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PMG Chapter 1726: Turning into An Ancient Tree

PMG Chapter 1726: Turning into An Ancient Tree
Lin Feng was seated in his new boat, flying above the clouds with incredible speed. Sometimes, some people passed near him, but they didn’t talk to each other.
Even though the boat was terrifyingly fast, Lin Feng would still need a while before reaching the Holy City. Therefore, he wasn’t in a rush. He enjoyed the landscapes of the great world, relaxing a bit.

A few days later, Lin Feng descended from the sky towards a large city. Even though it wasn’t as big as Vast Celestial Ancient City, it was a lot larger than Gold-Fire City. Lin Feng stayed there for a day and then continued traveling. The Continent of the Nine Clouds was gigantic, but how big was it really? And how many people were there in the world?
Regardless of modern ancient clans or ancient Holy Clans, in antiquity, clans had been created because of a peerless cultivator. The Ancient Holy Clans had been created by very strong cultivators. Therefore, cultivators admired strong people and wanted to become stronger, and with time more and more strong cultivators emerged in the world. Millions of years ago, strong cultivators had started creating the world as people knew it now.
Lin Feng didn’t fly at full speed, but he didn’t have too many breaks along the road, either.

Lin Feng was standing in a field. He glanced around. There was grass everywhere, it was filled with vitality.
“Life!” Lin Feng looked calm, serene, and relaxed.
“Life strength, life is the opposite of death; people, animals, grass, the ten thousand things of creation, everything is made of life,” whispered Lin Feng. Around him, the grass started rolling in waves as a terrifying wind rose. Gigantic clouds appeared in the sky. However, those clouds looked strange, as they were filled with destructive energy… life Kalpa strength!
How could life cosmic energy turn into life Kalpa?, thought Lin Feng, looking at the cloud in the sky. Apart from life energy, all other energies could turn into Kalpa, but life energy wasn’t supposed to be destructive, so what was wrong with this cloud containing Kalpa strength?
The life Kalpa cloud roiled in waves. Lin Feng wondered if the Kalpa strength would be the same or not.
The terrifying life cosmic energies condensed and descended from the sky, bombarding Lin Feng’s body. Lin Feng sensed an infinite vitality invade his body and flow through it, and started shaking violently. The energies left his body and turned into an ancient tree.
What a powerful life strength. Life Kalpa strength, is that Kalpa strength though?, thought Lin Feng, laughing. He was surrounded by life Kalpa strength and felt good. The landscape around was so beautiful, full of life.
Boom! More Kalpa cosmic energies bombarded Lin Feng’s body, but they couldn’t injure him, his physical body was far too powerful. Lin Feng could sense that the life strength was becoming more oppressive, however.
“Argh!” Suddenly, Lin Feng sensed that his blood was starting to boil like fire and that dragons were roaring. The earth and the sky started shaking. His eyes suddenly started twinkling.
“Is my dragon going to wake up?”
Lin Feng’s eyes were filled with sharp lights. Back then, when the crows cawed as the moon went down, Lin Feng had received the dragon embryo and dragon blood. He had promised he’d raise the baby dragon, and now life energy was cleansing his body and the dragon was chanting. His blood was also boiling. Was the dragon embryo going to finally hatch?
When the third wave of vitality Kalpa strength bombarded his body, dragon lights appeared all around Lin Feng, dazzling him. The grass became greener and the wind more powerful. Energies dashed to the sky.
Then, the Kalpa strength slowly started dispersing.
Lin Feng looked at the sky and smiled indifferently. He was still surrounded by grass.
He then released his spirit. His world gradually appeared on a page there.
Life strength can create, thought Lin Feng, smiling to himself. In the small world of his spirit, a Celestial Ancient Tree appeared and grew in his body, the tree’s roots intertwined with the roots of the other trees. Inside, there wasn’t a Lin Feng anymore, but a forest; an ancient forest, with an ancient tree…
In the distance, Lin Feng sensed the life Kalpa energy. Some people far in the distance saw some dazzling lights in the sky and shivered. What a terrifying life strength! Had someone broken through to the Huang Qi layer using life strength? However, they had the sensation that the sky was furious. When cosmic energies cleansed a cultivator’s body, it didn’t look like that…
Some people who were closer by sensed the life Qi and trembled. How terrifying! There were some pale and pitch-black colors in the lights too, and it also felt like there had been a dragon inside. They had never seen something as surprising and terrifying as that!
Many people rose up in the air. When they arrived, they saw nothing, just a forest.
Is there a terrifying life cultivator here?, thought the crowd. Many people left. However, some people stayed there and started looking for something in the forest, thinking that maybe there were precious treasures there.
We’re not far from the Holy City anymore, and surprisingly such a weak cultivator is here in the wild? thought the crowd about those people who were looking for treasures. Surprisingly, those very weak people were also very young, around 15-16 years old, and they were of the Xuan Qi layer, a baby was even of the Ling Qi layer.
No wonder they’re looking for medicine here, that place is filled with vitality Qi. Some herbs can be useful. Maybe that they could use herbs to become a bit stronger?, thought many people disdainfully.
“Brother, that person despises us,”noted a young woman to a young man.
“They don’t understand alchemy. No need to talk to them,” replied the young man indifferently. When he looked for herbs in the wild with the elders, many people despised them, too. He was used to it.
“Indeed. We can change everything with our herbs and potions. Grand talents mature slowly, they just don’t know that,” agreed the young woman with a bright smile.
“Alright, let’s continue looking for herbs, maybe that we could find a Dragon Vein Herb,” prodded the young man. This place was incredible and filled with many sorts of herbs. They would be able to make great potions.
The handful of people continued looking for herbs. Even though their cultivation level was low, they were quite stubborn. They looked everywhere and found some herbs.
“Brother, that ancient tree is strange,” pointed out the young woman loudly. The others also came over to see the ancient tree. They were surprised.
“It looks very strange, indeed. Even though it contains life, it’s also different from a tree,” said one of the young men. The others nodded. They sensed that that tree was different.
“Brother, could it be precious?” asked the young woman enthusiastically. “We can’t break it. We have to uproot it and bring it back to the clan,” said the young woman. The group used their full strength to uproot the tree.
“What’s going on? I can’t put it into my ring,” swore the young man, stupefied. What a strange tree, he couldn’t put it in his ring! He was astonished.
“Never mind, let’s carry it back to the clan. It could be precious!” suggested the young woman. The others nodded and headed back to their clan. They hadn’t thought that tree could be so strange.
Poor Lin Feng, he was in a dream and he didn’t know that the tree he had created was being taken away by people!

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