Jade Emperor’s palace. After all, it wasn’t that important anymore now that Lin Feng already had a small world in his spirit.
Lin Feng didn’t care about those people either, whatever happened to them wasn’t his problem.

At that moment, Lin Feng was seated cross-legged in a hotel room. His eyes were closed as he was inside his spirit.
Lin Feng and Cang Xiao were in the duplicate Yangzhou City Lin Feng had created.
Cang Xiao didn’t move, nobody attacked him, he was just facing Lin Feng.
Lin Feng was smiling mockingly, standing there without worry.
“Where are we?” asked Cang Xiao, glancing around and frowning. “Small world, your small world…” Cang Xiao managed to process it.
“Indeed. It’s my small world. Your armor is too thick, but even if I can’t kill you, I can still imprison you until I can,” said Lin Feng, smiling in a chilling manner.
Cang Xiao smiled as if he found all that ridiculous.
“You’re smiling?” said Lin Feng. “Maybe you think that some people will come and save you. But I’ll tell you something, here, nobody can find you. Even if you manage to leave my small world with your godly awareness, your Qi is restrained in here.”
“Empty words,” said Cang Xiao. “Do you think you can control everything in your small world?”
“Empty words?” Lin Feng said, smiling in a cold way. “Here, Deva-Mara Kalpa strength can oppress anything.”
“Impossible.” said Cang Xiao. He couldn’t believe it. Nobody’s small world could be that powerful. How could there be celestial Kalpa strength ruling that small world?
“Impossible? Just look,” said Lin Feng, smiling coldly. Fire cosmic energies appeared and surrounded Cang Xiao’s body, earth cosmic energies also started surrounding him, then thunder cosmic energies descended from the sky. All those cosmic energies were bombarding his Heavenly King Armor.
“No, impossible, cosmic energies, how can you use these cosmic energies?” Cang Xiao was confused. Lin Feng was using normal cosmic energies, as if he had been cleansed.
“Do you understand now?” asked Lin Feng. Cang Xiao was terrified and startled. Lin Feng had broken through to the Huang Qi layer?
Lin Feng was supposed to be a cultivator of the Zun Qi layer, but he was an emperor here?
Maybe Lin Feng had studied a skill to hide his real cultivation level, but then how could great emperors not know that he was an emperor?
“Abandoned by the gods? Ridiculous. I broke through to the Huang Qi layer a while ago, it’s just that the outside world doesn’t accept me. I’m the master of my own life though, not the gods, so I am still alive and I still practice cultivation here to become stronger,” said Lin Feng, smiling sunnily.
Cang Xiao was dumbfounded. He looked at Lin Feng and said, “You’re the one who angered the sky, Lin Feng!”
“Of course it was me.”
“Restriction, restriction body!” Cang Xiao was astonished. He had always despised Lin Feng, but surprisingly, the one who had angered the gods was Lin Feng!
“Cang Xiao, you’re ridiculous, and you’re too arrogant. How could you even compare yourself with me? I can kill you with just one finger,” Lin Feng said aggressively.
Lin Feng slowly walked towards him, his eyes were pitch-black, unfathomable, enigmatic…
“Cang Xiao, look at me! How could you even think of fighting against me?” said Lin Feng, his voice carried demon-cursing strength. Cang Xiao felt like he was losing control as he looked into Lin Feng’s eyes, the source of the Nine Netherworlds was starting to overtake him.

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    Thank you very much!

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    Wasn’t there a door in the Jade emperor palace, which he couldn’t open? The last one? Or did he ready do that?

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    Why. Is. He. Telling. Him. This!? This is just *begging* for Cang Xiao to either escape and tell people or for him to send out a soul message or something. Bloody idiot

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    Abandoned the jade palace? so where are his wives gonna hide in?

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      Meng Qing will become stronger and the two girls that abandoned him is with Empress Xi

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