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PMG Chapter 1734: King Ji Shang

PMG Chapter 1734: King Ji Shang
On stage, a dazzling light shone down, and people appeared. Everybody saw a light beam and many silhouettes. Those people remained as motionless as statues.
“The number of people is increasing. The day of the Champion is very important,” said Lin Feng.
Jun Mo Xi nodded agreement. “Extraordinary Champions make universities happy. Champions are really strong, it’s not an exaggeration.”
Dong! An ancient bell rang and resonated far in the distance. A silhouette slowly arrived, climbing up the flight of stairs. That person looked ordinary, but at the same time enigmatic and unfathomable. He had the Qi of a king. Each time he made a step, people’s hearts pounded. His steps were in symbiosis with the cosmic waves of the land.
As soon as he showed up, everyone looked at him. No matter where he was, he was the hero.
“Ying Cheng!” Even people who had never seen Ying Cheng recognized him.
He looks brutal and violent, like a dragon or a tiger, as if the earth could collapse around him. He really looks scary, thought Lin Feng, observing Ying Cheng’s Qi. He sighed, there was probably a huge difference between him and Ying Cheng. A Champion appeared every hundred years, they were extremely strong. Champions were even rarer than king bodies.
It was a step by step process. It took time to become a Champion!
“Jun Mo Xi, what is Ying Cheng’s cultivation level?” asked Lin Feng to Jun Mo Xi.
“I don’t know, but he can probably destroy any emperor,” Jun Mo Xi answered calmly. Lin Feng nodded. As expected, Ying Cheng was terrifyingly strong.
“Today is the Ceremony of the Champion, thank you for coming here, everyone!” said an old man at that moment. Lin Feng glanced around. Some of the cultivators were enigmatic and unfathomable. Maybe they were from the three other universities.
“Congratulations to the Celestial Godly University for having a Champion, the Four Seasons University wishes Ying Cheng much luck!” said another old man at that moment. He was extremely strong.
“The Ancient University also congratulates the Champion Ying Cheng!” said another old man, a strong cultivator from the Ancient University.
However, after them, nobody continued. People looked surprised. The Champion University didn’t express themselves.
But since there were tensions between the Champion University and the Celestial Godly University, it was normal. Back then, they had a cultivator who was talented and who had even defeated Ying Cheng, but then Ying Cheng killed him. If he hadn’t died back then, he probably would have become a great emperor. Unfortunately, that hero had died.
Besides, the Champion University had a terrifyingly strong cultivator, some people already called Ji Chang a Champion, or King Ji Chang. He had the potential to be a Champion. He was the only one who could possibly defeat Ying Cheng.
“Have people from the Champion University not arrived yet?” asked Ying Cheng at that moment. He sounded angry.
Nobody replied. Nobody from the Champion University congratulated him.
The atmosphere became calm, Ying Cheng said: “The four universities should be here for the Champion, and now Champion University is not here. We’ll definitely go to the Champion University at some point.”
Ying Cheng released energies, the crowd shivered. Ying Cheng was a real Champion. Surprisingly, Champion University dared to humiliate him. He had to teach them a good lesson.
“The Champion University is here!” said a voice in the sky. Qi rolled in waves and a tornado appeared. A silhouette also appeared, the person was wearing a golden robe and looking at Ying Cheng angrily.
King Ji Chang! The crowd was stupefied. The Champion University was there, but King Ji Chang looked angry.
How scary. King Ji Chang is the only person who would dare face Ying Cheng like that. The Four Seasons University and the Ancient University have incredible geniuses, but none of them are as strong as Ying Cheng and Ji Chang, thought the crowd.
Ying Cheng raised his head and two lights of fury appeared in his eyes. He shouted furiously and released energies, rising up into the air. He released energies which pressured Ji Chang.
“Boom!” the two threads of will collided. Two silhouettes appeared, Ji Chang and Ying Cheng’s silhouettes.
“Ying Cheng, wait for me!” said Ji Chang loudly. Ying Cheng was the Champion. Ji Chang stopped confronting him and joined the crowd.
“I can’t wait to battle against you.” Ying Cheng’s voice rolled in waves in the air. The two silhouettes collided and the energies exploded and disappeared. The crowd couldn’t calm down. That was incredible.
“Ying Cheng, wait until Ji Chang is the new Champion.”
“No wonder that he’s King Ji Chang, he’s incredible. He’ll definitely become a Champion!” exclaimed someone next to Lin Feng and the others. They turned their heads and saw some people they knew. They had seen them in the Palace of Provision: Yu Wen Hou, the strong cultivator from Champion University, Dan Meng, and the others.
“Of course. Ji Chang went far away for a while. I wonder if he’s become much stronger than before,” Dan Meng observed calmly. He sounded like he knew a lot about Ji Chang’s life.
“He formed Ji Chang’s Club and he’s a king for them, their Officer, many incredible cultivators follow him. Ji Chang is ambitious, he wants to create a kingdom,” Jun Mo Xi said to Lin Feng in a low voice.
Lin Feng shivered. Ji Chang had formed a Ji Chang’s Club, he wanted to create a kingdom!
People who created powerful Holy Clans or groups like the King of Hell Palace were incredibly strong. Ji Chang was wild, but Lin Feng also thought that it proved how strong university students were. He recruited people within the university and could create a terrifying group of influence. Maybe Lin Feng would be able to make Tiantai rise again from within the university?
But Lin Feng knew it would be difficult. University students were terrifying cultivators. For example, Tantai was extremely strong, but he had failed the previous time. Only geniuses could become university students. They were proud and yet, some people even tried to control others, like Ji Chang. He had the potential to become a Champion, and with many followers, it would be even easier.
Maybe I could also become a Champion, thought Lin Feng. If he became a king, he’d be considered an incredible cultivator everywhere in the Holy City. He would be able to create sects and clans.
“Ceremony of the Champion, Calling of the Hero.” said an old man of Champion University. Dazzling lights illuminated the atmosphere. Young people were all enthusiastic. It would be wonderful if they could become Champions as well!
“Champion Stone Tablet,” said another voice. A statue shook and turned into Ying Cheng. It was the Champion’s ceremony, his statue had its place there.
On the statue, there was a stone plate. Something could be written on it, but at that moment it was blank.
“Ying Cheng, you achieved great things. Write some of your great achievements on the stone plate. Of course, if you haven’t done anything in a hundred years, then your stature will be destroyed!” declared a voice.
Ying Cheng nodded back. “Ying Cheng must write the proper words on the stone tablet.”
“Alright, Champion University, watch!” said the old man calmly, but he looked enthusiastic. The previous Champion from the Celestial Godly University had been chosen five hundred years before and now, five hundred years later, the Champion was from the Celestial Godly University again.

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