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PMG Chapter 1735: The Beginning of the Exam

PMG Chapter 1735: The Beginning of the Exam
After it finished, the crowd dispersed, Lin Feng and the others temporarily dispersed in Champion University. Tantai wanted to join Champion University, but Jun Mo Xi didn’t intend to join a university yet. He wanted to stay at the King of Hell Palace and then check out which university would be the best for him.
In the Holy City, the universities had rules. When you became a university student, you lost your social status, you were a university student and nothing else. University students had to forget about their families, their clans, their sects etc. All that mattered at a university was strength. Besides, no matter what, at university, battles were sometimes to death, in which case clans and sects were not allowed to get involved. People had to accept the fact that their disciples could die there, that was part of the deal.
At that moment, outside of Champion University, there were many young people.
It seems that more than five hundred people will enter the exam for Champion University. I wonder how many will become students?, thought some people in the crowd. Every three months, there was an exam, but as before, so many people were going to give it a try. Universities were gigantic. Each day, millions of people came from everywhere in the Region of the Dark Night to go to universities.
As long as a cultivator could become a university student, his future would be bright. If they didn’t die, they almost had to become great emperors someday.
“The success rate of the exams at the four universities are extremely low. Each time, so many people sit the exam, but as before, received applicants are very few, to the extent that some careless people even die during the exam,” said Tantai.
Lin Feng looked at him in a strangely. “That dangerous? Why don’t people wait until they’re strong enough, then?”
“All the applicants are strong. Most people can also protect their lives pretty well, but some can’t and each time some people die because they’re too careless, and de facto incompetent,” explained Tantai. “Besides, the level of the exam depends on your level, low-level emperor, medium-level emperor, it’s the same for everybody. Who thought that they could get killed?”
Lin Feng nodded and smiled. “What about people who haven’t broken through to the Huang Qi layer?”
“Same as low-level emperors,” said Tantai. “If I meet the chief examiner we met at the Palace of Provision, then I should ask about those who will take the exam with us, but we also have to be careful about them.”
“So the people in our group are not strong?” asked Lin Feng.
“Of course, there are always ways to cheat. The chief examiners know a lot, they’ve been working here for many years.”
“I understand,” Lin Feng nodded. It was always interesting to have new people around.
“So weak and you dare come and take the exam of Champion University,” said someone at that moment. Lin Feng and the others turned around and saw Shang Yu coming over. Apparently, he was there to take the exam as well.
“If I have to face you during the exam, you’ll regret it. I’ll make you shut your filthy mouth!” replied Tantai. He was extremely angry.
Shang Yu looked back at him coldly. “Alright, we’ll see how you do that!”
“You’ll see!” Tantai spat icily.
“I’ll just see then!” said Shang Yu, unimpressed.
Tantai turned to Lin Feng. “Lin Feng, Huang Fu Long and I have already gone through the exam, we know how to do things, wait until we get to the examination area and we’ll tell you more. You can’t use external strength in the examination area. I’ll whistle and I’ll wait for you. When you hear me whistle, come and join Huang Fu Long and me as soon as possible.”
“Alright, I’ll wait for your signal and join you guys, but you don’t need to wait for me, you can just attack. I’ll be fine,” said Lin Feng to Tantai. After all, he didn’t know how vast the university was.
“Are you sure you can do that alone?” asked Tantai.
“Don’t worry, in the Vast Celestial Ancient City, I killed many people and I’m still alive,” Lin Feng smiled. He was convinced that among those were going to sit the low-level emperor’s exam, nobody could defeat him.
“Alright, since you seem confident, I trust you,”Tantai nodded.
“What a beautiful girl!” said someone at that moment. They gazed into the distance and saw an incredibly beautiful woman.
Yu Wen Jing, Princess Yu Wen is here in Champion University!, thought the crowd. They were astonished. She was the princess of the Yu Wen Clan, she belonged to the direct lineage of the group. In Champion University, there were many people from the Yu Wen Clan, like Yu Wen Hou. He was in charge of the exam.
Yu Wen Hou was a terrifying cultivator. He was in the Ji Chang’s Club. He had power.
Ji Chang’s Club had been created by King Ji Chang, he would probably become a terrifying cultivator and the group would become a Holy Clan.
“Does the princess want to take the exam as well?” asked someone at that moment. It was Yu Wen Hou. Yu Wen Jing stopped moving.
“Mind your own business. I want to sit the exam of Champion University, and I would like to be sure that nobody controls the event from behind the scenes,” Yu Wen Jing replied serenely.
“Sister, I think you’re extremely strong and the exam is very fair, how can you talk about any sort of control behind the scenes? Don’t worry,” Yu Wen Hou answered, smiling indifferently.
“Alright, good. Go and prepare everything. It will start soon. Don’t get crushed by an army of insects like us,” Yu Wen Jin said calmly.
“So the disciples are even stronger than I expected? Then, it’s perfect!” Yu Wen Hou observed with a tight smile. “Alright, Princess. I’m off. Good luck.”
“See you,” said Yu Wen Jing, nodding before she disappeared into the crowd.
“I wouldn’t have thought that the princess would come and sit the exam. A strong and really beautiful woman will soon become a student here,” said someone, smiling after Yu Wen Jing.
Yu Wen Jing glanced at him easily and said, “You should focus instead of talking nonsense. You should be getting prepared for the exam. The success rate is extremely low here, it won’t be easy.”
“Of course!” answered that person, smiling and stepping back. People then started getting ready.

At that moment, a strong cultivator rose up in the air, and more followed. They all had powerful Qi. They looked down at the crowd as a gigantic map appeared under their feet. It contained world strength.
Yu Wen Hou said, “The world is plainly visible. I will be guiding you during the exam. Just listen to what I say. Understood?”
“Don’t worry, Yu Wen, give me four people, it won’t be easy to succeed. Back then, it wasn’t easy for us to get in,” spoke up Dan Meng, laughing wholeheartedly. Everybody wanted to fight there, and those old men looked eager to see battles as well. Back then, some disciples had gone through this, and now some other people would again. The candidates probably couldn’t believe that one of the major elements of the exam was a map. They could go anywhere on it. So of course, many hardships awaited them on the way.
“Don’t worry. Each time, some incredible cultivators rise. Sometimes, nobody is killed. Besides, many people are going to sit the exam. I’m even starting to wonder if there are enough people,” said Yu Wen Hou. He sounded vigilant. He didn’t underestimate the candidates.
“Not enough? We’ve so many people. We could almost have two people observing everyone!” Dan Meng smiled. Their team was incredible.
“Alright, we’ll do our best then. If they succeed, it’s because they’re strong. Get ready,” ordered Yu Wen Hou, his eyes twinkling. Outside of Champion University, an illusion appeared and a voice proclaimed, “Low-level emperors, come in!”
It’s the beginning of the exam!, thought the crowd, glancing around.
“Remember that we won’t be able to stay together all the time. Be careful!” warned Tantai. Lin Feng and the others jumped into the illusion hole.
“Hmph!” Shang Yu groaned coldly and jumped into the hole after them. He hoped he’d become a student soon!

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