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PMG Chapter 1732: Reputation

PMG Chapter 1732: Reputation
“Chu Chun Qiu studied the Sky Absorbing Holy Scriptures. He can absorb emperors’ wills. He should go to to the Ancient University, but he’s enigmatic and unfathomable, maybe he will go to another university,” suggested Jun Mo Xi.
Lin Feng nodded agreement. Chu Chun Qiu was enigmatic. In less than half a year, he had become a medium-level emperor, he was terrifyingly strong now and would become monstrously strong in the future.
“Mo Xi, did you know that Chu Chun Qiu became a medium-level emperor?” said Lin Feng.
Jun Mo Xi nodded. “Even though I came back to the Holy City, I still know what’s going on in the Vast Celestial Ancient City. Chu Chun Qiu became a medium-level emperor in less than two years, you killed Cang Xiao and then disappeared. Back then, I thought you were probably going to come to the Holy City. Of course, I hadn’t thought you’d come so fast.”
“In less than two years?” Huang Fu Long was startled. How strong!
“Actually, less than one and a half,” corrected Lin Feng. He asked Jun Mo Xi, “What do you think about Chu Chun Qiu?”
“He’s very secretive. I wonder if the Chu Clan helped him or if he solely relied on his strength. If he did rely solely on himself, then it means he’s a terrifying cultivator,” replied Jun Mo Xi. Such a cultivation speed was almost impossible.
Lin Feng nodded and smiled. “Let’s not talk about him and drink!”

And so they continued drinking.
“How good. Cultivators love very strong alcohol, Hot Unit makes my blood boil!” said Tantai happily. It was good to be with friends!
After drinking for a while, the faces of the four friends were all red. Jun Mo Xi stood up and laughed, “I haven’t been that happy in a long time. We have no alcohol left, let’s go out, I’ll introduce you to some people. Maybe that they’ll become your competitors if they want to go to the same university as you.”
“Alright, the Holy City is legendary for us, let’s do some sightseeing,” said Lin Feng cheerfully. They all started walking the streets of the Holy City.
“Maybe Huang Fu Long will meet someone!” said Jun Mo Xi, laughing. Everybody else laughed too.
The friends left the King of Hell Palace. Jun Mo Xi was the Prince of Hell, nobody dared stop him.

In the Holy City, there was a gigantic building, the Palace of Provision, with flights of stairs all around it. At the top of the building, there was an ancient pavilion with good food and good alcohol. There was also a young woman dancing lightly and gracefully. However, nobody else could go to that pavilion.
At that moment, Jun Mo Xi and the others arrived at the foot of the Palace of Provision. However, a group of beautiful women prevented them from going in. They were all beautiful and graceful. They smiled at Jun Mo Xi. “Prince of Hell, your presence brings light to our humble dwelling,” one of them greeted him.
“Those people are my friends. I want to show them around.” said Jun Mo Xi with a smile.
However, a woman smiled back and asked, “The Palace of Provision has rules. Who are they?”
“I can’t take my friends in?” asked Jun Mo Xi unhappily.
“The friends of the Prince of Hell are probably outstanding people, but the Palace of Provision has rules/ People who are above forty years old and people whose cultivation level is inferior to emperor cannot enter the Palace of Provision. Please don’t feel offended,” said the woman, looking embarrassed. Lin Feng was stupefied and thought that the Palace of Provision was probably monstrously strong, because those rules were very specific. Being under forty and having already broken through to the Huang Qi layer was already incredible. But in the Holy City, there were also many geniuses….
“There are more rules. Those who are very talented and those who have a prestigious social status can also enter the palace, right?” asked Jun Mo Xi indifferently.
“Indeed, so you understand my position.”
Lin Feng walked up to the woman and suddenly lights appeared indistinctly. Lin Feng was suddenly surrounded by many lights of different colors. They looked beautiful.
“Cosmic strength, so many cosmic energies…” The woman was surprised as she smiled, “You’re incredible, you already control so many cosmic energies, when you break through to the Huang Qi layer, you’ll be terrifying. You are very talented, you are welcome to the Palace of Provision.”
Then, she nodded to indicate Lin Feng could go in.
“Richly ornamented palace, the statues and paintings seem alive,” said Tantai with a sigh. “That’s the king’s palace, right? It’s incredible. It’s the first time I’ve come here.”
“Indeed, that’s the king’s palace. Even though there are many rules, people who come here are really incredible. They can hang out with many other incredible geniuses. They can also learn about things you can’t even imagine.” Jun Mo Xi replied cheerfully. The four of them walked up a flight of stairs, seeing people on every floor.
After a short time, they arrived at the top, it was quite large. There were many people, who seemed to be talking about something.
A beautiful woman led the way and showed Jun Mo Xi and the others to a stone table. They sat down and started drinking good alcohol and eating good food.
“The Holy City is a great place for geniuses, it plays an important role as one of the main cities. There is a lot of competition here. The best fighters are the most competitive. Those who can defeat the most heroic young people become Champions. The Champion University is the strongest group,” a young man said at that moment.
“The Champion University is very famous, but are they really the best? Why would the Champion be Ying Cheng, then? He’s from the Celestial Godly University,” said someone else. “All in all, cultivators can’t avoid using special powers; cultivation is limited, but strength is the most important thing.”
“The four universities have a long history. Many people compete against each others. Everybody wants to be a Champion. No matter what, the future can always change. Even though Ying Cheng is the Champion and his attacks are terrifying, it doesn’t prove that he’s a peerless cultivator,” said someone else. For him, competition was useless.
“So according to you, everybody should go to the Four Seasons University and study all sorts of things, but don’t forget that even though the Four Seasons University is one of the four universities, most of the geniuses who studied there were amongst the weakest ones,” rebutted the other one.
“Just statistics, cultivators are free to choose their own path.” Everybody expressed their own opinions. Lin Feng was thinking. Cultivators could choose their own path, but it was difficult. For Lin Feng, everything seemed to be possible, but still the situation was complex. His cultivation speed wasn’t incredible, but he was very good at fighting because he had studied a lot of things.
Thinking too much about those things were useless. Life was mysterious, Lin Feng had thought about those questions in the past but each time it was the same, he had no answer. The best thing was to focus.
“The Prince of Hell is here. What do you think, my friend?” asked someone with a smile of greeting.
“I’m not very smart, I learn so slowly, and I am bad in terms of physical strength, battling strategies, skills, techniques, willpower, and soul,”replied Jun Mo Xi lightly.
It sounded like bullshit, but nobody laughed. Many people whispered. Then, the one who had just talked smiled and said, “You’re right. The most important thing is strength. The rest should be centered around cultivation.”
“Everybody has their own path. If someone isn’t a student anywhere, then they can dream,” said another person easily. “Who are those people next to you?”
“My friends!” stated Jun Mo Xi. “I’ve known Lin Feng and Huang Fu Long for many years. And that’s Tantai, a friend of mine.”
“Tantai, I saw him last time at the Celestial Godly University, a celestial girl from the Snow Clan kicked him last time. Friends of the Prince of Hell? I would have never thought that. I see!” said someone, smiling in a calm and serene way. Tantai and Huang Fu Long glanced at him coldly.
“I’ve heard that Brother Shang has failed university exams four times. People who sat the exams for the first time with you are all students now and some of them even succeeded the first time. Brother Shan, I wouldn’t have thought I’d see you here. I’m very surprised,” Jun Mo Xi replied coolly.
“It’s okay to practice!” that person said angrily. Jun Mo Xi was surprisingly making the situation escalate.
“I’ve heard about Lin Feng!” spoke up someone else. Everybody looked at him. He looked at Lin Feng and asked cheerfully, “Your Excellency, are you from the Vast Celestial Ancient City?”
“Indeed,” confirmed Lin Feng politely.
“I see. Brother Lin, I’ve heard that you used the Celestial Evolution Chessboard and the Sun Holy Clan’s sun disc to kill dozens of emperors of the Vast Celestial Ancient City’s Holy Clans, and even some medium-level emperors. You even killed Cang Xiao. You like fighting, it seems!” said that person with a thin smile. He hadn’t thought he’d meet the legendary cultivator who had been abandoned by the gods. And the rumors were true, he wasn’t an emperor!
“Your Excellency, you’re flattering me,” replied Lin Feng politely. Huang Fu Long and Tantai looked at Lin Feng in a strange way. That guy had already killed that many emperors? Even medium-level emperors?
“Lin Feng, who has been abandoned by the gods at the Ice Moon Lake?” Many people now remembered Lin Feng’s name and looked at him. He had challenged many disciples from huge clans. Every big city paid attention to what happened in other cities. If something happened, they learned about it, and therefore many people had learned about the situation in Vast Celestial Ancient City.
Among the news, they had learned that Chu Chun Qiu was terrifyingly strong, and that someone with a Godly Imprint King Body and someone with the World King Body had appeared.
They also knew that Lin Feng who had been abandoned by the gods was an Imperial Kalpa, that he controlled seven types of cosmic energies, and that he had the Celestial Evolution Chessboard which he had used to kill many strong cultivators from the Sun Holy Clan and the Heaven Clan.
They also knew about the Moon Palace, Empress Xi’s rebirth, the Netherworld Demon Emperor, and the strong cultivators of the Moon Palace.
Those things were important, so people knew about Lin Feng.

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