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PMG Chapter 173: Vast Power

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Early in the morning there were no clouds for over a thousand miles. The Celestial Academy was bathed in sunlight. A layer of warmth covered the entire area.

At that moment, many people had gathered in one of the public squares as if they were waiting for something.

There was a gigantic fighting stage that had been erected in that public square. On its edge, a viewing platform had been constructed.

The viewing platform was huge and made from bluestone. The height of the viewing platform reached five meters and its width a hundred meters. On the viewing platform, more than a hundred chairs had been created as well. From these chairs, it was possible to see the fighting stage perfectly.

“What’s going on? It looks like there’s going to be a great battle.” said a person who just arrived at the public square with a puzzled expression.

“Could it be that you don’t know what day it is today? It is the day of the fight between Lin Feng and Hei Mo. I wouldn’t have thought that the academy would build such an arena for the occasion though.” Said another person to his side.

Everyone was puzzled by these events. In the Celestial Academy, challenges were very common. The people of high status in the hierarchy usually didn’t care except for when prodigious students were involved. They liked to watch battles involving prodigious students. However, the scenery, at that moment, was unprecedented.

“Hehe, it seems like there are many things that you don’t know.” said another person moving towards them while smiling. He then said: “First, Lin Feng went crazy in the Bai Clan’s Prisoner Arena. Then, he killed one of the Bai Clan members who was at the seventh Ling Qi Layer. He then liberated some of the slaves that were inside the cage. He even made a public spectacle of the Bai Clan. He slaughtered all of the Bai Clan members which came to the academy to apprehend him, except a person at the Xuan Qi layer. His reputation quickly rose to new heights. There is no one who does not know of his name inside the academy.”

“Then, there is another rumor saying that Lin Feng while wearing a silver mask, went back to the Prisoner Arena and killed Mu Fan of the Holy Courtyard of Xue Yue. He won a daemonic fire lion, which he then sold it in the auction market.”

“What? You’re saying that the mysterious person wearing a silver mask was Lin Feng?” said the two other students while looking stupefied by what they had just heard. Surprisingly, that was Lin Feng as well. How was that possible?

“Hehe, not many people know about that. I also know that if you compare the man in the silver mask’s temperament and insane attitude, all of these things  resemble things of Lin Feng. It must be him.” continued the student while looking proud of himself.

“When he came back, Lin Feng then went to the fourth floor of the cultivation tower, killed Zu Ning, Ke Cheng, and Gong Lun. He scared three other students of the sixth Ling Qi layer so much that they escaped. He completely humiliated them. He then seized all of the eight rooms on the fourth floor of the cultivation tower. He doesn’t let anyone use the fourth floor anymore. He’s brutally strong. Nowadays, at the academy, nobody is as famous as Lin Feng. There are even people who say that few students of the sixth Ling Qi layer can defeat him. They even say that Hei Mo cannot possibly defeat him.”

“How powerful.” whispered the two other students.

He had killed a strong cultivator of the seventh Ling Qi layer. He had easily killed Zu Ning and some other students of the sixth Ling Qi layer. He was so strong that the entire fourth floor of the cultivation tower already belonged to him. Could it be the rumors were true and that Hei Mo, one of the top ten students of the academy, had already been surpassed by him? The battle was definitely going to be spectacular.

“But why did they build all these viewing platforms? What does that have to do with the story about Lin Feng?”

“That is a very complex question. Lin Feng is almost more popular than Hei Mo. There are even some people who say he is much stronger than Hei Mo. How could Hei Mo, who is one of the top ten students of the academy, remain indifferent? Arrogant as he is, he probably wants to prove to everyone that he is stronger. Therefore, he took the initiative to make the battle, a public event. This time, his clan will come. He will use this battle to gain prestige and power.”

“Besides, the first time that Lin Feng went to the Prisoner Arena, not only did he provoke the Bai Clan but he also had a confrontation against a young man whose family name was Yu. That is not all, the second time that he went to the Prisoner Arena, he offended some students of the Holy Courtyard of Xue Yue. Amongst these people, there was another person whose family name was Yu. These two young men of the Yu Clan will come here as well as the members of the Bai Clan and some people of the Holy Courtyard of Xue Yue.”

When that student finished talking, the two other students were astonished and their heart was beating faster.

The Bai Clan, the Holy Courtyard of Xue Yue, Hei Mo’s clan, people of the family Yu… were all coming to watch the battle.

That was going to be a magnificent battle. No wonder the Celestial Academy had built that fighting stage and viewing platform. There was even a row of seats at the level of the ground; which was probably destined for visitors of high status.

They were getting more and more impatient to watch the battle. They grew so excited they could not wait any longer.

The sun gradually rose higher in the sky and the Bai Clan, the people of Holy Courtyard of Xue Yue, Hei Mo’s clan, as well as some people of the Yu clan arrived at the Celestial Academy to watch the battle of Lin Feng and Hei Mo. At an incredible speed, the public square of the academy was already packed with people… even though Lin Feng and Hei Mo hadn’t even agreed on a precise time. The only sure thing was that the battle was supposed to happen on that day.

At that moment, a silhouette appeared on the edge of the public square. The person was walking slowly towards the stage.

That person was wearing a black robe and his entire body was covered with a cold and evil Qi. The expression on his face looked profoundly dark. Each of his steps was filled with determination.

“Hei Mo!”

When they saw the person approaching, the crowd started whispering all sorts of comments. The person who had just arrived was Hei Mo.

At that moment, they only saw Hei Mo step onto the fighting stage. He then sat cross-legged and closed his eyes. He wasn’t looking at the crowd, it was if they were all invisible to him.

Adopting such an indifferent and cold attitude was one way of making other people feel ashamed of their inferiority. That wasn’t easy though to remain indifferent while tens of thousands of people were all watching you.

Hei Mo was one of the ten best cultivators of the Celestial Academy and had already reached the peak of the sixth Ling Qi layer. His spirit was the rare Black Flame spirit. Even cultivators of the seventh Qi layer didn’t dare fight against him.

Only those who had already fought against Hei Mo could tell how terrifying his strength was. Even though he was ranked tenth, the person above him in the rankings didn’t dare provoke him. Hei Mo was very dangerous.

At that moment, far away, many silhouettes were moving towards the fighting stage. They were an extremely large group. Amongst them, there was a middle-aged man who was wearing purple clothes. Behind him were two young men. If Lin Feng had been there, he would have recognized them. One of them had been smashed into his stone chair by Lin Feng and the other was a student of the Holy Courtyard of Xue Yue, the one that had convinced Mu Fan to go and fight against the daemonic fire lion.

Behind these three people was a large crowd of people. They were obviously members of the Bai Clan. The middle-aged man in blue clothes who had violently criticized the Holy Courtyard of Xue Yue had also come.

“Yu Clan.”

Some people in the crowd surprised. Even though they had never seen the middle-aged man before, the crowd knew that the two young men standing next to him were indubitably members of the Yu Clan. The Bai Clan members were all walking behind them.

The Yu Clan and Imperial Clan were both standing at the top as the most powerful clans. No matter what, whether it be the Prisoner Arena or the auction market, the Yu Clan always had to give their permission for the business to operate.

In the Imperial City, apart from the Imperial Clan, the Yue Clan, and the Wan Shou Men Sect, nobody could compete with the Yu Clan. The Yue Clan was very discreet and quiet as if they didn’t care about external affairs, which gave even more power to the Yu Clan.

Walking on the left side, there was a group of people wearing the same clothes in which two words were written in big letters: “HOLY COURTYARD”.

They belonged to the Holy Courtyard of Xue Yue.

On the right side was a group of young men wearing black clothes. Each and every single one of them looked ice-cold and had a cold Qi emerging from their bodies.

That was the Nie Clan of the Imperial City. They were a very special clan. They didn’t look like the Yue Clan in terms of influence, but nobody dared provoke them. There wasn’t a single weak cultivator that belonged to the Nie Clan.

While the large group of people approached the public square, a gigantic and oppressive force fell down onto the crowd, which made them gradually calm down until silence had completely invaded the atmosphere.

“Visitors, please accept my most sincere apologies. I wasn’t able to come pick you up.”

A voice emerged through the air. Immediately after, a silhouette came down from the sky. Using an agility technique, his silhouette disappeared and landed in front of the Yu Clan and the other visitors.

The man in purple clothes frowned and looked at Vice-Principal Long. He was upset.

“Vice-Principal Long, how imposing, how arrogant.” said the young man in purple clothes indifferently. Obviously, he was referring to the fact that Vice-Principal Long hadn’t been very polite while descending from the sky.

“Hehe, Mister Yu’s prestige is vast and mighty, he can act just as arrogant as me.”

Vice-Principal Long was fighting with a small verbal confrontation. Immediately after, he pointed towards the viewing platform and said: “Please take your seats and let’s watch the battle.”

The man in purple clothes groaned coldly and walked towards the viewing platform.

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