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PMG Chapter 1733: Champion

PMG Chapter 1733: Champion
“Your Excellency, I’ve heard Lin Feng said he’d defy the skies and would break through to the Huang Qi layer. Unfortunately, he still only knows seven sorts of cosmic energies and hasn’t broken through to the Huang Qi layer,” a young man in white clothes said softly. He looked at Lin Feng with compassion.
“Unfortunately, he’s an Imperial Kalpa and can’t break through to the Huang Qi layer,” someone else explained. Lin Feng was very strange. They had heard about Lin Feng’s adventures at the Ice Moon Lake.
“Prince of Hell, your friend is special. He killed Yang Yan from the Sun Holy Clan! Now, he’s in the Holy City, he’ll definitely encounter some people from the Heaven Clan and the Sun Holy Clan if he stays here. They’ll want to get their revenge. Lin Feng should be very careful here.”
“Don’t worry about me. I was fine in the Vast Celestial Ancient City, so why wouldn’t I be safe in the Holy City? What could happen?” asked Lin Feng breezily.
“I’ve heard that Lin Feng relied on the Celestial Evolution Chessboard to kill emperors and that without the Celestial Evolution Chessboard, he would have died. Can you show us your Celestial Evolution Chessboard?” asked the one who had been rude to Tantai. Everybody was stupefied.
Brother Shang spoke up. “Indeed. The Celestial Evolution Chessboard is a treasure from the Celestial Evolution Holy Clan. I’ve never seen it. Please show it to us, Brother Lin Feng.”
Lin Feng looked at those people and smiled indifferently. “You all have incredible social statuses, you all have incredible treasures. Can you show them to me as well?”
“Right! You’re all quite cheeky! Would you show your treasures to everyone?” asked Tantai furiously. Those people were really brazen, the Celestial Evolution Chessboard was Lin Feng’s treasure, why would he show it to them? How ridiculous! After seeing it, what? They’d ask him if they could use it?
Those people were startled, Brother Shang smiled coldly. “You have a bad temper. We just to see how amazing the Celestial Evolution Chessboard is. What is the problem? You don’t know how to differentiate good from bad!”
“We don’t know how to differentiate good from bad? So why don’t you take out the great treasures of your clan then?” shot back Tantai furiously.
“Insolent!” shouted one of the young men coldly. “Do you know where you are? You came here, we let you in just to give the Prince of Hell face!”
Tantai suddenly stood up, he was furious, waves of energies were rolling around him. However, Jun Mo Xi dragged him back and made him sit down. Then, he said indifferently: “Shang Yu, the Palace of Provision is a place for incredible geniuses, you’re allowed in here, so why wouldn’t my friends be? You think that they were allowed in only to give me face?”
“You’re just supporting your friends. Those two emperors are maybe okay, but Lin Feng hasn’t even broken through to the Huang Qi layer yet, he couldn’t be in here if it wasn’t for you,” sneered Shang Yu indifferently.
“Lin Feng has killed many emperors in his life. Have you ever killed emperors, Brother Shang Yu?” asked Jun Mo Xi.
“The Vast Celestial Ancient City is the Vast Celestial Ancient City, here is the Holy City. Besides, back then, Lin Feng relied on the Celestial Evolution Chessboard to fight back then. It doesn’t prove he’s strong. If he doesn’t use weapons, then what will happen?” sniffed Shang Yu, taking a drink before he stopped talking.
“Amongst all these people, you’re one of the weakest ones,” noted Jun Mo Xi calmly. Shang Yu looked back at him coldly. Jun Mo Xi wasn’t pretending anymore, he was directly humiliating him.
Nobody said anything, but they were amused. It had nothing to do with them. Lin Feng came from the Vast Celestial Ancient City, they didn’t know how strong he was.

“How noisy!” said someone walking up the stairs towards the top floor. In another pavilion at the top, some people who had an imposing appearance were seated in a pavilion. They looked heroic.
That’s Yu Wen Hou, a strong cultivator from Champion University. He’s terrifyingly strong!, thought the crowd. Yu Wen Hou was famous in Champion University. He had been studying there for two years and he had already proven how strong he was. The following exam would depend on him.
“Don’t look at me like that. I’m just taking a walk.” said Yu Wen Hou evenly. Some beautiful women brought drinks over to him.
“Those people are cool. I wonder how many people will sit the exam next time,” wondered one of them with a smile.
“Dan Meng, be merciful when facing those little boys.” said someone else to the one who had just talked. He was dressed in black and smiling thinly. The crowd looked at Dan Meng. He played an important part in Champion University. He was very aggressive, too.
“Shang Yu, you keep failing, this time, do your best, your brother told me to take care of you.” Dan Meng said to Shang Yu with a smile. He then looked annoyed and said, “I have the feeling that you still need years before succeeding, though.”
“Haha, don’t worry. With you, the same thing couldn’t happen.” said Shang Yu, laughing loudly.
Everybody understood why Shang Yu wanted to pass the exam of the Champion University. He had tried to sit the exams of the other universities to train.
“You’re the chief examiner?” Tantai asked Dan Meng.
The chief examiners were in charge of the exams. Competitors had to defeat chief examiners.
“I’m one of the chiefs among the low-level emperors, indeed!” said Dan Meng, smiling at Tantai.
“Alright, if the other chief examiners are like you, then being accepted at the Champion University shouldn’t be a problem,” said Tantai with a smile. Everybody looked at Tantai speechlessly.
Lin Feng had a sip of alcohol, he remained silent. Tantai was a bit too direct…
As expected, Dan Meng’s mouth twitched, he looked at Tantai and said, “We’ll see.”
“Wait for me, then.” said Tantai cheerfully.
“The friends of the Prince of Hell are funny. He dares act so arrogantly!” Shang Yu observed coldly. Dan Meng was very strong. In a one on one fight against him, defeating Tantai wouldn’t be difficult for him, and Tantai dared say he would easily pass if all the chief examiners were like Dan Meng.
“Jun Mo Xi, let’s go. Those people are too narrow-minded. They only think about social status, it’s boring,” Tantai said to Jun Mo Xi.
“It’s not that way. Some of my friends like coming here. It’s just that they didn’t come today. We might meet them again next time,” agreed Jun Mo Xi, also standing up.
“Are you all going to sit the exam of Champion University?” Dan Meng asked Tantai and the others.
“The three of us will sit the exam of Champion University! Wait for us!” answered Tantai.
“Alright, we’ll see!” replied Dan Meng.
Shang Yu broke in. “Good luck, you can’t use treasures at the exam, only pure strength!”
“I hope you don’t encounter me at the exam!” said Tantai to Shang Yu. “Otherwise, you’ll fail like all the other times.”
“We’ll see!” Shang Yu spat back.

Jun Mo Xi and the others left the Palace of Provision, and after that, they went back to the King of Hell Palace. They stayed there until the three days preceding the university exam. Ying Cheng had a battle stage in the Celestial Godly University.
The four universities had existed for a long time in the Holy City. They had a long history, and many geniuses had studied there, including some people who had amazed the whole region.
In history, after becoming a Champion, the academic institutions considered the cultivator as extremely strong. It was an honor. Of course, Champions also had to go through a terribly difficult exam, otherwise, if they became normal after having become Champions, then the universities would have been humiliated.
Ying Cheng was in the Celestial Godly University and walking towards the crowd from the Holy City. He was King Ying in that place.
At that moment, the crowd was gigantic, Lin Feng was among them.
How incredible There are even many great emperors, Tantai thought, glancing around. Even in the bleachers, some people were terrifying.
Around the Champion’s bleachers, there were statues everywhere, incredible teachers of the university who had existed before. They were the symbols of the glory of the university.
“In the Holy City, there are many strong cultivators and many geniuses. In the four universities, there are strong cultivators in all the universities. Every hundred years, a Champion is chosen. It’s a glorious thing, champions have to be very strong,” said Jun Mo Xi. Tantai glanced at him. He wasn’t happy about the new champion.
“A hundred years is too long, indeed. Champions have to be extraordinarily strong,” murmured Lin Feng.
“But this year, apart from Ying Cheng, in the Champion University, there’s another strong cultivator, he’s young and has the potential to be a Champion,” Jun Mo Xi told Lin Feng.
“Champion University?”
“Indeed. Ji Chang, his name is Ji Chang.” said Jun Mo Xi with a nod. Lin Feng’s eyes were twinkling. In the Holy City, there were many geniuses. Would Lin Feng find his place there?

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