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PMG Chapter 1727: Tribe

PMG Chapter 1727: Tribe
In an ancient tribe, people looked ordinary and simple. Only the young people had new clothes.
At this moment, in the ancient tribe, a few young people hd returned carrying a strange tree.
“How strange, this tree’s life Qi is very thick, but it doesn’t look like a tree and its Qi doesn’t disperse. What sorcery is this?” asked the young man, examining the tree.
“You little boy, you’re dreaming. You’re so weak, how could you understand such an ancient tree which might be millions of years old! It might be an immortal and legendary life tree!” said someone with a laugh. Everybody around also started laughing. The tribe was noisy.
“Who knows? Maybe that I was lucky to find this tree!” said the young woman, she tried to look determined but she knew that if that was a precious treasure, she probably wouldn’t be able to do anything with it. How could a life tree be so easy to obtain?
“The elders are here. Let’s see what they think,” said someone at that moment. A few older people walked up to the tree, prodding and touching it.
One of the old men frowned and whispered, “How strange…”
“What is strange?” asked someone else.
“That tree’s life Qi is very dense and thick, but its life energy is as motionless as if it was dead. How strange,” murmured the old man. The other old people were stupefied and touched the tree again. Indeed, its vitality was motionless!
“Have you ever heard of the tree of life and death?” asked the leader of the group to the other elders, who shook their heads.
“Then, move back and have a look,” said the old man. He released a terrifying strength.
The young people were very weak, but the old men together had a scary Qi.
Boom!  A gigantic hand crashed onto the tree, and the terrifying strength broke the tree. A silhouette flew away and crashed onto the ground, astonishing everyone. It was a young man, appearing clean and handsome.
Lin Feng was terribly annoyed, he had created that tree to practice cultivation, and surprisingly someone had interrupted him! The worst part was that the old man had broken his world with that attack!
When Lin Feng saw the crowd looking at him as if he were an alien, he rolled his eyes. He wanted to kill some people, but the old men were strong. Getting read of them wouldn’t be easy.
“Who are you and why did you come to our clan?” asked the old man of Lin Feng.
Lin Feng shook his head, greatly displeased. “Mister, I was practicing cultivation in the wild, you brought me here, then you attacked me, and now you ask me what I am doing here? You’re ridiculous!”
“Eh…” the old man looked embarrassed. Indeed, that’s exactly what had happened… “Please do as you wish, baby boy. I just thought of something,” said the old man with a hesitant smile, then he looked at the young people and ordered, “Please take our guest for a walk around our territory!”
He was smiling cheerfully before scuttling off with the other elders. Lin Feng frowned and then smiled indifferently. Those old men were funny…
But calling him baby boy was a bit strange!
“I’m back!” said someone in the distance. The crowd turned around and saw two people. One of them was tall and sturdy, and the one who was speaking looked even taller, stronger, and wilder.
“Eh…” Lin Feng was stupefied when he saw the one on the right. He suddenly rose up in the air.
The smaller young man scratched his head and smiled when he saw this. “Lin Feng, you’re not dead!”
Lin Feng coughed and rolled his eyes. They hadn’t seen each other for a long time. Lin Feng was happy despite himself!
“You’re not dead, why would I be dead?” shot back Lin Feng.
“How could Huang Fu Long die? I heard about your adventures in Ba Huang and so on and about how you came out from the small world. You’re still alive, that’s impressive!” laughed Huang Fu Long, smiling and bumping fists with Lin Feng.
When they bumped fists, Lin Feng sensed a sharp pain in his hand, but he tried not to think about it. Huang Fu Long looked at Lin Feng and asked, “Lin Feng, why haven’t you broken through to the Huang Qi layer?”
Such a long time had passed, they had almost all broken through to the Huang Qi layer. Lin Feng was even more talented than the other elites back then. Even though some of them benefited from the wealth of their clans, Lin Feng should have broken through to the Huang Qi layer at least at the same time as they did.
“I can’t,” said Lin Feng, shrugging and smiling.
“Huang Fu Long, who is he?” asked the bigger cultivator who was with Huang Fu Long. The others were looking at them in a strange way. Surprisingly, Huang Fu Long knew a strange guy in the middle of nowhere? Something had to be wrong…
“My brother, Lin Feng!” said Huang Fu Long with a broad smile, then he said to Lin Feng, “Lin Feng, that’s Tantai the Idiot.”
“Tantai the Idiot!” What kind of nickname was that?
“Tantai the Wise!” shouted Tantai furiously. He was even more domineering than Huang Fu Long.
“It’s all the same. In any case, your name is Tantai, a little bit stupid, but that’s enough,” Huang Fu Long went on. Lin Feng was speechless. He looked at the huge Tantai, who looked rather scary.
“Huang Fu Long, when did you come to the great world, and how did you meet Tantai?” asked Lin Feng.
“After you left Ba Huang, many people started saying that the Holy City was a fake place, that we lived in a small world. After learning about that, many people started leaving the small world, nobody prevented them from leaving. I also heard about the Holy City and learned that it existed. Then, I started traveling and I met Tantai. Even though he’s stupid, he’s an excellent fighter. He’s massive! We also exchanged views on cultivation and he hurt me, so we came here to heal my wounds,”said Huang Fu Long, rather annoyed.
Huang Fu Long is strong and massive. His cultivation level was probably too low, Lin Feng thought.
“As years will pass, you will have less and less chance to defeat me,” said Tantai to Huang Fu Long in a disdainful yet joking way.
“It’s because you have medical scriptures and you used many ancient pills from small tribes to make your vitality, blood, Qi, bones and soul stronger! Your grand talents matured slowly, and now you’re progressing faster and faster. Life’s not fair,” sniffed Huang Fu Long unhappily.
Tantai looked at him and said, “I’m going to help you too!”
Lin Feng understood that there could be conflicts between people like that. However, young people in the tribe did look strange. The young people were weak and looked pitiful. Tantai was very young too, maybe a year older than some of them, and he had already broken through to the Huang Qi layer. His cultivation was already very stable. He looked like a massive beast with great vitality.
“Lin Feng, unfortunately, you haven’t broken through to the Huang Qi layer, otherwise I would have fought against you!,” said Huang Fu Long. He had never defeated Lin Feng, and each time they met he liked to challenge him.
“Alright, stop fighting, you two. Did you offend people outside, you two?” asked the old man to Tantai.
Tantai smiled, he looked embarrassed. “Mister, in the Holy City, that bunch of bastards despised us and didn’t let us enter university. We were furious, so we fought with that bunch of bastards.”
“You lost?” said the old man indifferently.
“That was an accident…” replied Tantai nervously.
“You lost and came back because you want me to heal you? How shameless,” sighed the old man suddenly. His Qi was terrifying, and even Tantai shivered.
A bunch of weirdos, thought Lin Feng, sweating. All those people were strange, even the old people.

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