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PMG Chapter 1736: Explosive Battle

PMG Chapter 1736: Explosive Battle
In front of Lin Feng, a talisman was twinkling.
This time, there were many people, and therefore some people had to give up directly. Only those who had five talismans could go to the castle. Also, they couldn’t use anything to fight. When the crowd heard the rules, they understood everything.
Sometimes, only one or two people could pass the exam. If nobody was suitable, then nobody was chosen. That was also a possibility.
Lin Feng’s heart started pounding as he walked forwards and grabbed a talisman.
“Argh…!” a lion roared in the distance. Lin Feng understood that Tantai practiced lion king strength and therefore the roar was for him.
In universities, it’s as if we are connected to something. Maybe even when we’re not in their field of vision, they can still see everything we do, thought Lin Feng. He then started moving like the wind.
Boom! Boom!
Suddenly, terrifying waves of energies rolled towards Lin Feng. He was stupefied and saw someone arrive, or more precisely two fists, they contained a terrifying strength.
“Transformation!” said Lin Feng suddenly, and his wind cosmic energies turned into sharp wings. They looked gigantic and he beat them at full speed.
What a powerful physical body. He’s probably hiding his cultivation level, thought that person in amazement. Since Lin Feng could resist his attacks, it meant that he was at least a low-level emperor, but from outside it seemed that he had the strength of the Zun Qi layer. It was very dangerous.
“Give me the talisman!” ordered Lin Feng. Moving like the wind, he turned into a hurricane chasing the person. His cosmic energies were terrifying, marks even appeared in the air. He was getting closer and closer.
That person was shocked, how could he be so fast?
“Gigantic Qi River!” Suddenly, the person stopped and moved towards Lin Feng at full speed, releasing terrifying amounts of Qi taht made the atmosphere shake.
What a terrifying attack!, thought Lin Feng when he saw the gigantic waves of Qi. Lights appeared around him and he shouted, “Kalpa Sword, die!”
A Deva-Mara Kalpa Sword appeared, it seemed indestructible as it sliced into the Gigantic Qi River.
“Talisman, go!” said the person. He didn’t want to fight against Lin Feng anymore, so he immediately threw the talisman at him and left. Losing a talisman wasn’t a problem, he could get one somewhere else. His life was more important, though.
Lin Feng moved like the wind in the direction of the lion voice.

At that moment, Tantai was fighting, the atmosphere was shaking. Many people had come after him when they heard him roar. Tantai was moving backwards and punches bombarded him. The battle was tough!
“Give me the talisman!” shouted someone behind Tantai. A gigantic golden hand moved towards him.
Tantai suddenly turned around and shouted furiously, “Piss off!” Tantai jumped like a lion and punched the atmosphere. Rumbling sounds spread in the air, the earth and the sky shook. His opponent was propelled backwards, and his golden armor broke apart. However, demon energies suddenly started moving.
“Argh!” Tantai was furious. He punched the atmosphere in the direction of the demon energies, but they were too strange and still penetrated into his arm and veins.
“Corrosion!” Tantai frowned and shook his arm. He shouted furiously, condensed cosmic energies and moved backwards.
What a terrifying attack!, thought a young man in black clothes.
Bzzz! A silhouette moved like the wind, that person was surrounded. He had immortal strength in his hands.
“Immortal Era.” The terrifying energies turned into immortal strength and moved towards the enemy at full speed. The guy jumped back, but the Immortal Era turned into an ocean in the wind and broke the golden hand apart.
“Hand your talisman over.” The guy with the immortal strength groaned coldly and threw the talisman at the new arrival before leaving. They all knew they couldn’t afford to waste time, and they didn’t need to try and kill opponents here, it wasn’t necessary. Defeating an opponent took time and energy; if they did too much in a battle, then the following ones could be fatal.
After stealing a talisman, the young man with the immortal strength didn’t leave. He continued watching Tantai and the evil young man’s battle.
“Hmph!” The evil young man glanced at the young man with the immortal strength. That guy wanted to benefit from someone’s loss. He was quite strong. It was just the beginning. Some people didn’t want to exhaust themselves too much. A spear appeared and pierced through the atmosphere at full speed. Then, it passed in front of Tantai and continued moving towards someone who had fled.
The young man with the immortal strength didn’t leave, instead he looked at Tantai and said, “Give me your talisman!”
“Fuck, I wouldn’t have thought the exam would be like that this time. You just helped me, so take my talisman,” Tantai said, throwing it at the young man.
“Leave now. Your roar drew people’s attention. You can resist against one, but what about five or six?” said the young man with the immortal strength, then he turned around and disappeared.
Tantai understood what the young man meant. He started running towards a castle in front of him. The young man was right. There were too many people sitting the exam. Some of them were starting to get eliminated, so it was dangerous. They had to be cautious. He wasn’t worried about Lin Feng.
Many people checked the area and saw that nobody was fighting. For them, everyone was a potential opponent. If they didn’t have talismans, they had to steal some.

By the time Lin Feng arrived, Tantai had already left. His eyes were twinkling. Lin Feng glanced around, the roar had come from there but surprisingly, there was blood. Lin Feng frowned… was Tantai injured?
Lin Feng moved like the wind as fast as lightning. He flew above mountains and rivers.
“Tantai.” At that moment, Lin Feng slowly rose up in the air, his voice resonated far away, many people raised their heads and looked at Lin Feng. How audacious, he dared fly high up in the sky, how audacious and brave.
Bzzz, bzzz! After Lin Feng rose up in the air, far away in the distance, two silhouettes rose up in the air as well. How audacious! Those people had confidence in their own abilities. Otherwise, they wouldn’t have dared do that.
“Prince Yu Wen, she’s there too!” The crowd looked at the silhouette, it was Yu Wen Jing.
“Lin Feng!” shouted someone at that moment on the horizon. Lin Feng accelerated and found Tantai there. At that moment, Tantai’s Qi was floating around him.
Lin Feng landed next to him and asked, “Are you injured?”
“Some guy practices demon cultivation and controls demonic and corroding cosmic energies, he’s dangerous. I wanted to use my physical body to fight against his demon spear and his attack corroded my body,” spat Tantai. He sounded annoyed. Now, his arm was sore. Cosmic energy was corroding his body.
“Let me see.” Lin Feng grabbed Tantai’s arm and released life cosmic energy which started flowing throughout Tantai’s veins. Tantai was surprised. Lin Feng was extraordinary, especially since he only had the strength of the Zun Qi layer.
“Even though I don’t have powerful medicine like your tribe, at least, I can remove corroding cosmic energy,” Lin Feng smiled. When something was rotting, life cosmic energy could solve the issue.
“Lin Feng, you’re audacious, I don’t even dare fly up in the air,” smiled Tantai. “Let’s go!”
“Alright, let’s continue. Let’s go and see the castle then. I’m sure there will be talismans to steal there,” agreed Lin Feng. However, at that moment, a silhouette appeared and stared at Lin Feng and Tantai. He looked hesitant.
“Let’s go.” Lin Feng and Tantai continued running, ignoring the guy. Lin Feng accelerated, he was surrounded by wind cosmic energy, which could cut the people around him.
How arrogant!, thought that guy, trembling with anger. He released explosive energies and flew towards Lin Feng at full speed.
Boom! His physical body seemed indestructible. However, when their fists collided, Lin Feng sensed a terrifying pain in his arm. He looked surprised, and then flames of fury appeared in his eyes.

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