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PMG Chapter 1729: Champion

PMG Chapter 1729: Champion
“Champion?” Lin Feng was curious. Some people were geniuses, some people had king bodies, but what was a champion?
“Lin Feng, you don’t know what a champion is?” Huang Fu Long asked him.
“I only know about king bodies,” replied Lin Feng.
“Indeed, in Vast Celestial Ancient City, maybe there are no champions, but the Holy City is different. It’s in the central part of the region. No matter whom they face, such people proclaim themselves Champions and challenge people,” Huang Fu Long explained to Lin Feng.
“Well, if those people are champions, they keep challenging the most outstanding geniuses?” wondered Lin Feng.
“Of course. Those who proclaim themselves Champions are terrifying. They fear nobody. Of course, some of their opponents are stronger and defeat them, and then they become new champions. As long as they don’t die, they fight to amaze the whole region.”
Huang Fu Long seemed very enthusiastic and laughed loudly. He dreamed of being a Champion.
“I see.” Lin Feng now understood what Champions were. It seemed that ancient traditions persisted through the ages. Tantai was saying that he had to become stronger to kill his opponent, a Champion.
“Alright, take it now,” ordered the old man, giving a full jar full of liquid medicine to Tantai. Tantai swallowed everything in one bite. After that, he opened his mouth and burped as his face twisted. The drink was awful!
“Refine the potion now!” shouted the old man. Tantai nodded and closed his eyes,starting to modify the medicine inside his body. Even though the old man’s cultivation level wasn’t very high as he hadn’t become a great emperor, his medical skills were incredible. Tantai had faith in him.
At that moment Lin Feng sensed a cold energy invade the atmosphere. He looked at Tantai assessingly. A terrifying ice energy was being forced out of Tantai’s body.
That medicine is very good for Tantai. He’s healing quickly…, thought Lin Feng. The tribe had been doing research into medicine for a very long time, they had such incredible skills. Many people dreamt of having such potions!
“Master, the Medicine Scriptures probably contain terrifying skills, right?” said Lin Feng to the old man.
“Indeed. The doctors of the tribe created many techniques and skills involving medicine. They also did much research about animal strength. My clan found out that animal strength was good for various things, and especially for people like Tantai, who use animal attacks and skills. He’s like a lion, and a lion can destroy mountains and rivers. If someday he had the lion king body, that would be incredible,” replied the old man, not hiding the truth. “There are also some people who still practice dragon strength, elephant strength, great roc strength, etc. We have all sorts of people and techniques.”
“I see!” Lin Feng nodded. Animal powers were perfect for those people, no wonder Tantai acted like an animal. He practiced lion skills and techniques!
“Huang Fu Long has a powerful and brutal dragon body, so our clan is suitable for him. That’s why we helped him. Unfortunately, he’s not that young anymore, and it’s difficult to make his body change. He can only rely on strength now,” said the old man sadly.
Huang Fu Long smiled happily “It’s already good, I benefit a lot from being here. I even broke through to the Huang Qi layer really quickly! If I hadn’t been here, it would have taken much longer!
“By the way, Lin Feng, maybe he can help you break through to the Huang Qi layer?”
“Potentially?” wondered Lin Feng, but he smiled and shook his head. “No need. I don’t use medicine.”
Lin Feng had cleansed his body many times with the Deva-Mara Kalpa strength, each time in his small world he already modified his body. The effects were similar to this tribe’s methods, but the Deva-Mara Kalpa strength was mysterious.
“You!” said Huang Fu Long, shaking his head. The old man smiled at Lin Feng, this little boy wasn’t easy to understand. Surprisingly, he had refused calmly!
“Good!” said Tantai at that moment. He looked like he was having fun.
Lin Feng looked at him, Tantai released lion Qi. He was really strong, the medicine had made him stronger!
“Let’s go back to the Holy City. This time, let’s hope that moron doesn’t die,” said Tantai.
The old man rolled his eyes. “You little bastard, can you stop talking nonsense?”
“You get angry easily. You don’t want me to become stronger?” said Tantai to the old man. “Don’t worry, I have the feeling that you are approving!
“Lin Feng, come with us! The Holy City is much more fun than the tribes. Let’s go and travel!” declared Tantai, smiling down at Lin Feng.
“Right, Lin Feng, come with us,” said Huang Fu Long. He looked excited. Lin Feng shook his head and smiled wryly. But going with them was a good idea. Being with two friends while traveling was a good thing!
His two friends were wanted by some people, though. With them, the situation could get dangerous…
“Let’s go!” said Lin Feng with a helpless smile.
“Awesome!” said Tantai, clapping Lin Feng’s shoulder. Lin Feng said goodbye to the old man, and they quickly left.
In the outside world, up in the sky, there was a boat with three people on it. Tantai sensed the very strong wind brushing against his body and said, “Lin Feng, our speed is incredible, we’re going to save a lot of time, we can be there within half a day!”
“It’s the first time I have seen something this fast. Lin Feng, how did you get this?” asked Huang Fu Long. He was very curious. Lin Feng hadn’t broken through to the Huang Qi layer, and surprisingly he had such a terrifying treasure.
“Vast Celestial Ancient City is far away from the Holy City, so an elder helped me and gave it to me,” answered Lin Feng easily.
“With the strength of the Zun Qi layer, it would have taken you ages to travel to the Holy City from Vast Celestial Ancient City,” said Tantai with a nod. “By the way, Lin Feng, the beautiful women of the Snow Clan are so beautiful and very arrogant. Should we go and try to find a girlfriend among them?”
Lin Feng smiled wryly. No wonder that Huang Fu Long called him Tantai the Idiot. This guy had just forgotten what his grandpa had told him.
“Forget about Lin Feng. His wife is even more beautiful than the women of the Snow Clan. If you want to do that, you can go and do it yourself,” Huang Fu Long told Tantai.
“Hehe, I was just joking! But I must get my revenge against the one who injured me…” said Tantai unhappily. It had been hard for him.
“Eh!” said Huang Fu Long. “The Snow Clan thing is complicated to deal with anyway, let’s go to university first.”
“Indeed. No worries for the revenge. First university, and then we’ll see if we can study anything interesting,” agreed Tantai. “Lin Feng, you haven’t broken through to the Huang Qi layer yet. It’ll be difficult for you to go to university, the exams are very tough. Huang Qi layer doesn’t have any guarantee, either.”
“How come you were rejected last time? You failed the exam?” asked Lin Feng.
“That bastard! Last time, I looked at that girl too much and we started fighting,” said Tantai angrily.
Lin Feng understood.
“You said that you wanted her to be your wife, you started fighting, it’s normal!” said Huang Fu Long.
Tantai laughed and said spiritedly, “Have you never seen a beautiful woman? I wish I could have one!”
“Alright!” said Lin Feng, shaking his head. “What kind of exam do we have to sit to enter university?”
“Battles, if can battle your way through, then you pass the exam. Different criteria for people of different ages and cultivation levels,” replied Tantai. Lin Feng nodded, that exam was fair. No matter what the person’s social status, they could try!

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