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PMG Chapter 1730: Champion University

PMG Chapter 1730: Champion University
The Holy City was incredible, it was a gigantic city, but it looked like a small world. There were probably billions of people there!
Therefore, Lin Feng could also see mountains, lakes and rivers on the horizon among gigantic buildings. There were also people everywhere, some of them having fun in parks. In the Holy City, everybody was a cultivator!
“Lin Feng, can you see that mountain?” asked Huang Fu Long, pointing at a mountain. It was gigantic, with precipices all around, lofty and piercing through the clouds. Lin Feng and the others were flying and still had to raise their heads to look at it.
“That is the Buddha Mountain, people who practice Buddhist Cultivation go there on pilgrimages. There are 99,999 steps to get to the top. That’s a way of achieving enlightenment for them. It is said that the record to get to the top is three years, and it was someone a long time ago,” Huang Fu Long told him.
Lin Feng was stupefied. What a difficult test! Three years? It meant that some people might need ten years or more to get to the top!
“People who succeed are very determined. Otherwise, how could they become incredible Buddhist cultivators?” murmured Lin Feng. Three years to climb up a flight of stairs for enlightenment? Lin Feng didn’t really want to do that. Besides, three years was the record, it could take more.
“You’re wrong,” said Huang Fu Long, laughing at Lin Feng: “You can’t imagine.”
“Oh?” Lin Feng didn’t understand. “How am I wrong?”
“A long time ago, very few people came here and from what people know, they all became great demon cultivators, and not Buddhist cultivators,” laughed Huang Fu Long.
Lin Feng frowned, they didn’t practice Buddhist cultivation, they became incredible demon cultivators?
“At the top of the mountain, is there a Buddhist school?” asked Lin Feng. Why did those people become demons if they were Buddhists?
“It must be a Buddhist school. It is said that people there are terrifying. Nobody has doubts about that, otherwise, nobody would do the pilgrimage,” Huang Fu Long told him.
“Can’t you get to the top by flying?”
“Nobody has ever tried. Never go against ancient Buddhist rules,” said Huang Fu Long, shaking his head.
“Very strange place,” agreed Lin Feng with a smile. He turned around and looked at the mountain. Unfortunately, he didn’t practice Buddhist cultivation, otherwise he would try.
“The Holy City has many mysteries!” said Huang Fu Long, laughing in anticipation.
“By the way, there are several universities in the Holy City, to which one are we going?” asked Lin Feng. He had heard about several universities but he didn’t know their names.
“In the Holy City, there are four universities for different majors. Champion University, which trains people to become champions. People there love fighting. The Celestial Godly University is where people study special powers. The Ancient University trains people to develop their godly awareness, they’re very strong, they can destroy people’s will and stuff like that. Only the Four Seasons University is different, they don’t put the emphasis on anything in particular, they think every discipline is important,” Tantai informed him.
“Which ones are the best?” asked Lin Feng.
“They can’t be compared, they have different purposes,” replied Tantai. Those universities had existed for a long time in the Holy City. Because every generation was different, different universities were created. There was no competition between them.
“Which university do you want to go to?” asked Lin Feng. He was curious. These guys were fighters and had powerful physical bodies. Maybe that they wanted to go to the Champion University.
“Not sure yet,” replied Tantai, scratching his head and smiling uncertainly.
“How will you find a girlfriend from the Snow Clan if you’re not sure?” asked Lin Feng. That guy had said that he had had a problem with a girl from the Snow Clan last time when sitting an exam.
Tantai looked embarrassed, but laughed to cover it up.
He’s odd, thought Lin Feng.
Then Huang Fu Long said in a low voice: “Let me explain. It doesn’t matter really, Lin Feng, we’re in the Holy City now. Last time we went to the Champion University but we failed the exam, that’s all. Tantai just didn’t want to tell his grandfather about that. Then, we went to the Celestial Godly University and encountered someone from the Snow Clan, whom we fought.”
Lin Feng twitched. He understood now. Tantai was embarrassed, he had failed the exam of Champion University and then he had lost against a member of the Snow Clan. No wonder he didn’t want to tell his grandpa.
“Lin Feng, we failed the exam of the Champion University, you choose, which university should we go to? In any case it’s all about cultivation, there will be people to fight everywhere,” said Tantai. The Region of the Dark Night had many outstanding young men who came to the three main cities to practice, those people were usually already strong. The four universities of the Holy City probably raised incredible talents.
“You want to go to the Champion University, right? Last time you failed, do you want to try again?” asked Lin Feng.
“Alright! The exam is every three months. If you fail, you can try again. The last exam was a month ago. We have to wait to enter the next exam,” replied Tantai. The Champion University was perfect for Tantai and Huang Fu Long, they were real fighters. They had failed the last time and three months wasn’t a long wait to wait for the chance to become much stronger. They were worried for Lin Feng who hadn’t broken through to the Huang Qi layer.
“Alright, let’s try Champion University again then,” Lin Feng nodded.
“Alright, last time, I failed. Even if I went to other universities, I’d probably fail as well. My best chance is to try Champion University until I succeed. If I fail next time too, I’ll just wait three more months and then try again,” said Tantai firmly. The three of them headed towards Champion University.
The boat was extremely fast, and after a short time, they saw a gigantic campus, a city within the city.
“Lin Feng, that’s Champion University! Outsiders can’t enter by flying. Even students can fly only at a thousand meters around the area. They’re very strict!” Huang Fu Long explained to Lin Feng.
“I understand!” nodded Lin Feng. The place was so famous, so being strict wasn’t surprising.
“I think the university looks like a country in the small world,” observed Huang Fu Long with a laugh. The campus was gigantic. There were mountains, lakes, and rivers. There were historical remains too!
“Indeed. In the small world, you’d be a god, but here at university?” agreed Lin Feng, laughing. “That university is very old, the buildings are so well preserved though! And there are some mysterious historical remains, just like in a country actually!”
“Let’s go.” Lin Feng and the others descended to the ground and arrived outside of Champion University. There were some people looking at the university and dreaming that someday they’d be able to study there.
“We must wait a little less two months before the next exam. I wonder how many people will be accepted?” asked someone outside.
“Something great is going to happen before the next exam, though. The Champion will be announced,” replied his interlocutor. Many people were stupefied when they heard that. The Champion? Maybe that if they defeated the Champion, they’d become Champions too!
“You can’t fight against him. At the same level, he’s too strong, and you have no experience. People of the same generation can’t fight against him.”
People nodded. Indeed, in the Holy City, there were too many geniuses. But at the same time, there were also many potential champions!
Kacha! Tantai clenched his fists when he heard them. He looked like an animal.
Lin Feng looked at Tantai. The one who had said he was a Champion, was that the person Tantai had talked about?

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