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PMG Chapter 1728: Medicine Scriptures

PMG Chapter 1728: Medicine Scriptures
“Accident? Show me your injuries,” said the old man unhappily. He inspected Tantai’s pulse and frowned.
“How cold. That’s Cold Hells strength? Did you meet the Ice King’s grandson?” asked the old man of Tantai.
“I didn’t. It was someone from the Snow Clan,” answered Tantai, scratching his head.
The old man raised his head andasked, “The Snow Clan arrived in the Holy City?”
“Indeed. A few young people, they’re incredibly arrogant,” Tantai told him unhappily. He had bad memories. “But the Snow Clan’s women are so beautiful. It’s incredible!”
Tantai was smiling at the thought. The old man rolled his eyes and said, “You’re starting to think about women. The women of the Snow Clan are extremely beautiful, of course, but you can’t go and offend them. Your injuries are serious. I’ll go and prepare a potion for you. You know what to do.”
“Don’t worry, Mister, just heal my injuries, and then give me some medicine I can take in different circumstances. I’ll just take them myself,” Tantai agreed with a smile, as if being injured was a good thing.
Lin Feng was speechless, but he was more preoccupied with the fact that the Snow Clan was in the Holy City.
“Baby boy, come too,” said the old man to Lin Feng. Lin Feng nodded and followed along as they were brought to a simple room.
It was a small world, but different from other small worlds Lin Feng had seen. This small world didn’t have pavilions, rivers, lakes, or forests, it was desolate and unpopulated. However, they could see medicinal herbs in the distance, gigantic fields, and the peasants living in thatched huts.
It reminded Lin Feng of the ancient times. That world seemed perfect for Tantai.
The old man set a flower on fire; a simple fire, no cauldron, no special fire.
“Lin Feng, did you notice anything strange?” Huang Fu Long asked Lin Feng. Tantai was next to them. He was so tall that even when seated it was as if he was standing.
How strange…, thought Lin Feng.
“The first time, it was the same for me but I’m used to it now. The ancient tribes are like that, they’re not civilized. People who can heal cultivators of the Ling Qi layer or Xuan Qi layer are already very rare. In old days, the ancestors taught them how to heal, they had all Medicine Scriptures with recipes and so on. And the most incredible part of that story is that they can drain the energy out of your injuries, which is then good for them because they can use them for other purposes. It’s so strange,” Huang Fu Long explained to Lin Feng.
Lin Feng was stupefied. An ancient tribe? This tribe was probably a powerful one…
“Do they get hurt on purpose then?” asked Lin Feng.
Huang Fu Long nodded: “You’re right, those people fight every day and get hurt, then they recover and fight again. Their blood is different from people in the outside world. They don’t use the stuff they give to babies to make them break through to the Tian Qi layer like people in the outside world, they like to practice cultivation slowly, and become stronger step by step. When they feel they’re ready, they start practicing cultivation and then suddenly they become stronger and stronger at the speed of light.”
Lin Feng glanced at Tantai. No wonder this Tantai was a bit strange!
“I see, but do they use medicine to start?” Lin Feng asked Tantai.
“Indeed. We look at the cultivation level of our children when they’re about fifteen years old, it’s the most important age in our tribe. And then we start giving them suitable potions. No matter how you grew up, in what conditions, poor or wealthy, all the children are raised and can change their body, blood, will, and soul. We have so many potions here for everything; the blood, the bones, the soul, anything. We have powders, pills, liquids. We also have many seeds. Some people can become giants, many people choose this. From the age of fifteen, people are raised by the clan in every aspect!” explained Tantai.
Lin Feng was stupefied. Some people in the middle of nowhere understood such deep principles. Lin Feng definitely agreed with their methods. They could share, their society was almost perfect. They lacked nothing!
“When you’re injured, it’s the same, you can also take pills. The problem is that we prefer using herbs to heal rather than to become stronger. We like being injured to convert it into strength and courage. We don’t want to depend on herbs,” continued Tantai, smiling at Lin Feng. “But I don’t understand those things that good, anyway. Only old people know about those things. Lin Feng, don’t worry, of course, I think our philosophy is not that bad.”
“I think so too. The philosophy of your group is great,” agreed Lin Feng with a nod.
“You can understand what I said?” asked Tantai. Lin Feng had understood him, but Tantai didn’t understand what he said himself.
“A few things,” replied Lin Feng, smiling. They belonged to different worlds. Learning about the culture of that tribe was an honor for Lin Feng.
“Lin Feng, this tribe are expert at creating medicine. They helped me change my body. Otherwise, I wouldn’t have broken through to the Huang Qi layer that fast,”Huang Fu Long told him with a smile. Tantai and Huang Fu Long had fought against each other back then, it was a great thing and the tribe was perfect for him.
“By the way, Lin Feng, you didn’t tell me, how did you end up here?” asked Huang Fu Long of Lin Feng.
“I traveled for a while. I went to Vast Celestial Ancient City, and then I was on my way to the Holy City and those people brought me here,” replied Lin Feng cheerfully. He was trying to be clear and concise.
“You’re also going to the Holy City? Great! When we recover, let’s go there together, but you better try and break through to the Huang Qi layer, especially if you want to go to university. There are too many terrifying cultivators and some young people who are called kings. In the Region of the Dark Night, I am extremely weak,” admitted Huang Fu Long. His eyes were twinkling and he felt enthusiastic. “Lin Feng, people here are much stronger than in the small world, I love it here!”
“The region is gigantic, the Holy City is one of the three main cities, of course there are terrifying cultivators there, the best ones all move there,” Lin Feng told him happily, but he was also impatient. He wanted to see incredible cultivators! Lin Feng, and maybe Huang Fu Long and the others, if they had stayed in a small world, they might not have broken through to the Huang Qi layer because the environment wasn’t suitable.
But in the great world, there were more possibilities!
“Indeed. Some people are terrifyingly powerful. There are also incredibly beautiful women. Men chase them constantly. And outstanding women are arrogant,” said Huang Fu Long in annoyance.
“He’s looking for a girlfriend!” mocked Tantai.
“Shut up!” said the old man loudly. “Stop arguing. Don’t forget past lessons!”
“Hmph!” Tantai groaned. “Nobody outside knows that I’m here. I didn’t cause trouble. That bastard says he’s a Champion. He’s insane. I didn’t want the clan to get involved.”
“Bastard!” said the old man furiously. “Tantai, did you hear what you said? You said you don’t want the tribe to get involved? Don’t forget about Ling Tian. Do you think I could let you die?”
“Grandpa, it’s not that serious. Don’t worry. As long as I’m not strong enough to kill him, then I won’t fight against him,” said Tantai. Fighting against that person would be too difficult. Ling Tian was from another tribe, he had defeated Tantai. Now, he had proclaimed himself a Champion and despised everyone.

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